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Activated Medicinal Grade Charcoal for Benzene Poisoning

(An Email from a Reader)

On the Power Hour, Joyce read an email
from someone who saw a news story of
a couple of decades ago, in which five
oil workers inhaled serious amounts of

Benzene is one of the chemicals menacing those who live near the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the workers began taking regular
doses of activated medicinal grade
charcoal, which is available at drug stores and health food stores.

He survived, and the others died.  It is possible it may help with other toxins as well.

Charcoal should NEVER be taken dry!

Either pre-mix it with a liquid, or chew a capsule in the mouth along with some water.  It can cause problems if it gets into the lungs.

Proper medicinal grade charcoal is

I suggest this information needs to be
broadcast *regularly* until the Gulf
oil-cano problem is resolved.

Eleanor White