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Publisher's Backpage - Original Discovery

Publisher's Backpage - Original Discovery

By: Ernest Hancock

Original Discovery

I’m encouraging you to pay attention to FreedomsPhoenix daily entries because local, national and world events/trends are developing very quickly and I suspect that we are all going to experience the “Change” that we are constantly being promised, very soon.

If you are not at least a subscriber to the free Email Dispatch from Freedom’s Phoenix, you are missing a lot of important information. The Email Dispatch Archive is available for free as well and is very useful when you want to catch up on news you might have missed while vacationing or taking a break. The Dispatch and its Archive are designed so that a very wide assortment of news and original articles & opinions can be scanned in a very short period of time.

Subscribers to the Digital Magazine have many additional features available to them on FreedomsPhoenix that we will highlight and detail in November’s eZine (more new stuff just around the corner we want to add to a new tutorial - Most recent Tutorial HERE).

October’s Edition of the Freedom’s Phoenix Digital Magazine focuses on the theme, “American Ingenuity - Garage Inventions that Changed the World”. The idea that only teams of scientists with unlimited budgets are the only sources of fantastic leaps in technology and improvements in our lifestyles is a fiction embraced by those that seek dominion over the minds and bodies of every individual.

If you haven’t read my “Publisher’s Backpage September 2012” article, I encourage you to do so since it is a ‘Part 1’ to this article and you’ll get a lot more from this piece… I’ll wait……

As promised, I have been constructing my own laboratory and equipping it to provide me with ‘Original Discovery’. Please let me share what I mean. At about 28 years of age, married with 4 young children, I was exposed to massive government and media corruption that would redirect a great deal of our family’s time for over two decades. For the first time in my life, I would read the Declaration of Independence (very cool), the Constitution and the Bill of Rights straight through. I then started with some Thomas Jefferson and immediately stopped. Not because I thought what he had to say was wrong or uninspiring… but because it was very inspiring. Let me explain.

