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What Do We Do Now?:  Prepare for Revolution.

What Do We Do Now?: Prepare for Revolution.

By: Stewart Rhodes

In answering this question, my conscience compels me to be blunt with you.  I am duty bound to tell it like I see it with no sugar-coating.   And frankly, that is what you must do as well.  As Admiral Stockdale put it, when discussing how he survived being a POW in North Vietnam, you must acknowledge the reality of the situation you are in " see clearly just how bad it is " but you must also not give up, but instead resolve to get through it no matter what.   Never, ever, give up. And that is the attitude we must now have.   We must see clearly how bad things really are, but then not give up.  I am now convinced that we will have to fight another revolution (or civil war, depending on how you look at it) to defend our liberty.  The GOP had one last chance to fix things peacefully through the political system.  They blew it.   With few exceptions, all the “Tea Party” freshmen voted for the NDAA of 2012 which is the single most dangerous law passed in U.S. history.   Section 1021 of the NDAA of 2012 authorizes military detention, military trial, and extraordinary rendition of anyone, including U.S. citizens.   It is Congress rubber stamping it’s approval of all the twisted, perverse, anti-constitution claims of totalitarian power made by both Bush and Obama.   It is actually worse than the violations of rights that compelled our forefathers to rebel against King and Parliament.   That law, more than any other act, has placed us on a short track to having to fight another revolution.

The GOP also rejected Ron Paul (again!) and instead have embraced yet another demonstrated oath breaker " Romney - who, as governor of Massachussetts, signed that state’s  “Assault Weapons Ban” which was a clear violation of the Second Amendment.   And Romney has also said he would have signed the NDAA, and that any American accused of being part of al Qaeda does not deserve a jury trial, and should be subjected to military law as an “enemy combatant” instead.   The GOP has chosen the same path as always " mouthing devotion to liberty and the Constitution while they destroy it in an ongoing bipartisan rape of lady liberty.  

And the Democrats are no better.  Their candidate is a sitting president who has publicly acknowledged having a secret snuff list of people he will have killed by predator drones, including U.S. citizens.  He claims the power to kill any American HE determines is an “enemy combatant” in the war on terrorism, and he has already begun to kill Americans.   I challenge anyone to explain how that is any different than the absolute power of life and death that Hitler and Stalin enjoyed over their servile people during their dictatorships.   There is no difference.   Only the labels and absurd rationale is slightly different " using the laws of war to illegitimately circumvent the clear commands of the Article III, Section 3 Treason clause, and to circumvent the entire Bill of Rights. 

By their actions, both Republicans and Democrats have placed us on a short track to another American Revolution.   They have presented us with a false choice between oath breaking traitor A and oath breaking traitor B.  Either way, we will have an oath breaking traitor in the White House who claims all the power of a dictator or emperor, and the march toward a police state will go on, until and unless we stop it. 

We are at a dire cross roads.  We are now being forced to choose between 1934 Germany and 1774 America " on the eve of revolution. Which will it be?  Will we become the next Nazi Germany, or will we walk the same path as the Founding Generation who took up arms in defense of their natural rights, taking on the most powerful Army of their day, and kicking its ass? 

Chose now.  Which will it be?  Will you chose to slink and slither on your bellies and submit as “good Germans” to the modern Reich?  Or will you stand like the men and women of 1775 America? 

Actually, that choice between total submission or revolution has already been made.  I speak to veterans across the country (and active duty military too), and I can tell you with a certainty that they WILL NOT let this nation fade quietly into a brutal dictatorship. They will chose revolution.  They will fight.   And as bad as things really are in America, we still have this one great difference between us and the German people " there is still a sizeable minority in this nation who will fight and die for liberty.   The Ron Paul Revolution is an indicator of how big that sizeable minority is.  It is big enough to make sure that there is a real fight here, a real revolution/civil war between those who stand for liberty and those who stand for totalitarian power.   There will be a fight.  Count in it.  Prepare for it. 

