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Conspiracy Theory or Part of Doing Business?

Conspiracy Theory or Part of Doing Business?

By: Bridget Conroy

Why would they do this?  How could they keep something this big a secret?

These are questions that came to my mind when I first recognized something strange about the new cloud formations in the sky.  That was Thanksgiving weekend, 1998, and once my eyes were opened, I could not help but notice these contrails-that-weren’t-contrails every single day for four years without a break, overhead in Phoenix, Az.  And then almost every day after that until 2008, when the formations started to get more sophisticated and the spraying moved mostly to night-time.

People noticed this new phenomenon only if they allowed themselves to, and those same questions occurred to most people I spoke with about this.  For admitting what you were seeing with your own eyes, you were labeled a “conspiracy theorist/buff/nut”.  And who would want to be marginalized like that?

Since then, many answers to the first question have surfaced:

Weather modification and control, an admitted US Air Force (and therefore NATO) goal by 2025, has become a common occurrence to anyone who allows their eyes to stay open.

Monster tornados causing massive destruction, killer droughts afflicting huge regions, forest fires more fierce than ever experienced before, melting polar ice, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis of suspicious origins and unusual signatures, all fill our headlines.
Along with these disasters, we see unexplained animal die-offs (including Colony Collapse Disorder among honey bees) in huge numbers, shattered immune systems, and an unpublished pandemic of new auto-immune and parasitic diseases, Alzheimers-related dementia much more prevalent among younger populations, and a general degradation of health.

This is the new reality that we and our children find ourselves inhabiting. This is not man-made global warming, this is man-made WARFARE against the natural-born humans across our world.  Are these effects the “why” of this operation, or just collateral damage?

The evidence confirms that this is a world-wide operation, not a theory. Besides the clear effects on our weather, our health, and on nature itself, many soil and water, also air, and now even blood tests have proven over and over that we are being inundated with heavy metals:   aluminum, barium, manganese, iron, chromium, etc. 

Now we are seeing clouds that are mostly not water vapor, and a new "normal" has been established for what clouds and the sky look like.  This is re-enforced by false pictures of the skyin our major media. Now the atmosphere has been saturated with nano-particulates of metals and biologicals, that stay aloft longer, engineered to self-levitate with solar energy.  The directed-energy components of this system (like HAARP) can now make cloud configurations appear and disappear in seconds.  The aerosols have been distanced from the vehicles that spray them. Now they can be dispersed in dashes, or in small incremental amounts.  We have seen some of the trails that are invisible when they first come from the jets, and only appear after the jet has moved some distance away.

Besides the well-known site in Alaska, there are now HAARP-type Directed-Energy sites around the globe (Note - The map excludes sites in Scandinavia, Chile, Cyprus, Tajikstan, Siberia and Antarctica), each capable of controlling (disrupting) the jet-stream and other global weather patterns. The HAARP sites, making use of the metallic plasma put into our atmosphere via chemtrails, and coordinated with the GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) devices, are capable of controlling (interfering with) our very biological frequencies and brain waves as well.

The HAARP and chemtrail-related patents  give a grim picture. HAARP heats the ionosphere with microwave energy, even to the extent that it can fuse the ions and create a huge lens to focus energy / heat anywhere on the oceans and land masses of earth. Investigate for yourself the effects of this directed-energy weapon, using the metallic atmospheric aerosols as a medium or plasma:

-Depletes immune systems with metal nano-particulates and ELF / microwave energy beams  

-Disrupts frequencies of DNA / RNA and natural healing   

-Loosens bonds of molecular structures with "free energy from the vacuum", scalar (Tesla) directed-energy (frequency) weapons (e.g. WTC-911)  

-Manipulates and / or stalls the jet stream   

-Manipulates the Electro-Magnetic Frequencies of the earth's energy grid   

-Excites the ionosphere   

-Extra-low frequency waves affect human moods and minds over large areas    

The heavy metals in our atmosphere are degrading the health of ourselves, our children and all our loved ones.  Barium is known to attack the T-Cells in our bone marrow, which are vital to our immune systems, to cause hyper-tension and high blood pressure, and to damage the heart, liver and kidneys.

Other components of this operation against us natural-born humans include: 

-Auto-immune diseases under various names, like Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome

-Vaccine-induced pandemics of flu-like disease and autism

-Morgellons nano-fiber disease, structures of self-assembling polymers and infectious agents, that invade our bodies as "smart dust" particulates,  
and construct artificial nervous systems responsive to external directed-energy weapon

-Genetically-modified “foods” that our natural bodies cannot digest

-Energy-transmitting systems, like GWEN Towers, Smart Meters, and TSA backscatter XRAY devices, that lock us into a grid of harmful radiation

One of the major excuses for deployment of HAARP and atmospheric aerosols, aka chemtrails, is the need for a geo-engineering technology. This would be to combat “Global Warming”, renamed "Climate Change" and "Climate Disruption" after temperatures cooled down around 2002. This mainstream conspiracy theory accuses Carbon Dioxide (CO2), one of the major nutrients in the balance of nature, of terrorism and destruction of our climate.

All these things point to the “what” and possibly the “why” (money, power, control) of these operations.  But what about the second question:  How could they keep something this big a secret?

Perhaps we need to think of this “conspiracy” not as a big secret, but more as a way of doing business. Do the bankers, pharmaceutical companies, military industries, chemical and agricultural cabals meet secretly behind closed doors to promote their fraudulent schemes? Not really.

With a program of rewards and penalties, the “business partners”, including their own information media and political operatives, are enlisted to bring natural human commerce under the umbrella of the “business system”.  It becomes a daily, ordinary way that business is done. Secrecy is mostly not necessary in the inter-locking mega-complex of “normal” business and political relationships making up this world system.

And so, the spraying of metallic aerosols into our atmosphere by military assets, to support the global electronic control grid, becomes just another part of doing business, with the controlled media either ignoring it or promoting it as necessary geo-engineering to keep our world safe.  No need for secrecy, just part of doing business.  And any unpleasant effects on our health and lives are the no more than the cost of doing business.

It’s not my business. But one thing I want returned to me and you is something we all took for granted for so long: 

Mike Caraway and Bridget Conroy are founders of ArizonaSkyWatch.Com, a website dedicated to documenting the unusual phenomenon found in our skies and environment, and to also provide you information about geo-engineering, weather modification, HAARP, and climate change.

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