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VOTING ELECTION 2012:  END-GAME... One Patriot's Opinion

VOTING ELECTION 2012: END-GAME... One Patriot's Opinion

By: Phranq Tamburri

VOTING ELECTION 2012:  END-GAME... One Patriot's Opinion

For most reading this article, Libertarians, Patriots, and Austrian Schoolers, the decision to vote and who to vote for will likely not be swayed by anything written here.  We are a very committed, educated, and principled cadre.  However, no doubt we still debate tirelessly with family and friends at this 2012 Election End-Game who still are not sure whom to vote for.  Worse yet, many of our contacts seemed to have 'awakened' on libertarian values and sound money principles over the past years due to our efforts, yet are returning to the comfortable position of voting the Two Party duopoly... again.  They are being fed the same scare tactic used in EVERY election, "This election is the most important election of our Lifetime!!  Therefore, it is too important to 'waste' your vote!  We must stop the 'other guy' at all costs!"

Coming from an Austrian 'schooled' activist for 25 years, for what it is worth here is my argument for election 2012.

My Modus Operandi is that 'A wasted vote is one not principled AND one not heard'.  Let us use our vote, our voice, to send a message!  The question is, "What will the message be?", and more importantly, "will anyone even recognize our message?"  These 2 questions I believe should influence our vote. Here are the options the (disenfranchised) Liberty Movement American must decide on:

1.   Don't Bother Voting:  Straight off, there is the sensible and rationale decision to not bother voting. With regard to our activist community, this decision is not out of laziness.  Our community has deeply understood the grave state that our Nations' economy is under and the impending currency crisis looming in only months to a couple years.  We also understand that no President, this late in the game, can prevent our path now. The most we hoped for is a Captain with experience of hurricanes (Dr. Paul, Governor Johnson) to best navigate us through the coming storm. It is a storm we plainly see on the 'Hayek Weather Channel' that our fellow Americans never bother watching.  Therefore, after years of fighting a corrupt political system, not voting is a way to retain one's integrity while realizing a deeper truth; this Country is ordained to undergo a Revolution.  This Revolution for many of us is best to occur as soon as possible.  The sooner the 'reset switch' is hit, then the sooner and less painful the withdrawal pains will be. I personally do not believe this to be the most effective use of my one educated vote, however I deeply respect those who proclaim, "Still Voting?!"  Yet to their credit, history has proven that a true political movement WILL take care of itself regardless of the 'rules' or mannered elections.       

2.   Vote for Dr. Ron Paul as a 'Write-In' Candidate:  As an American who both voted for and worked on all three of Dr. Paul's Presidential bids (beginning in 1988), I could see no greater pride than to vote him in to the disapproving face of the electoral elite.  However, I believe this, too, is a less-than-effective use of our voting voice.  I am as angry, if not more so, over Dr. Paul's exclusion and the lack of utter ethics in how he and his followers (us) have been treated. A vote for Dr. Paul would certainly vindicate all my toils and weekends politicking for this amazing American.  Unfortunately though, writing in Dr. Paul will likely not be noticed.  This is for 2 reasons.  Reason #1 is that each state has different rules for writing in a candidate.  So even if the rules properly allow a write-in to be counted, the ethics of the elite has taught us how rules can and will be broken to suit their cause.   A write-in vote is the easiest to discount ("illegible"!, "the name was written with the wrong font"!).  Reason #2 is even if the write-ins are properly counted, it is highly unlikely that the count will be reported to the media. Therefore as the final voting results are reported, at least the Green and Libertarian Party with their candidate officially on the ballot, their candidate's counts will be reported alongside the Duopoly scores.  The statist voter will see that fellow Americans do vote outside the Duopoly. However a write-in candidate would not even make this contribution.  And this was a point Dr. Paul tried to illustrate with his Press Conference of 3rd Parties in 2008.

