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Letters to the Editor • Gun Rights

Another tragic shooting in a gun free zone located inside another gun free zone.

It was another tragic shooting in a gun free zone located inside another gun free zone.

Good thing someone armed with a gun finally showed up to stop him!

I spoke to NBC 12 News last night and made several points; some of them actually made the story.

I received some criticism already for my comments.  Here is my response:

Some people have commented that I was mistaken to point out that this tragic Navy yard shooting occurred in a gun free zone.  However, with just a bit of research, anyone can easily determine for themselves that this horrible incident indeed occurred in a place where peaceful people are forced to disarm.
Besides living in Phoenix, I spent substantial time living at both Camp Pendleton and Camp Lejeune during my time in the United States Marine Corps.  They really are gun-free zones.  Maybe you should get acquainted with the facts?  Further, because the Naval base in question was located in the gun grabber’s haven of Washington, D.C., this was actually in a double gun-free zone. 
It’s time we as Americans face reality and stop pretending government regulations can protect us against violent crazy people.   Because the shooter was a Navy vet, it is unlikely a background check would have revealed anything of value either.  His concealed weapons permit is evidence that such permits are of no value either in preventing these tragedies. 
Despite these useless government regulations, it was the presence of an armed citizen willing to stop this lunatic by force that brought this event to a conclusion and saved an unknown number of lives. 
So, there you have it gun grabbers; this latest tragedy is yet another example of the futility of government regulations and the effectiveness of armed citizens.  Will you ever confront reality with the full knowledge that violent people will do violent things despite laws to the contrary?  Will you ever realize that the only way to stop these violent people is with a well-placed round?  Will you ever respect the rights of peaceful people to defend themselves against these violent people or will you condemn them to the same fate as those unarmed people who died at the hands of this lunatic?  It’s time for us to start embracing freedom again in all its glory and all its responsibility. 

I’m sure we will be discussing this tragic shooting on tomorrow night’s radio show.


Marc J. Victor, Esq.
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“The Constitution is that sacred document which prevents the government from doing all the terrible things it does.”  Professor Butler Shaffer

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Right on, Marc. Some of the best, short, to-the-point- wording about the gun issue I have ever seen.

In addition, the Butler Shaffer quote is great. If we would use the Constitution against government, and NOT allow them to avoid it, we COULD bring America back to freedom.