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Humanity Marches On.

Humanity Marches On.

By: Ernest Hancock

Over the past decade it was common for the Freedom Summit to include speakers that would educate the summit participants about the options, and often the benefits, of expatriation. But no matter how attractive any particular location was at the time, it only took a short time for any target country to become unattractive to a freedom lover. 

The idea of becoming a wandering nomad of the planet has great appeal to many. The idea that you should separate your physical person from your wealth and your businesses has many advocates, too. But these options are less viable for some. 

Just last night, my wife Donna and I were talking and I pointed out that I could imagine a time when even a small stocked safe area, where we could enjoy 72 hours of peace as we waited out… whatever, would be greatly appreciated. But then what? 

After the storm has passed and you were informed and/or lucky enough to have survived, what then? 

This month’s eZine theme is “Should we stay or go?”. This month’s cover by Athena Tivnan and me was to depict the likely future of some of the most adventurous of us. A space Station orbiting Mars and mining asteroids. Don’t think so? 

Planetary Resources and their team of accomplished entrepreneurs are already planning for the mining of asteroids by the mapping of valuable element bearing asteroids in near Earth orbit. Just a few days ago, NASA/Obama announced their desire to get in on the action by capturing an asteroid and placing it in orbit around the Moon. Fortunately, there is little enthusiasm for such a government mission, but the ‘Space Billionaires’ are serious. 

Freedom’s Phoenix has been covering the private space race from its beginning and has archived the chronology of many efforts (Space Travel & Exploration). 
One of the co-founders of PayPal, Elon Musk, is the founder of SpaceX and now regularly launches payloads into orbit and has filled his company’s launch calendar for years. But all of this is just a means to an end. Mr. Musk has already created the spacecraft needed for the colonization of Mars (which was his original intention).
Jeff Bezos, of, has been developing his own private space program in west Texas for years (Blue Origin) and is aggressively hiring for the company. 
The list goes on and on, but I would like to point out one more. Bigelow Areospace is also hiring for their space program that includes two privately funded space stations that have been in Earth orbit since 2006 & 2007 (heard a lot about these on the evening news?). Robert Bigelow started his company in 1998 from the fortune he made as the owner of Budget Suites HQ’d in Las Vegas, Nevada and launched his Space Stations on Russian rockets (now he’s working a deal with SpaceX) 

The fact that every 7 year old doesn’t know all of this is a testament to what Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal) and Garry Kasparov (Chess Grandmaster) had to say at an Oxford Debate in November of 2012 (“The Innovation Enigma” - Is the current growth crisis a result of decades of technological stagnation in a risk-averse society?). Thiel and Kasparov’s presentation dovetailed into what Peter Diamandis (X Prize) had to say in his presentation for his Singularity University and what Michio Kaku (futurist and physicist) meant when he talked about America’s Secret Weapon. 




In just the last couple of months many great innovators that refuse to be bound by the limited imaginations of others, are taking advantage of public events to share the concerns shared by many of us. And I’ll sum it all up… “Freedom’s the Answer,… What’s the Question?”. 

Their concern centers around “bad policy” and “a risk adverse society” etc. It was clear to me that they were nicely saying that the government is totally worthless at best and more harmful than helpful. 

My personal path to ‘Original Discovery’ via my efforts to create a high capacity battery with home grown carbon nanotubes is more than a personal project. It’s a demonstration of how others can be inspired to hurdle mental obstacles placed there by smaller minds fearful of what Generation Next might do with the wealth of humanity’s accumulative knowledge available in the palm of their hand. 

“Stay or Go”?... from what, to what? It’s not a geographical thing as much as it is a systemic/philosophical virus filled fog enveloping the planet with a worship of Statism that reminds many of the worship of an evil entity. Could it be… ‘Statan’ :)

I’m very willing to relocate if I can be convinced that my investment in time, effort and wealth would produce the life of liberty I desire for me and my growing family. Even a location to shelter from the peak of the storm might be an option, and stocking up on food and goodies NOW is a must IMNSHO. But I am increasingly becoming aware that the beast we fight dwells in the hearts and minds of humanity, and it is there that we will win. Trying to alter the character of The State or its beneficiaries is a far less productive use of our resources. 

I see the credibility of statist solutions to government created problems rapidly evaporating and the void is just as quickly being filled with solutions from the people themselves. Politicians and laws will follow the lead of the people… or not. I don’t think it really matters since the current paradigm is unsustainable for reasons supported with simple arithmetic. 

The problems and their solutions are becoming much more obvious to the real creators of wealth, and they are starting to realize that government participation, partnerships, blessings and permission slips are the manifestations of a lifetime of indoctrination that was the greatest deception of an entire planet's population. 

Those that benefit as a part of the parasite class will soon realize that their host can no longer supply their needs and violence will be their default solution as desperation sets in.
This time period is what must be survived,... but on the other side I am hopeful. But where do we go so that we can simply keep breathing in and out long enough to help Generation Next realize humanity’s potential? That will be the theme of next month’s February 2013 eZine Edition from Freedom’s Phoenix. 

The shared simple understanding that “the market” is the best and freest path to human prosperity and happiness IS the battle. The rest will take care of itself. We just need to make sure we’re still around to be part of the coming renaissance. 

“In The End, Freedom Always Wins,… It just gets really messy first”. 


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