3.    Vote for Governor Romney (or even more foolish, The President): Unfortunately this is the most common result of most of our newly awakened friends and family; they will retreat like a scared animal of habit, back to what they know of the Duopoly comfort food.  Gone is their logic.  Gone are their principles.  Gone are all the growth and education they amassed the prior 4 years (which was often typically initiated after losing investments).  Unless the citizen honestly believes in their candidate and is voting for their choice, not simply scared by Talking Heads into simply stopping the opposition Party, a vote for the Duopoly parties is the ultimate wasted vote.  It is a vote that propagates the two-Party farce we have today.  It allows another complete political cycle to occur where other legitimate political Parties are excluded from the discussion.  When the average American (inferingly) states that, "if your third party person is so 'good', then why are they not in the debates?" They are not included in the debates overall because the Duopoly Parties own and run the Presidential Selection Committee that today runs the debates.  This new committee in American politics began as a coercion against The League of Women Voters and third Party candidates after Ross Perot met the outlandish requirements put into place to look Democratic

4.    Vote the Libertarian Ticket for Governor Gary Johnson or Green Party Jill Stein:  Of all the choices available, I believe voting for one of these 2 candidates is the best option to be heard.  Of course, between these two, most Freedom Movement Americans would not vote for Mrs. Stein, but they miss the point.  There are only 4 legitimately viable candidates for President of the United States in 2012.  They are alphabetically Johnson, Obama, Romney, and Stein.  This is because under the U.S. Constitution all 4, and ONLY these 4, are at least 35 years of age, American born (don't start!), AND are on enough ballots nationwide that, IF THEY WIN EACH STATE THEY ARE ON, they would win the plurality of electoral votes and win the White House.  Yet only 2 of these 4 were allowed in the National Conversation and debates.  Most maddening is the utter lack of outrage and excuses given by the American voter for this.  Americans today suffer from a form of cultural blindness, like Jim Crowe laws of the South, where fellow Americans can be treated unethically and unfairly right in front of them yet they calmly justify the transgression facing them. It is the equivalent of claiming, "All Men are Created Equal"... yet then stating, "That black American must get to the back of the bus" is justified.  Like the Civil Rights Movement before us, we must peacefully demonstrate our presence. The election is the ultimate manner to do so nationally.  Only THIS time we CAN be heard!  Why? This election truly demonstrates how fractured this nation is in being forced like an intelligent child to choose between 2 dysfunctional divorcing parents. The last polls state this will be a close call down the middle of our electorate.  And it is ONLY in these elections where the third Party candidates make a significant difference.  And with a vote for a third Party our total grows in percentage.  And when the close margin is analyzed to be narrower to the total of third Party votes, we will be demonized but heard.  However, this is key:  The Duopoly Parties and your average voter love to justify their political bigotry of keeping Johnson out of the debates by claiming that our movement is irrelevant,.... yet have no doubt that if we score a notable percentage that changes the election (like Ralph Nader or Ross Perot), we will then earn their wrath for being too relevant!  This is the political mirror that a third Party vote can shove in front of the American elite and the politically ignorant.

5.   Specifically vote for Gary Johnson:  I say this only as an extension of #4.  Although Mrs. Stein fits the political strategy that our individual votes can carry, we must also want a visible candidate that shares our values on key issues of sound money and a steward for the Principles of our currently shattered Constitution.

Overall, I am only one voice in a chorus of opinions. And regardless of your vote, I do sincerely believe that everyone in our Liberty Movement has been playing, and will continue to play, a much more significant role in our Nation's future... more than one vote in a corrupt political system could possibly do.   As a certain patriot rabble rouser likes to remind others... "Don't focus on the vote, but free minds".

Dr. Phranq Tamburri is a naturopathic physician specializing in men's health with a sub-specialty in prostate cancer. He was actively involved in the Ron Paul r3VOLution and is schooled in Austrian Economics. Visit his webpage at LongevityMedical.Com

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