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Silver Circle Adds Smart Culture to the Scene

Silver Circle Adds Smart Culture to the Scene

By: Megan Duffield

The liberty movement is oozing with century old literature, amazing economic research by some of the greatest Austrian thinkers, and documentaries seem to be the movement’s forte. There is something missing though. That sense of style, genre, taste…where is the culture?

In so many ways the liberty movement has it right: from the philosophy to the decentralized manner of business. Tactics are individualized; events are specific to the community. At times it almost feels like a one big liberty family during events and conferences. The welcoming attitude and informed mannerism is something to mimic.

The mainstream media provides excellent sources of entertainment in the arts. One problem though, no matter how amazing a band sounds, their message travels much further than their bass line. Where are the liberty bands and how can we get them better known and sneak them into the main stream?

Hollywood has provided movies that 20 years ago would’ve caused many to soil themselves. The technology of today allows the most spectacular theater experiences, but are the messages in these blockbuster hits freedom-friendly? Where are the liberty movies with favorable characters that uphold personal responsibility and free-markets?

This Fall Silver Circle, the animated-thriller-romance, will take a shot at creating this smart culture for the liberty movement and beyond. This animated film, set in 2019 during the economic collapse, tells the story of an economy in shambles and a group of Rebels who want to save it by destroying the powerful, ominous Federal Reserve. Through alternative currency and other strategic surprises the Federal Reserve may not be able to compete with this clever group of freedom fighters. The film will be submitted to Sundance Film Festival and South by Southwest this fall. A theater release is in the works and the distribution plan is coming together.

Finding a way to socialize with like-minded people can be difficult without academic research and various readings at your disposal, because people want to spend their free time having fun and enjoying something they love. Silver Circle’s hip movie can give you the best of both worlds, and that’s why we call it “smart culture”.  Spend a Friday or Saturday with friends with a movie that speaks your language of free markets and liberty.

Another plus side is you can also share this film and comic book with friends and family, co-workers and neighbors. Viewers/readers don’t have to be well versed in Austrian economics to understand the film and find the good and bad guy. So this film and comic book can be a great introduction to liberty for loved ones and acquaintances. 

Crossing into other sub cultures is a goal with the film and we have found our greatest success in the liberty movement, comic community, and precious metal enthusiasts.  The liberty movement is much of an inspiration for the film and we continue to seek guidance from this group, while also preparing a fantastic cinematic experience in honor of them. The comic community has proven itself in numbers that we are in the right place promoting the film. Comic Conventions have boasted over 50,000 people and the predisposition to liberty exists, so our story is interesting to many of the attendees who may have never been exposed to the Federal Reserve or free-market economics in general. The silver and gold bugs of today are another great group of individuals who support sound money and are standing with us to educate more people on the weakness of the dollar and potential of precious metals.

So we have the philosophy, we have the audience, but do we have the product to pave the way for our self-described “smart culture” movie?

The concept of the film began back in 2008 in Lineplot Productions. The owner of the studio, Pasha Roberts, has worked in animation for over 6 years now and had the technical skills to create a feature-length animated movie. Now add an accredited LA screen-writer, amazing actors and crew, 20+ animation team, and awesome music that is on the way…and you’ve got yourself a movie ready to compete in any of the top-tier film festivals. Our recent cuts of the film have allowed us to see our animation and really get the feeling for the style we will be sharing. We are confident in the work we are doing and can’t wait to share this project with our loyal fans and followers soon. Remember to root for Silver Circle this September as we arrive at the finish line of production.

“Smart culture” is growing, support efforts like ours in the quest to spread the message of liberty even further.

By: Megan Duffield, Marketing Manager for Lineplot Productions


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