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Letters to the Editor • Gun Rights

The record of gun control

With the renewed interest in debating the theoretical wisdom of gun control it seems appropriate to recount its historical “benefits”.  The results of gun control in the past 100 years include 1 ½ million dead Armenian Christians in Turkey [1915-1917]; 10 million Ukrainians dead by forced starvation in the Soviet Union [1929-1934]; 35+ million defenseless dead people in China [1934-1976]; 20 million dead in Europe courtesy of Nazi Germany [1933-1945]; 2 million dead in Cambodia [1975-1979]; 300,000 in Uganda [1971-1979]; 800,000 perished in the 100 days of slaughter in Rwanda [1994]; 200,000 Mayan Indians dead in Guatemala in the 1980’s; Tibet - 1 million slain; and Bangladesh 1 ½ million.  These 70+ million people all died in the past 100 years and owe their senseless demise to the helplessness imposed upon them by gun control laws.  No way this could happen in America!  Or could it?  The fact is it already has.  Four million slaves were rendered defenseless and forced into servitude during the 1800’s.  And though I have never seen a statistic on how many American Indians perished, we all know the number is significant.  Additionally, the American government has disarmed and forced the German, Italian and Japanese heritage citizens of OUR OWN NATION into interment camps during times of war.  Only the most naïve citizens - only the most historically ignorant people - only the most diabolical leaders would attempt to place their fellow man under such a lethal disability as defenselessness.  The above statistics teach us that the primary reason for a government disarming its citizens is so they can safely commit atrocities that the people would undoubtedly shoot them for.