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By: Marc J. Victor

Since the age of age fifteen, I have been an activist for human freedom. Whenever I interview someone for employment at my law firm, I make it clear that freedom is more important to me than money. I advocate for freedom in all circumstances, at all times, and for all people. It is impossible to know me at all without knowing of my deep and absolute commitment to advancing the case for human liberty. It could be said my mission in life is promoting individual rights and responsibilities, free markets, and the sovereignty of the individual. The absolute right to define and peacefully pursue one’s happiness is of utmost importance to me. I believe it is the very nature of what it means to be an American.

Promoting freedom is a vast and worthy enterprise. I have given countless freedom related speeches to a countless number of groups. I co-founded the Freedom Summit which has attracted nationally well known speakers for annual freedom conferences in Phoenix. I have written several articles which promote freedom in various ways. I have used my position as a criminal defense attorney to promote freedom to many different actors in the justice system. I used my appointment as a Superior Court Judge Pro Tem to make a stand for freedom. My law firm has accepted many clients and cases not for the money, but for the freedom. I have participated in countless debates advocating for freedom. I have appeared on countless radio shows to promote some aspect of freedom. I have used my status as an honorably discharged United States Marine to promote freedom to veteran groups. I have done my best to live my life consistent with the principles of those who abhor and reject coercion and embrace voluntary transactions. In short, I believe a truly voluntary society best serves humanity; and I practice what I preach.

In economics, central planning has been a failure. The free market works well because, among other reasons, it rewards individuals for doing a good job when they voluntarily choose to do something they are well suited to do. As with economics, centrally planning to promote freedom is a bad idea. As such, there is no effective central plan for freedom. Each of us has a unique blend of skills. We are not all well suited for the same tasks. Freedom can only be achieved and preserved when freedom minded people are vigilant and promote freedom in ways which best suit them.

There are no written words that can achieve or protect freedom. As we have seen with the United States Constitution, virtually anything can be justified as consistent with those words by those who interpret them. We no longer have a government of limited powers. Rather, we have a government constrained only by the laws of physics. The only way to achieve a free society is to win the hearts and minds of those who live in that society. Only when Americans once again cherish freedom will America be free.

I don’t know if my running for office will help win hearts and minds such that people once again cherish and value freedom. However, I am willing to try my best. I will strongly advocate for freedom to as many people as possible. I will not be modifying or watering down any of my long held pro-freedom positions to make them more palatable to some voter who prefers coercion. I am focused solely on promoting freedom and wherever that road leads is where I will go.

Marc J. Victor is the owner of Marc J. Victor, P.C. and a certified specialist in criminal law Email

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