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How to Live a Healtier Life

How to Live a Healtier Life

By: Stephanie Weeks

We are living in pretty exciting times. An age where preppers abound. People are looking to be more self-sustaining and shifts are being made in lots of areas. We are seeing new currencies taking form, new forms of energy being released and we are watching the sickness industry transform into the wellness industry. Prevention is definitely a wiser choice. We want for all of our liberty loving friends to be prepared and in the best state of wellness possible. Most preppers have a great stock of food, however you should remember to also pack food with high nutritional value. Unfortunately, most of the refined, denatured, processed, green harvest, genetically modified factory food is void of any nutritional value. 

To get the same amount of iron as 1 can of spinach in 1950, you'd have to eat 50 cans of spinach today! Same with practically all the other fruits and vegetables out there. 

It is our goal to help our friends understand the benefits of wellness and what’s needed in our diets, that’s been stripped away, so we can make sure we all stay healthy. 

What would happen if you bought a diesel truck and you gave it gas? It would break. It was designed for specific fuel, Diesel. When you give it Diesel, it functions correctly. It’s the same with the human body. Our bodies are made up of cells.  When the cells are healthy, then the tissues are healthy, then the organs, and the systems of the body become healthy. We should be focusing on what the cells need if we want to maintain wellness. We know that cells need to be fed, cleansed, regulated, defended, and repaired, and they must communicate properly. Communication is probably the most important because if the cells can't talk to one another, they can't do anything else. 

I’m sure you know how blind people read with brail, rubbing their fingers over the bumps to get the message. Well, our cells function in much the same way. On the end of each cell there are brail bumps, called glycoproteins. The macrophage, our killer cells which are part of the immune system, rubs over each bump to decipher whether it is a good cell or a bad cell, and whether to kill the cell or leave it alone. Now if the killer cells gets to a cell that it does not recognize, it has two options: to kill it or to leave it alone. Now what would happen if it didn't recognize a good cell and decided to kill it? Well, that is what an auto-immune disorder is, where the body attacks itself. 

If the macrophage gets to a cell it can't read and decides to leave it alone and it happens to be a cancer cell, then you have a problem that could eventually kill you. Someone dies of cancer every minute in America. We all have cancer cells living in our bodies. It's the job of the immune system to kill them. All disease and wellness is a cellular event. 

In 1996, Harpers Biochemistry, a very prestigious medical textbook, published a new chapter which outlines the discovery that out of the 230 some odd sugars known to science, 8 of them are essential in helping the body make glycoproteins on the ends of your cells. The problem is that we are not consuming them anymore. We are now only getting 2 of the 8 sugars in our modern American diets. WE ARE MISSING 6!!!

What is the most important nutrient? The one that is missing!

So some scientists in Texas filed and received patents for a composition of matter formula made up with the 8 essential sugars needed to make glycoproteins. It comes in a powder or capsule, and by adding it to your diet, your cells now have the Braille bumps (the glycoproteins) and now the killer cell can recognize who is a good guy and who's a bad guy. So it clears up that intracellular communication.

This is the most important discovery in medicine. Unfortunately, your friends won't hear about it for another decade. 

Next - Food formed vitamins and minerals feed the cells boosting the immune system, support normal growth and development, and help cells and organs do their job.  How would one find a good supplement with all the options out there? 95% of these products are synthetic meaning they are made in chemical plants out of coal tar and rocks.  Now, our bodies cannot digest rocks and our bodies were not designed to process coal tar and petroleum.  If you are currently taking a vitamin supplement, here is a very simple test you can do at home.  Pull out the supplement you are currently taking. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place one vitamin on a piece of tin foil and set the other aside. Bake the vitamin for 15 minutes.  When you remove the vitamin, you will notice one of two things:  either the vitamin will have browned like food does when you cook it and look relatively similar to the uncooked vitamin, or it with be oozing out tar and making the kitchen a little stinky.  Now which would you prefer to take? A plant-based supplement or one made of coal tar? When you consume a plant-based, real food supplement, your body can assimilate it as food. 


Cells also have to be cleansed, defended and repaired. You can learn more about how to effectively do that at
We recommend a great product to have on hand called NutriVerus - it puts wellness in your life. One jar of NutriVerus packs a powerful nutritional punch. It is comprised of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, glyconutrients (for proper cell to cell communication) and rice bran. It comes in a powder that you can mix in smoothies, or sprinkle on whatever food you like to eat.
(The views and opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher or editors of FreedomsPhoenixEzine. All information should be confirmed and critically evaluated by our readers.)
Our goal is to wipe out global malnutrition which kills 5 million children a year (15,000 children a day!)  To accomplish this goal, we need your help!  We have set up a program that works like Toms Shoes. When you take care of your own wellness by purchasing a tub of Nutriverus, we donate one to a malnourished child.  Donations through consumption. Instead of begging for money, we simply ask you to take care of yourself.  Malnutrition isn't just a third world epidemic, either. Here in America, there are tons of over-fed, under nourished people. This is a free market solution to solving this massive problem. All we need to do is connect 5 million consumers with 5 million orphans and the problem is solved! 
Some folks out there need the product but have a hard time affording it. We have that covered, too! We created a customer referral program so if you would like to get the product for free, all you have to do is refer a couple of friends who could benefit from better nutrition. It’s a great financial opportunity for those who want to change the world and help a lot of people! If you are interested in an additional residual income stream, give us a call and we will explain what is needed in 5 minutes. We have a 6 month 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not many companies will let you take their products for 6 straight months and if you are not completely satisfied, you get all your money back with no questions asked. We do it because we know how awesome you’re going to feel once the proper fuel is added to your diet! Procrastinate later, get healthy now!

Stephanie is a wellness consultant and social entrepreneur. She has traveled the globe extensively and is a sought out speaker.  Stephanie loves outdoor activities and when she is not saving the world from malnutrition she enjoys working with the Ladies of Liberty Alliance to educate and empower liberty minded women. 

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