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By: L. Neil Smith

The other day, in the Daily Mail Online, I saw a sad photograph
of an old, white-haired Georgian man (chacha-style, not mint julep)
passionately kissing what looked like a gold-plated bronze bust of
Josef Stalin on what would have been the murderous dictator's 133rd
birthday. As their nation-state disintegrates around them, some older
Georgians miss the man who was possibly the second worst mass-murderer
in history (behind Mao Zedong), and wish that they could bring him
Meanwhile, a hundred thousand blogs, Facebook pages, and websites
on the Internet, blast out "America is Over!" like the hysterical
idiot aboard the airliner in every disaster movie who screams "We're
all gonna die!" until he has to be bitch-slapped back to sanity by a
"Thanks, I needed that," he usually tells her.
But to a degree, it's true. The U.S. government is firmly in the
grasp of Barack Obama's Bolshevist thugs, while John Boehner and the
rest of his timorous little Mensheviks dance around it like naked
So the question before the house seems to be, as Atlantis shakes
and shudders under our feet, and the cold, black, predator-filled
waters rise inexorably, swallowing up everything we've ever known and
loved, should we find something -- anything -- that floats and try to
paddle away from the continent sinking beneath us, or do we climb to
the top of the tallest column we can find and wait the catastrophe
Put that way, the answer appears fairly obvious.
But it's more complicated than that, for me. I'm an old man (you
have no idea how it hurts to admit it) with a crippled foot, diabetes,
and a history of heart disease. I've been collecting guitars ad other
instruments since the 60s, weapons of various kinds since the 70s. I
don't have enough money to move next door, let alone another country.
I grew up with an Air Force father, moving from place to place about
once a year on average and swore to put down permanent roots when I
Besides, this is my country, Sam Donaldson, you odiferous blob of
belly-button lint and toe-jam, and I'll be damned rather than run out
of it, especially by low, belly-crawling, craven Quisling scum like
It's easy to see what Obama and his bloodsuckers have in mind for
you and me, especially if you've seen the United Nations' Agenda 21,
or various preparatory manuals written for the Department of Homeland
Security and FEMA. This country never really won its independence from
Europe. It has always been a cow, milked, and occasionally slaughtered
by European aristocrats of one lineage or another, and their bankster
But unlike the crowned or pomaded powers of the Old World, who
have always been patiently content to regard America as a kind of
annuity, socialists, perhaps owing to the instability of the societies
they generate, can't hold their wad. They want it all and they want it
now. And, failing, as socialists always have, to understand that the
source of the wealth they're lusting after is individual liberty, 
they mean to enslave us and impoverish America as rapidly as they
possibly can -- until it resembles Haiti -- and redistribute its
To themselves.
But there are other forces at work today that individuals on the
side of liberty seldom perceive, and almost always fail to take proper
advantage of. Rather than enjoying their victories so far, the other
side -- call them the anti-libertarians -- is in a miserable funk.
Exactly like a cattleman or a farmer in the midst of a drought, all
that these totalitarian parasites can see is their livelihood starting
to wither on the vine, and dust blowing through dried bones on the
True, they have accumulated more political (and military) power
than at any time in the last 10,000 years, but the American people,
with the consent of whom they rule, theoretically, detest them more
than ever, too. And in broadening circles, government creation and
control of the money supply -- and indeed the very notion of taxation
-- is being seriously questioned, possibly for the first time in human
If a single one of these scavengers has a brain, he knows that the
2012 election represented not a victory, but a fundamental disaster
for the basic concept of government. They almost certainly won it by
fraud -- there was no other way they could have. Even so, half the
country voted against a corrupt, brutal, and transparently duplicitous
incumbent, while a huge portion of the other half -- those who are not
potential worshippers of Stalin like that poor old Georgian idiot --
voted against the financial powers that have owned and controlled
the American government and banking since the times of Alexander
This is not a stable configuration.
Anyway, if I were to decide to leave the United States, where the
hell would I go? Where were you planning to go? At present, the globe
is about to be divided into a small handful of empires. As America's
empire is receding, China's is growing. They have nuclear weapons, a
lively space program and (always prepared to fight the last war,
like any other empire) are building aircraft carriers. If they don't
listen to the same economic advisors the United States government
does, they will end up controlling every island in the Pacific,
including the Philippines, Hawaii, and possibly Australia and New
Another country like China, with nukes, spacecraft, and carriers,
is India. I suspect the next Cold War will be between them and China.
I have sometimes thought that I could make more money writing for
Bollywood than I do here, but India is far from a free  -- or rational
-- nation. And it shares borders and buffer-states with its future
Amidst them all, sweating but game is Japan, equally equipped.
By the time most of this stuff has happened -- it's well underway
right now -- Europe will be dominated by Muslim fundamentalists, and
the Muslim world will either stay out of the great planetary struggle,
consolidating its holdings, or become another competitor among the
Most of the fighting will be over who gets Africa. We will play no
part in it. I wouldn't bet that Brazil will only be a minor player,
either. For a while, there will be no place in the world, anywhere,
for a free man or a free people -- except what's left of the United
So here we are, all dressed up, in our cammies and armor, with no
place to go. I believe that we must stand and fight, with the eventual
goal of reclaiming America and making it something like Switzerland
has been for several centuries. We must stop playing international
politics. We must stop trying to disarm our own people, and jail those
politicos too damned dumb to understand what "shall not be infringed"
For those who still believe that a frontier is as necessary to the
security of a free state as the right of the people to keep and bear
arms (and I happen to be one of hem), simply look up. Look straight
up, preferably at night. Not to the planets, but the asteroids. The
big one out there is Ceres. The next biggest is Pallas. There's our
That's where to go. What are we waiting for?
L. Neil Smith is the award-winning author of 33 freedom-oriented books, including The Probability Broach, Ceres, Sweeter Than Wine, and  DOWN WITH POWER: Libertarian Policy In A Time Of Crisis.Visit his webpage at LNeilSmith.Org

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