It has come as a great surprise to many that desired to know how I came to libertarianism to learn that it was an organic thing that I allowed to develop from ‘Original Discovery’. Walter Block’s book ‘I Choose Liberty’ is a compilation of dozens of libertarian minds that explain their path to enlightenment. My contribution was written at the end of 2002 and was first published on where Walter archived the articles until publishing his book in 2011.The article Being Libertarian " I Only Seek the Truth demonstrated how an individual might discover libertarianism without even knowing of the existence of the libertarian philosophy or its many advocates from various perspectives.I intentionally allowed for ‘Original Discovery’.
After reading the Bill of Rights, I was most motivated by the 14th Amendment at the time for a specific reason (yes, I know how the 14th is used to enslave us all). The corruption I was exposed to at the time had a root and I was determined to strike at it. The 'Equal Protection Clause' made it clear that the government could not constitutionally give special privileges to one group that didn't equally apply to everyone. Well heck, that's all I saw government do,... especially when it came to election laws.
Only a few pages of Thomas Jefferson’s writings demonstrated to me how powerful his words were and how easily his mind would be cloned inside my head if I continued to read his work. My desire to understand what was lurking behind the government’s propaganda via original discovery has always been how I’ve learned anything. I think it came from a lifetime of being surrounded by exaggeration and deception (family, TV, school) that created this special sort of ‘method’, but it is just the way I prefer to learn, and why I value truth and honesty as much as I do.
Lessons from a boy’s workbench
Before moving to Arizona in the early 70’s my family lived in central Florida 35 miles NE of Tampa (dry heat is MUCH better). I remember having a microscope and a self made chemistry kit that I would continue to add to over 3 years. I didn’t cause too much trouble and the damage was limited to stains on the wooden TV stand that made up my impressive looking workstation. The most benefit I remember getting out of the setup was as a convincing bluff to my younger sisters that I could use my Sherlock Homes skills to determine which of them ‘Touched My Stuff’ etc.
Whenever I learned of a new reaction from friends, school or printed material I would ask my parents to buy the chemicals I needed with money I earned in various ways. I don’t ever remember a “no”. I guess I didn’t ask for anything too dangerous. But I do remember my Mother obtaining pastes and powders from the local pharmacy and my father would do his part with items from the hardware and auto parts stores. My father owned a few businesses that also supplied me with plenty of foaming concoctions.
At the same time Radio Shack always had some electronic gizmo to build. Getting a radio station to provide even a few static garbled syllables in an earplug from a crystal radio, it took me days to get working, was very exciting and something that entertained me and my friends for hours.
Experiments in electromagnetism consisted of batteries connected to appliance transformers that would provide a zap to unsuspecting participants or when connected to an outside TV antenna would make the TV unwatchable. Then there were chemical reactions that would accelerate the disintegration of various substances, the launching of just about anything with anything (frogs with catapults, tennis balls with lighter fluid cannons, rockets with interesting payloads). From 9-12 years old I was encouraged to learn what I could and share with my parents what I discovered, as long as I didn’t “burn down the house”. I remember some stern warnings about the mixing of some of the most common household solutions (bleach and ammonia come to mind… so I did it in very small quantities to see what would happen… nothing exciting).
I do remember an interesting education in chemistry when I was twelve. My uncle made a Silver ring for me that I wore for years. He cut a hole in the middle of an old Silver Quarter to fit my finger and then spent days rapping the outside with a spoon to round out the edge. One day I was sick on the couch and my mother placed an old Mercury thermometer in my mouth. We were told to be careful and not to bite on the thermometer for fear of breakage… I tested it to failure. My mother and father saw what happened and screamed for me to spit out everything. Broken glass and Mercury pooled in the palm of my hand. What I noticed was how much shinier my Silver ring was when Mercury was added to it. Soon it would dull, so I added some more. I soon went to sleep, but that was the last I ever saw of my Silver ring. I searched the couch thoroughly and ran through the event over and over in my mind trying to think about what might have happened to my ring. It wasn’t until 4 years later in sophomore chemistry that I learned that I had simply dissolved the silver into oblivion.
The Mercury and Silver chemical reaction came to mind when I watched Paul Newman’s “Cool Hand Luke”. The character ‘Luke’ was sentenced to a chain gang for cutting off the heads of Parking Meters. I remember thinking that a more creative thing to do would be to use a syringe to inject Mercury into the coin slot. But an even more creative thing to do would be to think of a non-destructive use of Parking Meters.
Imagination Snuffed
Technology, material development, space travel, computer advancements and energy sources all shared the dampening effect of central planning. I felt that we were always waiting on “the Experts” to bestow upon us serfs another toy to play with or a machine that would fill our spare time with the ability to produce more so the state could get their increased share.
The massive increase in human productivity via computer technology, manufacturing and communications hasn’t provided us with an increase in leisure time; it’s filled our spare time with more work that is taxed at an ever increasing rate. We are slaves. To imagine anything different is heresy.
The Italian Renaissance that infected Europe for centuries was the result of favorable weather conditions, advancements in science and communication as a result of moveable type. Global warming (it’s a Sun thing), scientific advancement and the Internet has set the stage for just this type of rapid advancement for our generation. And just like the institutions of Renaissance Europe challenged the increased productivity of the individual for their own sake then, we can expect the same thing to happen now,… and for the same reasons.
If you are not ‘In Their Control, then you are Out of Their Control’.
They/Them/Those? “There are those that just wish to be left alone and there are those that just won’t leave them alone”. The good guys and the bad guys are much easier to discern when this standard is applied. The government propaganda machine and the mandatory youth indoctrination camps have been successful for many decades in the effort to get the people to demand that government not leave the other guy alone to pursue their own happiness when they can be forced to provide a little more happiness for those expecting their cut of the plunder… but I think this is changing more quickly than many realize.
It’s very difficult to advocate for something that you haven’t even imagined yet. Given the “freedom” to vote for how you are going to be ruled by others doesn’t nurture an imagination that might contemplate not being ruled… and that is the goal. The imagination must be killed.
In the 70’s and 80’s I remember Science Fiction and Science magazines had their own section at the supermarkets, the book stores and the video stores. Now they have merged into Action/Adventure/Fantasy etc. I see a pattern that I hope to help break.
Back to the garage

