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My Predictions...

My Predictions...

By: Ademo Freeman

I'd like to start off by saying that I think 2012 will be a memorable one. It's my hope that it will be in the light of a peaceful revolution, where individuals govern themselves based on voluntary interactions without the use of force. That over the next year more can realize that governments - this one, the last one, all of them - are what's at the root of our issues. The idea that through 'government' an individual gains the right to do harm, take property, and control the actions of another is simply absurd.  

Most people who've looked at or seen the justice system operate understand this, yet millions of law enforcement do not. Not only do they disagree with you, they continue to cage people for victimless crimes and/or crimes with no violence. Anyone who has researched statistics regarding the number of people incarcerated in the U.S. (quick fact: the US has 1/8 of the world's population yet 25% of the world's prison population) knows this is a for profit, as well as a control/compliance, justice system. 

That being said, here are five things I think Police will do in 2012 - whether it's pro or con, that's up to you. 
1.Local Police, on the state level, will ramp up use of 'non-lethal' devices. I'm not talking about your Tasers and pepper spray. I'm talking about ear piercing sirens (handheld) and Taser bullets - yes, projectiles that latch on to you then shock you - shot from shotguns. The actions in which it takes to use these tools will decline to a point where anyone, for any reason, will have some sort of 'non-lethal' device used on them via the police.
2. The planned break- ins into people's homes (aka a "RAID") by SWAT like teams will increase. Only now it will expand to affect those who decide to grow their own food, create their own power, or anything that removes one’s self from the state's grip. With the increase in home invasions we'll also see more officers injured (as more defend their property/lives) and more innocent people raided - we all know the system makes mistakes. 
3. Those who oppose the system will be targeted and criminalized for state created crimes. I mean everyone from those who film public officials and directly challenge the system to those who support Ron Paul and attempt to change the system from within. We'll all end up in the same camp. 
4. The government, most likely on a federal level, will create or allow an attack that will quickly be answered with further security measures. TSA will expand onto the roadways with checkpoints and vehicle inspection stations. While in some cities, the larger the more likely, will experience curfews and food rations which will be conducted by corrupt police forces. 
5. Drone Surveillance will be taken to new heights in 2012. Already being tested in Texas and other states, drones in the hands of LEOs will mean mega bucks for the state. Not only will they bust those dirty drug runners (sarcasm!), but the state will also be able to notice if you've added a porch or pool. They can then look to see if you paid the taxes for it, pulled the permits, and then charge/fine you accordingly. Maybe they'll zoom in so close that they'll be able to remind you to renew your plates or comment on your wife's new nighty. 

Fact is, I'm just guessing - anything is possible. It's even possible that enough of you out there have finally had enough and will withdraw your consent of this defacto government. Stop funding their intruding, rights violating, and profit driven actions and live free. Remember, badges don't grant extra rights. And record public officials at all times! 


Adam Mueller (‘Ademo’) is a member of CopBlock.Org

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