Here is our message to the current serving military and police:

We, the American veterans, will not let you choose between keeping your oath and defending the Bill of Rights on one hand, and breaking your oath and participating in the destruction of the Bill of Rights on the other hand, and ushering in a dictatorship while America dies with a wimper. 

That will not be the choice you will have to make. 

No, we veterans (and also many among the active duty) will see to it that your choice will be between honoring your oath , standing down, and stepping aside, or KILLING US.  We will force you to make that choice because we will FIGHT.  We will not let this nation slide farther into the darkness of an anti-constitutional dictatorship.  We will fight.  And that will force you to either keep your oaths, or, in violating your oaths, kill ALL of us veterans.

Our Great-grandfathers, grandfathers, and fathers fought the Nazis in World War II and against the brutal Japanese Empire in the Pacific.  They bled, suffered, and died stopping fascism over there.  And now what they fought over there has come to our shores.   And we are now honor bound to bleed, suffer, and die fighting fascism over here " fighting the domestic enemies of our Constitution, the domestic enemies of our Bill of Rights .  What side will you be on?   Choose now. 

Are you on the side of the Bill of Rights, on the side of the Constitution, and on the side of the American people, or are you on the side of the corrupt, treasonous, vile traitors who are wiping their backsides with the Constitution all our fathers and grandfathers fought to preserve?    They may as well trot on down to Arlington and piss on the graves of our war dead, since those traitors are making a mockery of all we are told they died for. 

You will not be able to just be a good German and go along, just following orders, as you round up meek civilians.   First, you will have to kill all of us veterans, in combat.  Because we will fight.   Count on it.  We will fight, and we will fight hard, because we will be fighting for everything " for our homes, for the Bill of Rights, for our children and grand-children, and we will fight to the death.   We have no choice.  Submission and slavery are not an option for us.  We were born free, and we will die free.  We swore an oath to defend the Constitution, and we will keep that oath. 

You swore the same oath.  Will you keep it?   Or will you violate your oath and commit treason against the Constitution?  Will you kill your brother veterans who wish only to live under the Bill of Rights rather than under an unconstitutional and illegitimate power nowhere in our Constitution, which wipes the Bill of Rights away (Section 1021 of the NDAA, and the claim that the laws of war trump our right to jury trial when accused of treason)?  

Will you help us to defend the Constitution, or will you help the traitors to destroy it once and for all?  

Choose now.  We have already chosen.  Now it is your turn.  Choose now whom you shall serve.   [End of message to the current serving].

That is what I say to the current serving.  Now, here is what I say to you, the dedicated American lover of liberty:

 Acknowledge where we are.  See it for what it is.  Don’t sugar coat it.   But then do not give up.   Instead, embrace your place in history.  You are here for a reason.    You were born an American, in this time, in this place, so that you can take your place in the battle lines of liberty and stand in the breach.  The torch of freedom has been placed in your hands, passed on by past generations.  It now your turn to guard that sacred flame.  This is your watch.   Do not run.  Do not hide.  As they say in the military, embrace the suck.  Deal with it.   Stand up, step up, and step out across that line in the sand, and say “Here I am.  Send me.”   Let us be glad and thankful that we have been given the great honor of being the champions of liberty in this fight against darkness.  Let us embrace our place in history, and stand as warriors for liberty.  Unafraid, unbowed, unblinking, like the men who stood at Concord bridge, or the men who crossed the line in the sand at the Alamo.  This is our turn in the breach. 

Embrace it as a great privilege and honor to have this chance to show the world, to show history and the cosmos, what we are made of as Americans, and as simple human beings.    I personally am grateful that I am still alive to take part in this fight.  I nearly died twice while in service as an Army paratrooper, and once more after I got out (when I took a bullet to the head which destroyed my left eye but miraculously did not enter my brain).  I figure I am on bonus time, and that I must still be here for a reason.  And it is not to live in fear or concern for my own safety. It is not to go along to get along, or just to make money. I am still here because I have a purpose and a calling which I must fulfill, and I believe that purpose is to fight for liberty with all I have.   I agree with the immortal Thomas Paine when he said, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” 

But I am not special.  You too are here for a reason.  Of all the times in history you could have been born, of all the places, you were born in this time, in this place, as an American.  It is time for you too, to fulfill your purpose, your calling.   As an American you have a heritage of fighting for liberty, and a heritage of taking on odds that no one thought you could beat " of taking on the most powerful enemies and kicking their asses.  Embrace that heritage and show the world that we Americans can still get it done when it really counts.    If there must be trouble, let is be in OUR day, so that our children may have peace. 

