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 not only has the vice mayor been proven to be on drugs at the time , no charges have been filed except for the 2 mis charges on myself which i beat in court ~ he was on valium/AMBIEN/ nor diazapam/and said he had taken oxycotin as well...i have had two surgeries and theropy to fix the damage he did to us and my wife has had issues as well . the news has blacked out the facts that he was dui and even that judge dwight callahan was on tape saying that they would cover it up.how can a d.a. say they wont charge him before the tox results came back, now that they are back say we have until oct to file, the mayor has taken the 5th ! doesnt want to incriminate himself in the civil trial ??? what is the gila county attorney doing? he pleads the fifth because we believe he has no precription for these medicines..which would mean that misdemenor charges are not enough as he was dui on a controled substance and he purposely attempted to run over my wife to get away ! his claim is that he onl;y ran her over because i hit him and he was unconsious? but his staement to the police was that he "PUT MY TRUCK BACK INTO DRIVE TO GET AWAY    " if he was unconsious from being hit and his truck was in park how would he have run her over unless it was intentional ?

Eric S Martinez  the victim