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By: Julian Heicklen

Donna Hancock, the Editor of Freedom Phoenix E-Zine asked the editorial writers to discuss the question: 


“‘staying or going' (should we stay and fight the tyranny that is before us or at least try to hide from/survive it, or just go and leave it all behind to start a new life in another part of the world)”


 My decision in 1997 was to stay and fight by non-violent civil disobedience. As a result, I was arrested 16 times, tortured in 2 New York County hospitals(Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital and New York Downtown Hospital), and a hospital in Springfield, MA; and denied any semblance of justice in four courts (New York City Criminal Court, U. S. District Courts in New York County and Newark, NJ, and the Orange County court in Orlando, FL).  Threats of arrests were made to me, but not executed, at the Allentown, PA, and Buffalo,NY, federal district courthouses; and the Binghamton, NY, and Fort Lauderdale, FL county courthouses.  Threats of arrest were also made at the NY Times building for carrying a sign which read “THE NY TIMES HATES JEWS,”   and at the Hackensack, NJ, main post office for distributing Libertarian Party million dollar bills.

In December, 2011, the U. S. Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012, which gave the President  the  authority  to  arrest  and  detain indefinitely  any person without charges or a trial.  The Senate approved the bill in a98-0 decision.  In the House of Representatives, there were only 3 dissenting votes. The President signed the bill on New Year’s Eve, 2011.


Immediately after the signing of the NDAA, I decided to leave the United States.  I arrived in Israel on January 9, 2012, where I now reside as a citizen of that country.  Again the U. S. Senate has passed a similar NDAA of 2013 by a 98-0 vote and the House by a vote of 299 yea's to 120 no's.


Until the Reagan administration (roughly 1984), the United States probably was the best country ever placed on the face of the earth.  As Abraham Lincoln stated “It is the last best hope of mankind. It must not perish from the earth.”


The U.S. had several serious  faults,  but  they  were gradually removed until the Reagan years. During his administration we began the path to the number one prison state in  the  world  and  entered  the  period  of excessive deficit financing.  These2 events turned the United States into one of the most repressive and irresponsible countries on earth.


Can the United States be returned to a constitutional republic? I certainly had hoped so. Many of us tried to do so with publicity and non-violent civil disobedience methods. We have failed.  Hitler is in the White House. The U. S. Congress tramples on the Constitution routinely.  It refuses to understand the concerns of freedom-loving citizens.


The courts are completely corrupted. All judges routinely trample on the U. S. and state Constitutions when they refuse jury trials or instruct the juries to uphold the law as they give it. It is not the duty of the jury to uphold the law.   It is the jurys duty to see that justice is done. Furthermore judges sentence innocent people to execution. Since 1992, the Innocence Project has freed 141 of those sentenced to execution. Who knows how many other innocent people have been executed?


The police departments in the major cities are the major crime syndicates in the United States.  They trample on peoples rights daily by arresting them for photographing, loitering, drug possession, prostitution, and free speech activity. Police departments are the largest syndicate for the distribution of illegal drugs in the nation. They routinely torture and kill detainees. People are arrested for owning firearms without a government license in direct conflict with Amendment 2 of the U. S. Constitution.


The election of November 6, 2012, was an out-and-out fraud. Typically 40% of the registered voters vote in presidential elections. In the last election dozens of precincts reported votes from more than 100% of the registered voters. Other precincts were reporting100% votes for Obama and 0% for Romney. That's what happened in 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that “more than one out of every five registered Ohio voters is probably ineligible to vote.” Furthermore, “in two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting age population . . .”
One Colorado county had 140% of the population cast votes. NOT 140% of the registered voters...140% of the total population! Another in Colorado had 109% of the population cast votes.


Nationwide, the Pew Center for the States estimates about 24 million ineligible voter registrations, including“more than 1.8 million dead people listed as voters; about 2.75 million with voter registrations in more than one state; and about 12 million voter records with incorrect addresses, meaning either the voters moved or errors in the information make it unlikely any mailing scan reach them.”

The only choices left to return the U. S. to a constitutional republic are violent ones.   The military has not moved to take over the government.   If it did, I doubt that it would solve the problem, though it would not make it worse.


The U. S. government uses torture and assassination. The people have the right to use the same techniques.    Armed rebellion is very bloody and not reliable. If it fails, the oppression becomes worse.  If it succeeds,the winners will not give the people the right to make decisions. They will be at least as corrupt and oppressive as the present government.
The only mechanism that I see that has possible success is a continual assassination of judges and elected officials. The immediate reaction will be to increase the oppression. However after sufficient government officials are assassinated, the remainder will realize that their only hope to remain alive is to return the government to the people and a constitutional republic.


I have not chosen to follow this route because I not only believe in a constitutional republic, I also believe in Gods commandment of “Thou shall not murder.” Therefore I chose political exile to start a new life in another part of the world.” For me the only choice that the world permits,or that I wanted, is Israel.

Julian Heicklen is a retired Chemistry Professor from Penn State University. He has been a libertarian activists for many years, has spent countless hours on the steps of court buildings handing out FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association) information, as well as being an advocate for marijuana legalization. He has been arrested and incarcerated many, many times for his efforts to educate the public of government corruption, and fled to Israel on May 22nd, 2012 as a political exile and was granted Israeli citizenship at customs. Visit his webpage at TyrranyFighters.Com and Facebook.

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