We must live the words Patrick Henry, when he said “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”  Or, as my good friend Jordan Page said in his song, Message of Freedom: “ Is life so dear, or peace so sweet as to be purchased with chains from our necks to our feet?  Forbid this Lord, I know not what is left.  Give me liberty or give me death.”

To do this, to truly prepare yourself for what is coming, and take your place in the front lines of liberty, you must become warriors in every sense of that word.  Warriors for liberty.  It is not enough to be intellectual libertarians.  You must embrace a warrior ethic and commitment.  It is what is expected of you by history, by your nature as human beings, and also what the Founding generation intended us to be.   Their ideal was the citizen soldier.  Their answer to that ancient question of who shall guard the guardians, was that we should be our own guardians.  Anything less leads to tyranny.  And after having abdicated that responsibility, our only way back to liberty is to become a nation of warriors once again, with each and every one of you ready, willing, and able (trained and equipped) to fight.  Every able bodied American should have a rifle and the ammo and gear it takes to field with it, and should have light infantry training (know how to move, shoot, and communicate in buddy teams, fire teams, and squads, know now to patrol, and how to conduct ambushes, raids, how to break contact, escape and evade, land navigation, first aid, fieldcraft, and also especially know how to act as snipers and guerilla fighters against a powerful occupying force).  Those were the kinds of skills the frontiersmen had, and the kinds of skills many in the early American militia had, by virtue of their service in the French and Indian War, which made all the difference in our Revolution.  We too need those skills.  They are within your reach, if you but seek them out.  There are now plenty of veterans with recent combat experience.  Seek them out and ask them to train you.  As a start, attend an Appleseed shoot (   Read Boston’s Gun Bible by “Boston Tea Party.”  Read Guerilla Sniper by Anthony James, and Guerilla Sniper II, by “Sua Sponte”.  Read Fry the Brain, by John West. Read The Tigers Way, by John Poole (and anything else by Poole).  And read the Ranger Handbook.  A good, free online resource is 

Am I scaring you with all this warrior talk, and of your need to prepare for the very worst, which is a bloody revolution/civil war?  Well, tough.  Deal with it.  And get to training.  But another way to look at it is that you are supposed to be trained and equipped as light infantry anyway, as the militia of the free states, and it is only because you have abdicated and ignored that duty that we have such a massive standing army in the first place, so get busy correcting your mistakes. 

I will continue to do all I can to get the men with the guns in the current serving military and police to not shoot you, and to honor their oaths.  But don’t put all your eggs in that one basket, just like you should not and cannot trust politics alone.  You must take your part.  Get ready. 

But what can we do, short of revolution?   Is there anything we can do to avoid violence?  I can think of only one thing " a massive stand down and nullification by the military.  That is our last peaceful way out.  

Now that the GOP has once again rejected liberty, I think outreach to the current serving military, in particular, is all the more important.  That is the most powerful thing we can do. It can change history, still. Even in this very, very dark hour, we can still tip the scales on the side of liberty if we focus in on waking up the troops.

