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Eco Built Systems - Creating Affordable and Sustainable Green Solutions

Eco Built Systems - Creating Affordable and Sustainable Green Solutions

By: Special K

Eco Built Systems is a manufacturer of modular sustainable dome homes, green building materials and bio-friendly aquaponics systems. The company specializes in producing modular green buildings designed for affordability, efficiency, disaster resistancy, and rapid assembly. Our proprietary products are made of high performance green building materials, derived from as many natural, renewable and recycled resources as possible. Our designs utilize cutting edge green building systems made of non-toxic materials.

Eco Built Dome Homes "Sustainable Domes" is our sustainable homes division dedicated to providing efficient, affordable, modular, disaster resistant housing units and dome homes. These structures are prefabricated using 100% non-toxic building materials and are designed for permanent installation. Dwellings can also be utilized for temporary housing as “transitional shelters” in disaster response.
Eco Built Materials is our green building materials division committed to providing natural composite materials for the global green building sector. Eco Built SIPs and Eco Built MgO Boards (dry-wall alternative) incorporate mineral based building materials including Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and a volcanic rock called basalt mixed with natural structural fiber reinforcements of petrified sawdust and coconut fiber.
Eco Built Aquaponics Systems is our organic gardening division devoted to providing turn key agricultural systems for “aquaponic” farming. We have incorporated permaculture principles with the latest technologies and innovations to design a system that has the highest yields, stacks many functions, and is the most space and energy efficient as possible. These systems include aeroponics and hydroponics for growing plants in a vertical column, fish tanks, sump tank, de-gasser, all pumps, pipes, and facets along with additional options such as worm bins. The Aquaponic Systems come in all sizes starting from a small apartment to very large commercial systems. We also manufacture dome greenhouses with sizes starting with 12 foot domes to 1 acre commercial dome hoophouse systems.
Domes are structurally much stronger than conventional wood and mortar built box structures. Sustainable Domes are made from natural materials, create less waste and have reduced construction times; thus, making them safer and more cost effective than traditional structures. They are prefabricated, shipped to the site and assembled quickly. In addition, domes use less energy to heat and cool than conventional structures and offer a more spacious feeling than the common square box. Even more benefits include eliminating corners; therefore, contributing to improved air circulation, increased natural lighting and resistance to disasters.
Sustainable Domes Walkthrough:

Green Society Sustainable Domes:

Eco Built Homes are the safest homes on the market. They do not rot, rust, mold or burn. EBS Homes are highly resistant to natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. They are manufactured in a controlled environment making them more precise and cost effective than site built homes. Eco Built Homes offer 100% non-toxic, “breathable” materials that provide good thermal insulation and indoor air quality.

Eco Built Systems materials are fabricated from abundant resources found in nature and require far less processing and long-term maintenance than traditional building materials. We strive to protect the families that live in them while preserving the planet we live on.
Benefits of an Eco Built Home

*Affordable Green Housing
*Disaster Resistance
*Reduced Construction Waste
*Rapid Assembly On-Site
*Built with 100% Non-toxic Materials
*High Resistance to Fire, Moisture, Mold and Insects
*Longer Life Cycle than Conventional Homes
*Minimal Long Term Maintenance
*Highly Energy Efficient
*Low Environmental Impact
*A “Healthy Home” with High Indoor Air Quality
*On-site Production of Organic Food
*Integration with Water Harvesting and Filtration
*Integration with Renewable Energy Technologies
*Potential Temporary Shelter for Disaster Response
Sustainable Domes are designed to obtain the same benefits as Modular Housing through eliminating the headaches and potential pitfalls of the site built process. Our products are less or comparable in cost to Manufactured Homes and far more superior allowing you and your family the opportunity to live in an environment that supports your health and well-being.
Eco Building MateralsBio-friendly Green Building Materials

Eco Built Systems manufactures high performance green building products for the residential, commercial, and governmental green building sectors. We utilize natural mineral composites like Magnesium Oxide to produce prefabricated based SIPs and Boards. Eco Built Systems materials are highly resistant to damage by mold, fire, moisture and shrinkage.

Green Building Composites are made of ancient natural mineral blends with a Magnesium Oxide (MgO) binder. Today, similar blends are found in historic structures like the Greek Parthenon, The Taj Mahal and The Great Wall of China. Eco Built Systems produces green building composites for use in our Eco Built Homes. Our company also provide OEM services, using our proprietary materials, to green builders and sustainable developers around the World.

Eco Built SIP Panel

The Eco Built SIP is a 100% non-toxic, “breathable” and “bio-friendly” SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) for the global green building industry. Our SIPs are made of Magnesium Oxide (MGO) ceramic cement board, reinforced with basalt and glass structural fibers and insulated with non-toxic mineral foam. SIPs can be prefabricated to “spec” and are designed for strong resistance to damage from mold, fire, moisture and shrinkage.

Eco Built SIPs utilize proprietary mineral blends that allow “breath-ability” while providing strong thermal performance comparable to industry standards. Our SIPs use no OSB, no formaldehyde's, no urethane's, no glues, no EPS or XPS foams and contain no VOCs or CFCs.


Eco Built Magnesium Oxide (MgO) boards

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) provides high resistance to mold, mildew, insects and fire. MgO has been used in North Asia and the Middle East for decades and is currently popularizing in America. MgO boards are used in similar applications as gypsum and portland cement sheets. Uses include: Fire walls, partitions, structural sheathings, backer board, facings for structural panels, curtain walls, ceiling covers and substrates for various coatings. Structurally, they are used as bracing for walls and semi-structurally as underlay for flooring. Finally, MgO boards are impact resistant making them ideal for damage-prone areas and provide excellent resistance to molds making them ideal for wet climates like South East Asia.

