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Letters to the Editor • Gun Rights

Gun rights rally on 05 April 2014 in Hartford, Connecticut

(Publisher: A Letter from a Reader)
At the time when Connecticut law enforcement are perhaps preparing to move against gun owners who have refused compliance,...a gun rights rally in Hartford is planned for April 5th. It doesn't take a genius to figure out law enforcement elements would be keen to have surveillance elements (or agent provocateurs) present to see who the radicals are who need to be targeted.

In countering presence to this, some of the local "watch group" types have surveillance plans of their own.

CA from WRSA suggested that we work on a real-time (real life) practical intelligence exercise for the upcoming 05 April 2A rally in Hartford, CT.  Recognizing a great idea when one is thrown in my lap, I wholeheartedly agree that this will be an excellent opportunity to practice real-time intelligence tasking and collection for those operating as team members in an Analysis and Control Element (ACE).

Here’s my initial Concept of Exercise for POSEIDON COMPASS (so we can be cool with our own named exercise).



The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) is organizing a gun rights rally on 05 April 2014 in Hartford, Connecticut (CT).  The rally’s objective is to bolster support for gun rights in CT, which have come under attack through state legislation mandating the registration of firearms outlined in Public Act 13-3, among other infringing regulations.  The rally will last for approximately three hours, from noon to 3pm EDT.


EXERCISE POSEIDON COMPASS will facilitate intelligence collection and analysis for exercise participants.  Participants are divided into two groups: (1) ACE Team and (2) Collection.  The ACE Team will be further divided into three cells: (1) Requirements Management, (2) Collection Management, (3) Analysis.  I will act as the White Cell, which facilitates the execution of the exercise.  The Collection team will be on the ground at the rally, reporting back intelligence information that will be collated and analyzed by the ACE Team in order to turn around intelligence updates and a finished intelligence product.

POSEIDON COMPASS objectives are to build a working intelligence organization that collects and analyzes information in real-time.  Participants will fulfill their assigned roles in support of the exercise, and contribute to the completion of the commander’s intent and a finished intelligence product (scope/outcome TBD).  All participants will receive a complete understanding of the functions and process involved in the Intelligence Cycle.  (Intel Cycle: Planning, Direction & Requirements // Collection // Processing // Analysis & Exploitation // Dissemination)  NOTE: All phases of the Intelligence Cycle are continuous.

Exercise Requirements:

1. The ACE Team will  complete Phase 1 (Planning, Direction & Requirements) by conducting an Operations Security (OPSEC) survey/estimate, and generating intelligence requirements (IR) in order to task collection of intelligence information.

2.  The Requirements Management Cell will publish and disseminate those IRs to the Collectors at the Rally.

3. Intelligence Collectors at the Rally will complete Phase 2 (Collection) by collecting intelligence information that satisfies the IRs, and reporting that intelligence information back to the ACE Team’s Collection Management Cell.

4. The Collection Management Cell will complete Phase 3 (Processing) by ensuring thoroughness and accuracy in intelligence reporting, finalizing the incoming intelligence/SPOT reports, and publishing those reports.

5. The Analysis Cell will complete Phase 4 (Analysis & Exploitation) through analyzing the intelligence reports and building the finished intelligence product.

6. The ACE Team will complete Phase 5 (Dissemination) by finalizing and publishing the finished intelligence product and disseminating the final product to the “commander.”