So, focus on them.  Let's do our best to speak the truth to them. The truth is powerful enough, and the current serving, once they know the truth, will connect the dots on their own. Let 1989 East Germany be the model of a peaceful mass stand-down that we hope to see.   It would be great if we had time to achieve a modern repeat of the "revolution of 1800" when the Jeffersonians swept the Federalists from Congress and the White House, through political means, after the Federalists lost all legitimacy by so blatantly violating the First Amendment with their Sedition Act.    I suppose we have a theoretical chance of seeing that happen, given enough time, working from the very bottom up, from the local and state levels, but I fear that we will have to fight long before we can ever purge the oath breakers out in sufficient numbers to have a peaceful  revolution.  But the military still has a real possibility of a mass stand down, if we reach enough of them.  We are honor bound to give that a try so that we exhaust all peaceful means, just as the Founding Generation did. And even if that peaceful attempt fails, it will show that we did keep the high ground and tried all we could. Even if, at that point, the American people have no choice but to fight, we will have helped to strengthen our numbers and resolve. God, I pray that be true.
When a 1776 style revolution kicks off will depend on exactly what is done, and to whom, and whether the military refuses to carry out such orders.  It is likely that they would start with domestic killing by predator drone or arbitrary detention of some radical American Muslim the most Americans don't give a crap about (as they did with Yasir Hamdi or Jose Padilla), and then slowly expand it out from there. 

We have to stand up now, in mass protests, and in nullification and civil-disobedience, including not just the states but also individual military and police refusing to carry out such seizure and detention of US citizens, and also whole units issuing preemptive refusals, like SSGT Joshua May's unit did during Katrina (see video on front page of Oath All of that has to happen.  Now that we have failed to root the vipers out of Congress, we will have to rely on our states to nullify and to interpose to protect the people (and that includes our state National Guard, under command of the Governors, our state defense forces, our state police, our county sheriffs, and our city police officers who all need to commit to defending the people against any such snatch and grab black bagging by the DOD).

And the people need to be ready to back them all up, in sheriff's posse, in militia, in state defense forces, police auxiliaries, etc.  That would be a combination of nullification and interposition and defense, by both the people and dedicated public servants in our towns, counties, and states.

And we must at the same time work hard on achieving a massive stand down and refusal among the military.

And all this time, we will massive protests and massive civil disobedience to be going on, JUST LIKE IN EAST GERMANY IN 1989, right before the Wall fell.

You should watch the interview with Gunter Spens, the East German LT Col. that is on the Oath Keepers main site front page, off to the right. Also watch the above referenced interview with SSGT Joshua May.

Those are your two "best case" scenarios of stand downs that we should be striving for.

So, short answer is that, in addition to training and preparing for the very worst, we need to:

1. Work our asses off to create more SSGT Joshua May's in the military and National Guard, who will refuse unlawful orders, and especially will refuse to detain U.S. citizens as “enemy combatants” which is #3 on the Oath Keepers list of orders we will not obey. We need to encourage them to decide now, ahead of time, that they will not obey such orders, and then it will be up to them to decide if they want to do a preemptive stand down, or if they want to wait till the orders are given. That is a strategy and tactics decision each service member, and each unit, will have to make. But they need to at the very least work it out in their heads what they will do if given such orders, and have contingency plans worked out for dealing with a rouge government. Nuff said. Let them work out the details. We should focus on the peaceful stand down of the Utah National Guard Unit SSGT May was in, and also on the peaceful mass stand down of the East German Army in 1989. Use those as your models.  We should focus on teaching them why this is wrong - why it is treason against the Constitution and against the people, and encourage them to refuse, and strive for the best case scenario of a peaceful mass stand down.

2. NULLIFY. As individuals, as local communities, as states. We need resolutions against the NDAA and other abuses of our rights passed in towns, cities, counties, and states. Issued by town selectmen, by county commissioners, by country sheriffs, by the legislature, by the governor, etc. And BY THE PEOPLE.  Pass around petitions, get your whole town, whole county, all the veterans in your area, to sign the petition condemning this usurped power and pledging to resist it and to aid each other, and back up the police, sheriff, county, state in nullifying and resisting it. The more we come together and stand together, and the more people know they are not alone, the better.

3. MASS PROTESTS. We need massive protests against this, standing up and making it clear that the great mass of the people oppose it, are not afraid to stand up, and will resist it. This is necessary. Those protests must call the Congress out as traitors, and must demand their resignation as oath breakers and enemies of our Bill of Rights and enemies of the people. Those mass protests must keep up and keep going. They MUST cut across all ideological and political lines. The common ground is our Bill of Rights, period. With our Declaration read aloud as well, since it states clearly that if any form of government becomes destructive of these ends (securing our rights) then it is our right and duty to throw it off. But first and foremost, demand their resignations - ALL OF THEM and then work to kick the bums out.

