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Operation Terror is the 9/11 story you are not supposed to know.

Operation Terror is the 9/11 story you are not supposed to know.

By: Art Olivier

James McCullough from the mysterious 'Council' explains to CIA agent Aaron Delgado that the United States has a military that is greater than the rest of the world combined, yet petty dictators decide who controls the oil. “We need to use our military might to take that oil. America’s grand strategy should aim to preserve and extend our military advantage as far into the future as possible. The problem is the pacifist mindset of the American people. To wake them up, we need a catastrophic and catalyzing event " like a new Pearl Harbor.” McCullough assigns Delgado to wake Americans up with an attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and then pin the blame on Muslim Terrorists. 

Michael Goldberg, a Hollywood film writer, presents Delgado and his team with a script about Muslim terrorists that attack America. Goldberg explains that the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. “That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. Our terrorists will attack the three pillars of American democracy; commerce, the military and the government.” 

Delgado and fellow agents, Phillip Singer and Chase Jordan, work with a group of unsuspecting engineers to develop unmanned jets to hit their targets. Horace Humphrey from the Defense Contract Management Command sets up the agents with the engineers from Grayton Castle, a major defense contractor that developed the avionics on the Predator, an unmanned aerial vehicle. George Poole, the Vice President of Electronic Systems, Harvey St. Claire, the Director of Electronic warfare program management and Walter Knox, an expert on Electronic Systems develop the guidance systems that are used on the drones. George Poole becomes skeptical about the project and becomes frustrated in trying to get answers on how the remote controlled planes will be used. 

Delgado is challenged in keeping the attack secret as the plot starts to unravel. 

The Defense Intelligence Agency develops a data-mining operation called Able Danger that identifies some of the patsies that the CIA agents are using. Delgado leads a team in a raid on Orion Scientific Systems, the data-mining contractor, to take all of their data. 

FBI agents in Minnesota arrest one of the patsies, Zacarias Moussaoui, at a flight school. Delgado is enraged at Dave Francini, the Chief of the FBI’s Radical Fundamentalist Unit, for not stopping the arrest. When Minnesota FBI agent Sam Hall tries to get a warrant to search Moussaoui’s belongings, Francini forcefully puts a stop to it. 

Dick Cheney leads the Energy Task Force meeting explaining to the oil company executives that America will soon have more influence in Iraq. Each executive gets a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as two charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.
Delgado meets with Cheney to explain all of the diversions and operations that will take place on September 11th. They include Operation Northern Vigilance that will move east coast fighters to Alaska and Canada, Vigilant Guardian that will simulate hijacked planes in the northeast and Amalgam Warrior that will have real planes pretending to be enemy aircraft. An emergency evacuation drill will take place at the National Reconnaissance Office and FEMA will have a bio-warfare exercise in Manhattan so they will be ready to secure the devastation at the World Trade Center on the 11th.

The Vice President’s Chief of Staff tells Delgado that the President is going to issue an Executive Order to put the Vice President in charge of the Office of National Preparedness so he will be able to coordinate the DOD, Justice, Energy, the EPA, and FEMA. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission gets ready to indict Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley for the IPO stock kickbacks. James McCullough has all of the IPO investigations consolidated into World Trade Center Building 7 and instructs Delgado to destroy the building on 9/11. Delgado expresses his concern over not having another drone to hit the building. McCullough insures him that he will just have the 47-story skyscraper destroyed by terrorists ignored by the media. 

As the attack is initiated, Delgado becomes incensed that the media is not as controlled as he was promised. CNN's Jamie McIntyre reports that there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon. A local FOX photographer tells on air that there was nothing that could distinguish a plane had crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. He says there is only a hole in the ground about 20 to 15 feet long and probably about ten feet wide. The Mayor says on ABC that he was told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse and a witness reported the explosions in Building 7. The BBC reports on the collapse of Building 7 while the building is still standing behind the reporter. After the collapse, Dan Rather states it is reminiscent of a building that was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down.

Convinced that he has failed his mission, Delgado is summoned to McCullough’s office to learn his fate.

Although most of the perpetrators in the movie are fictitious characters and the names of the victims have been changed, the story is based on actual events. The news accounts are re-enacted word-for-word. A scene that takes place in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center at the White House is played out exactly how Norman Mineta, the Secretary of Transportation, describes it.

A gripping battle between good and evil keeps the viewers engulfed throughout the movie, as the plot to attack America becomes a hard-hitting reality.
Former Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate, Art Olivier has turned filmmaker.  Not straying far from his political roots, which also include a California governor run and a stint as Mayor of Bellflower, Art’s first feature film is a political thriller.  OPERATION TERROR, the 9/11 story you are not supposed to know, was both written and produced by Mr. Olivier.  For director, Art chose an award-winning political documentary filmmaker who’s credits include FOLLOW THE LEADER starring then President George W. Bush and other notable republicans.

Art’s freshman film has already garnered one award, inclusions in 4 prestigious film festivals, and a glowing review by the legendary G. Edward Griffin of “Creature from Jekyll Island” fame!  Griffin noted: ““Operation Terror is a top quality drama that is both entertaining and disturbing. It tells the story of what many believe really happened on 9/11. Perhaps we will never know if this fictional scenario is true, but it answers far more questions than the official version of that event, and it has the aura of truth about it.”

Operation Terror is scheduled to be released September 11th, 2012 (click on link to purchase DVD or download).



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