This edition of the Freedom’s Phoenix eZine (October 2012) has been created to remind us of the curiosity of our youth and the power of individual achievement on your own terms from our own workbenches.
If you read last month’s Publisher’s Backpage then you know that I intend to demonstrate the increased energy density of a newly designed Nickel Iron (Edison) Battery using Carbon Nanotubes that I will produce in my own workshop. This updating of a technology over a hundred years old has already been accomplished this summer at Stanford University. But just as other freeing technologies have been suppressed in an effort to eliminate the possibility of human independence from a coercive collective, I suspect the same sort of delays in the publicly funded Universities. But this small effort of my own is but a very small part of my much larger effort.
My true objective is to inspire Generation Next to get back to Original Discovery of their world. For them to determine what is important to them on their own and with the help of those that truly love them, not by government employees whose goal is their own survival at the expense of others.
The cover of this month’s eZine is a representation of my workshop.

The Project to Inspire With
Carbon nanotubes are 1000 times more conductive than copper, many times stronger than steel, very light, can be electroplated, pulled into a thread and are very very very small. What this means for what I hope to do is very simply this. Take an inert gas (I’m working with Argon and Helium) and feed it into a Tube Furnace at 600c-900c while adding a carbon source (CO2 and/or Acetylene…C2H2). The heat breaks the chemical bonds of other atoms with the carbon and with the correct catalyst coating a substrate (a fancy glass slide with a special chemical coating) the carbon atoms self assemble to form these very useful tube towers. But wait… there’s more.
As useful as this material is, I’m very interested in the fact that the carbon is conductive and provides an enormous increase in surface area. This allows me to take a ceramic hollowed cylinder wrapped in wire, coat it with a catalyst and deposit it with conductive fury carbon. This ‘cell’ is then placed in an electroplating bath to have Nickel deposited into all of the cracks and crannies and then assembled into a Nickel Iron battery that will have an increase in surface area of… a lot!
The company Exide Batteries bought up the manufacturing of Nickel Iron batteries in the 70’s and shelved production. Nickel Iron batteries don’t degrade and are passed to the next generation,… you don’t even check them for 15 years and they can be fully discharged without damage. And this is the old style that Thomas Edison designed. This old style is now being produced in China for purchase via a distributor in California.
But this whole project has another much more interesting aspect to it,… inspiration. If we can help spark the imagination of Generation Next with these sorts of efforts, our generation will be able to help spark the next renaissance. Not just a renaissance in science and technology, but in the way we think and live.
The Tube Furnace and the video documentation being set up.

Hospital oxygen flowmeters to control the gas mixture and flow rate. I used these because they were more controllable at low pressures.


Removing a catalyst test sample. Making any carbon?




Now I need to turn this… Wrapped with a bunch more wire and carbonized…


Magnified :

Into this (with the wire baked too)

Which is this. Very conductive and can be plated with the metals I need.


Since these samples need to be lighted from the top I use the USB LED plugin lamp from my MiniLapTop that I have plugged into my microscope. This will make documentation much easier… we are just getting started.

Here is station 2 of 5 stations so far in this project. Fortunately I have a large workshop.


P.S. " I have contacts at the Phoenix Police Department and the FBI here in Phoenix. I sent them the information on my project and the cover of this month’s magazine so that all of the glassware (not pictured) I bought for the creations of the various compounds I need for the nanotube catalysts doesn’t prompt a raid and the killing of dogs.

Oh, and I needed to warn them about another project we started yesterday that’s causing a stir :)






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