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Historic Showdown, Coming Soon

Historic Showdown, Coming Soon

By: Larken Rose

The most reliable way to make accurate predictions is to proclaim that history will repeat itself. It usually does. With that in mind...

As the economy continues to crumble (and it will), and the U.S. empire
continues its mad dash toward totalitarianism (and it will), most
Americans will think stupid things and do stupid things. The general
public, having no grasp on economics, will remain stuck in the silly
mindset that the way out of catastrophe is to get the right guy on the
throne, to elect the right party, to appoint a new, wise "government" to
save the day. Most Americans will continue to demand some new "law" or
"policy," some new centralized, authoritarian, forcibly-imposed "plan,"
that will override reality and negate the laws of cause and effect. And
they will continue to be frustrated and disappointed, because they don't
understand some basic truths about reality, such as the following:

The key to feeding people is growing food, not passing legislation or
"managing" (forcibly controlling) resources. Prosperity doesn't come from
having lots of currency, but from people producing stuff that people want.
People produce and trade to better themselves, not to serve "society" or
to fulfill some megalomaniac's control-freak agenda. Actual human beings
solve problems and make things work; imaginary "authorities" don't. The
gang called "government" is not what protects you; it's what you need to
be protected from, now more than ever. Keeping yourself alive--protected,
clothed, fed and housed--is not someone else's responsibility; it's yours.
If you continue to feel morally obligated to obey whatever arbitrary
garbage the politicians decide to call "law," you will soon be deprived of
the ability to protect, clothe, feed and house yourself and your family.
If you're not able and willing to use force to protect your freedom, there
are plenty of people able and willing to use force to take it from you.

Our society has reached a point where most people really have no idea
where their food, power, or anything else, comes from. If the local
grocery store suddenly has no food on the shelves, most people will
literally have no idea what to do about it. Especially those who have
always lived in big cities won't be able to think beyond the idea that if
they whine loudly enough, and "demand" things, someone will eventually
feed them. In the near future they will learn the hard way that that isn't
always true.

The good news is that even a complete economic collapse doesn't have to
lead to a Mad Max scenario. The know-how won't disappear, the resources
won't disappear, the manpower won't disappear. In short, nothing that
matters will disappear, but a collapse will happen anyway, simply because
most people don't understand how the world works. Most people are so stuck
in the authoritarian hierarchical mindset that they are clueless and
helpless without someone telling them what to do, and promising to take
care of them, keep them safe, and make everything work. They've never
viewed life from the perspective of a responsible, adult human being, but
only from the perspective of a dependent, obedient subject. Ironically,
the devolution of the U.S. into a tyrannical empire is going to force a
lot of people to start thinking and acting responsibly. The faster a
regime stampedes toward totalitarianism, the more likely people are to
notice. While it may sound odd, that's why I like it when the most
narcissistic, megalomaniacal control freak gets into power: because it's
the best way to help people wake up to what is really happening.

But none of the above really qualifies as a prediction, since it's really
just stating what has happened over and over again throughout history and
throughout the world. To say it will happen again requires about as much
wisdom and foresight as saying, "Tomorrow the sun will rise in the east."
So now I'll throw out there my main specific prediction for the near

Maybe in 2012, but almost certainly in the next five years, the U.S.
parasite class and its mercenaries will experience something new. While
doing their usual control-freak thuggery, they will pick a fight with
someone who fights back, hard. That in itself is not entirely new. What
will be new is that enough people will recognize the politicians and their
mercenaries as the evil aggressors that they will rush to the aid of the
intended victims. Most people will still be mindless state-worshipers and
politician-obeyors at the time, but enough of a minority will finally
stand up, and show the world that even the U.S. empire is mostly bluff.
The U.S. "government" will attack someone, starting a violent, bloody
conflict somewhere in the U.S., and it will be the U.S. "government" that
eventually has to back down and walk away. Even if the particular incident
won't directly affect most people, the significance of this happening will
be huge, because it will serve as an example, for all the world to see, of
the biggest bully on the planet getting his butt kicked by a bunch of mere