4. KICK THE BUMS OUT. Adopt a scorched earth policy of zero tolerance for any congressman or Senator who voted for the NDAA of 2012.  Challenge them all at the very next primary they are in, and make this issue the litmus test for them. Make it the campaign issue NUMBER ONE for their primary challenger, and run someone who pledges to repeal it. Kick their asses in the primary of whatever party they are in.

If you can't boot them out in the primary, then try again in the general election, again making it the central campaign issue. They likely voted for other crap too, like the "Super Congress" or the bailouts, and of course use that too, but focus first and foremost on this usurpation and treason against our Bill of Rights. The model for this is the Revolution of 1800, where the Jeffersonians swept the Federalists out of power in reaction to the Alien and Sedition Acts, which were a direct assault on the First Amendment.

Yes, this is an unlikely solution - a political solution. But we MUST try it, so we (and the whole world) will know we did all that we could to solve it by peaceful, political means.

5. If we fail to kick the bums out, then we will have to rely on nullification alone, and a stand down of the military. Those two together will be our last chance at a peaceful, or relatively peaceful, solution.  (and given the recent primary results, this is now our best short term option). 

6. If all of the above fails, and units within the military DO follow orders to snatch up Americans, then we will be in that horrible situation of having to decide when to resist, when to fight back. That may come over a course of several instances, rather than one clear trigger event. it may be that we see resistance in states, with a Sheriff or police department interposing, or maybe a state level defense force or national guard unit. or it may be by individuals. And there may be several such snatches that take place before others feel compelled to resist.  It is hard to say.

Look at the Founding Generation history leading up to April 19, 1775. You had the Boston Massacre, you had warrantless searches, you had denial of jury trial and Americans being taken over to England for trial, you had all of Boston harbor blockaded and under martial law. They put up with a bunch of crap before they fought back, and by doing so, they had a clear conscience that they had done all they could through peaceful means, and it was also clear to the whole world that they had turned the other cheek many, many times and done all they could, and were finally forced to defend themselves.

Reflect long and hard on their example.

But yes, there will, if all of the peaceful means fail, and if we fail to reach enough in the military to attain a mass stand-down, and the military (God forbid) follows those orders, there will come resistance, and then that will start the ball rolling of a next American Revolution, and when it kicks off, all in the military will have to choose sides.. But if we go through all those above steps, trying all we can to fix this by peaceful means, and always, always within the Constitution, then we will hold the moral high ground, and we will get more of the military on our side, and more of the rest of the world's people on our side (and we may well inspire them to resist tyranny in their nation too!).

And when it comes to that stage, when all else has failed, when a political solution has failed, when our states have failed to interpose and protect us, when the military and police are breaking their oaths and rounding us up, then we will have no choice but to resist.

And here is where we should follow the advice of a man who lived through it:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more " we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

When they come for you, you must resist.

And just like the woman who fights the rapist is doing other women a favor, so too will you be doing other Americans a favor by not making it easy on the oath breaking traitors. Follow Solzhenitsyn's sage advice. He knew. He lived it. Listen to him.

But let us work HARD right now to nip this in the bud and turn the tide, using all the above tactics and strategies, and whatever else we can come up with for peaceful resistance and reform, and let us NOT just wait around till they start actually rounding up Americans. Let's step out now, and use all the non-violent means at our disposal, using especially our rights of free speech and assembly, and organizing resistance and nullification in our states, and more than ever, FOCUSING ON THE MILITARY, and only if that fails, then we should absolutely be ready, willing, and able to resist.   Train and prepare for the very worst, and make peace with your own mortality, and your place in history.  And then stand.

Stewart Rhodes is the founder and President of Oath Keepers. Visit their webpage at OathKeepers.Org

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