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Kick Obama’s Behind But This Is More Bogus Than His Fake Birth Certificate

Kick Obama’s Behind But This Is More

Bogus Than His Fake Birth Certificate   

     This Hawaiian election clerk is more bogus than Obama’s fake birth certificate. By the way, this is my 4th “Dear Ernie” message to you at    

     Tim Adams who claims to be a former verifier of voter’s identity in Hawaii just came out from a rat’s hole and declared that he was sure Obama was not born in Hawaii. “ Hawaii elections clerk: Obama not born here”. To see how fake this is, feast your eyes on this link:

Posted: June 10, 2010 3:39 am Eastern By Joe Kovacs © 2010 WorldNetDaily “

      Adams’ statement was: “I was informed by my boss that we did not have a birth record [for Obama] [in Hawaii]." What he was declaring was just a second-hand information.  In legal parlance -- hearsay. 

      If what he knew meant a lot to him, why didn’t Adams request his “boss” to say it for himself in public that Obama has no birth record in Hawaii?  He didn’t do that because one this alleged “boss” if he existed at all was not stupid to come forward and declare a phony statement, and two, that his “boss” himself has no first-hand knowledge that Obama was not born in Hawaii.

      In other words, this guy Adams is merely in a tittle-tattle game of his own for publicity or with accomplices in a conspiracy that attracts anti-Obama scavengers like WorldNetDaily who when baited with usable information would jump to a conclusion and like fast-draw cowboys of the old days that shoot at the drop of a hat, swallow it all hook and sinker!

       It is not because I don’t believe that Obama’s claim he was a natural-born U.S. citizen is the greatest fraud ever committed in this country in this century. Pending further legal scrutiny by the highest court of the land, I am one of the millions who believed that Obama’s natural-born citizenship is fake or fraudulent.  But the reason why I am against this kind of publicity shown by somebody who loves to run naked in public [stage-streaker] for the love of it is that it just strengthens the case against Obama now pending in the U.S. Supreme Court.

        As it stands now, our U.S. Supreme Court is like the court of Judith Sheindlin, better known as “Judge Judy”. The cases are real, the rulings are final. The U.S. Supreme Court’s deepening silence is real and final.

        The reason for this final court silence is not only real but also reality.  No damned court of the land would hand down a ruling that the United States of American, for more than two years now, is run by a bogus president. This is America that the world looks up to, the richest and the mightiest nation on the planet, the global leader of the time, and of all times.

        Can you imagine if the final ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court is that Obama is not a legal, constitutionally elected president?  It is perfunctorily obvious what a mess that would be!!!

        If Capt. Spock’s intelligence in USS Enterprise portrayed by Leonard Nimoy of the movie Star Trek would help as a good point of reference, the most “logical” thing to do [Spock’s signature script in the movie] is not to rock the boat at this time but to wait for the next presidential election for Obama’s replacement. Assume that Obama would last that long in office and if does, hope he runs for re-election. If he runs for president again, as sure as taxes and death, his ass will get everybody’s boots and banish him to the dustbin of history.

        But please everybody should refrain or stay away from this Tim Adams kind of laughapable but actually hurtful roadside entertainment.