State mercenaries like to put on a show of force, having lots of thugs
with lots of weapons in one place, to appear all-powerful. However, every
police force of every town, city, county, whatever, is hugely outnumbered
and outgunned by the other people who live there. If 10% of the people of
any place stand up to the local "government" gang, then you see just how
weak the parasite class really is, and how much of their power is
propaganda and bluff. A very common mistake tyrants make is to assume that
if no one resists them today, then either no one, or very few people, will
resist them tomorrow. They don't understand the lesson to be learned from
the Milgram experiments, which shows that the best way to get someone to
resist authoritarian injustice is to show them someone else who is
resisting. To over-simplify a bit, when it comes to resisting an obviously
bogus "authority," no one wants to be first, but everyone wants to be
second. And we are now at a time where things are bad enough that there
will be someone who dares to go first, and thousands ready to go second.

Because of that, if what happened in Waco, Texas in 1993, happened today,
the outcome would be very different. And, thanks to the short-sighted,
power-happy tyrants now infesting Washington--who are too stupid to let go
of a scrap of power, even when it would benefit them to do so--we will see
that very soon. It might be about a food co-op, or raw milk, or "gun
control," or the fascists trying to stop alternative currencies, or a BLM
or "eminent domain" land grab, or some new stupid TSA fascism, or some
indefinite detention lunacy, or something else--there's certainly no
shortage of idiotic, oppressive garbage the feds do that could trigger a
little righteous rebellion. One way or another, sooner or later (probably
sooner), the state mercenaries will push too hard, and their intended
victims will push back. And win.

I'm not talking about a full-scale revolution, just an isolated incident
where the parasites pick on the wrong target, the target fights back, and
lots of other people--including some cops and soldiers--decide to help the
targets out. Eventually the "government" aggressors will be forced to back
down. I know we're all taught to believe that this can't happen, that the
state is all-knowing and all-powerful, and even a lot of ardent freedom
advocates still think that, but it will happen, and it will be soon. In
this country, the tyrants will pick a fight they can't win, and after lots
of needless bloodshed and suffering, the tyrants will surrender (while
pretending they didn't).

And then it will happen again, in some other way, in some other place. And
then again. People will start to see the power they really have, when they
simply disobey their masters and refuse to back down. (Keep in mind that
as the economy gets worse, the people will have less to lose by resisting
the parasites.) Then it will start happening all over the place, at all
levels of "government." Through open disobedience and resistance, one
stupid "law" after another--property taxes, drug prohibition, gun bans,
etc.--will be "repealed," not by the legislators, but by the people
ignoring them into irrelevance.

Then, in a panic, the control freaks will declare martial law, and will
promptly get their butts kicked. The schoolyard bully, who has always
specialized in terrorizing everyone by beating up one kid at a time, will
suddenly find three or four of them--or ten--ready and willing to kick the
bully's butt. And they will. When the control freaks finally declare
martial law, dropping any guise of "legal" legitimacy and due process, and
show themselves for the "might-makes-right" thugs they are, the backlash
will be swift and severe, far more so than the politicians or the American
public would now expect. Politicians who push for police state garbage
will start being removed from office by bullet, instead of ballot.
(Incidentally, this is not the way I hope things will go, but the way I
think they will. Even JFK realized that when you make non-violently change
impossible--which has already occurred here--then you make violent change

Along the way the tyrants will, as usual, try several variations on the
"false flag" tactic, whether via fake terrorism, a fake military threat, a
fake disease, or some other fake or intentionally-caused catastrophe, but
what little power this wins them will be trivial and short-lived.

Ultimately, these incidents of successful disobedience will spell the
beginning of the end of the United States empire. When the subjects of any
regime stop feeling an obligation to blindly obey, and start seeing that
resistance is not always futile, that regime is ultimately doomed. And we
will see that really beginning, if not this year, then in the next few.
When the American people start to again have the attitude of, "You're not
the boss of me," it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy.


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