Eco Built MgO Board is the world’s 1st Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board reinforced with natural structural fibers that provides structural integrity with mold and fire resistance. Eco Built Systems designs the MgO board for use in its’ Eco Built Homes and Eco Built SIPs; however, the company also provides spec manufacturing of its' green building materials to developers and builders in the ASEAN real estate market. Board Thicknesses include: ¼”-2”. Standard wall sizes include: 4x8, 4x9, 4x10 and 4x12.

* Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services are available in the ASEAN region for custom sizing and performance standards suitable to IRC & IBC. Please call or email Eco Built Systems for pricing.

Eco Built Aquaponics Systems
"Organic Aquaponics systems built Bio-Friendly"
Welcome to "Aquaponics": the combination of Aquaculture (culture of fish) and Hydroponics (culture of plants without soil) integrated into a single agricultural system that works in many climates. Eco Built Aquaponics is Organic gardening designed to produce fish and grow plants in an integrated prefab system that does not require fertile soil, reduces labor and provides a high standard of food that is incredibly sustainable! Aquaponics is one of the most sustainable and productive farming systems in the world and is becoming the fastest growing trend in organic agriculture.

Eco Built Aquaponics are prefab systems that provide turn key solutions for sustainable production of organic food and aquatic life. Our Aquaponics tanks are built using the most non-toxic and bio-compatible materials available. Purity is key to creating a holistic eco system for beneficial bacterias to flourish. Once you establish a proper balance of bacteria, reproduction of fish will increase, when fish flourish their waste provides a natural fertilizer which supports the rapid growth of organic vegetables. The fish and organic plant foods have a symbiotic relationship providing mutually beneficial optimal growth.

With an Eco Built Aquaponics System you can grow mineral dense green leafy vegetables, organic fruits, fish and shrimp free of heavy metals and toxic pollutants. Systems also produce secondary agricultural products (dried super-foods, earth worms, compost tea, bio-fuels, etc.) that can be sold, traded or used for in-ground farming. Aquaponics empowers farmers to produce an abundance of local organic food using 98% less water than conventional farming methods while producing 10Xs more output in the same amount of space and time.

Benefits of Aquaponics Include
*Up to 10X more food production in the same amount of space and time!
*Use up to 75% less energy than almost any other farming method!
*Use up to 98% less water than conventional farming methods!
*100% free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other toxic chemicals! *Require approximately 1/2 the labor of almost all other food production methods!
*Virtual elimination of weeds, pests, diseases, viruses and pathogens for both aquatic and plant life alike!
*Applicable in almost any climate and can be made in almost any size, ranging from desk top systems to larger scale commercial scale farming operations!
*Save time, money and labor through all stages of production!
*No soil is required in Aquaponics which enables otherwise “undesirable sites” to be used for producing fish, shrimp, muscles, organic vegetables and more!
*Many useful by-products are created in our systems that can be used to produce other crops, fruit trees, soils, biofuels and renewable energy!
*Systems are applicable in Urban, Suburban and Rural settings!
*Designed for installation in Green Houses and Sustainable Domes enabling year round farming in almost any climate!
*Systems can also be used for “restorative farming” of local endangered populations of fish, muscles, shrimp and plant life!
Restorative Farming

Science estimate that soils contain approximately 75% of the carbon pool on land " three times more than the amount stored in living plants and animals. Science further estimates that the top 1" of healthy soil (“top soil”) spread over one acre of land can sequester the same amount of carbon annually as a healthy forest of the same size. Current crop and range lands lose approximately four tons of topsoil every year for every person alive due to mono-cropping and subsidized agriculture. That's twenty one gigatons of soil washed or blown out to the sea and lost for use on land; thus, releasing vast amounts of carbon in the process. (New Scientist, December 2006)

Growing food in closed-loop systems that requires no soil and 98% less water allows time to restore soil and water flows outside the system. Reintroducting fertile soil organisms and clean water into damaged and depleted landscapes aids in the restoration of the top soil, groundwater and natural capital; in addition, restoring top soil deposits offsets greenhouse gases by sequestering Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. This is one of the practices used today in horticulture known as "Carbon Farming".

The ability to use land considered "undesirable" by conventional farming gives Aquaponic farmers the added benefit of access to cheap lands and lease agreements. Aquaponics monetizes otherwise unused spaces such as fill, gravel, concrete, abandoned commercial sites and even roof tops for high yield agricultural production. Further, aquaponic farming provides a secure environment for re-establishing local populations of endangered fish, muscles, shrimps; as well as, native flora and fauna. Organicaponic systems provide a modular unit(s) for restorative farming in almost any climate in the world.

Eco Built Systems CO. LTD provides green homes (both modular and permanent), green building materials and organic agricultural systems to the global green building and sustainable community marketplaces. Our international sales and marketing department headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, with affiliated offices in Thailand, Los Angeles, Toronto, Iceland, and Hong Kong. Currently, EBS's manufacturing operations are in Thailand and we are expanding to many other countries by the end of this year.

The manufacturing operations are housed in a 40,000 sq ft factory. EBS has contracts with ISO certified partners to provide engineering and quality control services for the production of Eco Built Systems proprietary products. 
Sustainable Product Lines: Eco Built Systems focuses on utilizing the most advanced natural building materials together with the most cutting-edge technologies available for the production of our proprietary products. Eco Built Systems product lines include enviromental friendly and green modular housing, eco building materials and organic food production systems.

Our Experience: Eco Built Systems is committed to supplying the market with products that are "truly" green as well as the most progressive green technologies. We take pride in our team of experts and professionals whom are devoted to fulfilling this mission. EBS's board of directors is comprised of a team of dynamic, qualified, and well-rounded individuals whom are leaders in the sustainable movement. 

For more information, visit EcoBuiltSystems.Com and GreenSociety.Co

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