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La Estancia De Cafayate Argentina

La Estancia De Cafayate Argentina

By: Special K

A Secluded Wine and Residential Sporting Estate
La Estancia de Cafayate is a 550-hectare (1360 acre) secluded wine and residential sporting estate. Carefully designed by California architect and master planner, Jack Zehren, the property offers approximately 360 homesites with spectacular Andean Mountain views. The design celebrates the area’s rich culture with meandering vineyards, horse pastures and an 18-hole golf course designed by Bob Cupp. All of the homesites border open space whether golf course, polo field, vineyard, pasture, or a combination of these features.
Located in the Heart of Northern Argentina’s Undiscovered Wine Country
La Estancia de Cafayate offers residents some of the most amazing landscapes combined with the enjoyment of the finer things in life: wine, golf & polo. Cafayate, nestled in the heart of the Calchaqui Valley, is one of Argentina’s premium wine regions. It is most known for its outstanding Torrontes, which has contributed to making this area famous for producing world-class wines. In addition, the colonial charm, the outstanding architecture, interesting landscape, and the warmth of the people make Cafayate the supreme choice of partner Doug Casey for the best place to live and enjoy life.
18-hole golf course, designed by Bob Cupp
72 hectares of productive vineyards
Equestrian Facilities with Paso Peruano horses & 2 polo fields
Spa & Fitness facilities
Golf Clubhouse with restaurant and pro-shop Social Clubhouse
Athletic Club & Spa
Pueblito with shops and cafes
Gauchito’s Club for kids
Extensive trail network for riding and biking
24-hour Concierge Service

Sustainable Efforts
A Long Term and Permanent Commitment

La Estancia de Cafayate is dedicated to creating a sustainable community through the construction of environmentally friendly homes, the proper use of the natural open spaces, or the active participation to facilitate the community’s social needs.  La Estancia de Cafayate aims to establish a sustainability that will endure for years to come.  Here are some examples of our efforts:

Providing Work

Sustainability is about creating and maintaining quality of life for people. Since our inception in 2006, the golf course construction, the vineyard plantings, the infrastructure projects and the construction of common buildings has generated more than 500 new jobs in Cafayate.  Also, with the operational progress of the development, 260 new direct jobs will be created.  In addition, the residential homes that are under construction have provided work for 25 people per home.

Active Community Participation
La Estancia de Cafayate assisted the local hospital to create a center for addiction treatment and prevention and has also helped raise money from it’s members for school donations. La Estancia also hosts school children on property to enhance their educational experiences.
Environmental Initiatives

The water at La Estancia comes from 3 artisan wells that are 200 meters below the ground. The melting snow of the high mountain peaks refills these wells which has a perfect pH  balance.

The lakes system serves as irrigation for our golf course and vineyards. The lakes at La Estancia have not only contributed to the preservation of water, but also the proliferation of a new natural habitat for different species of birds, which were not present on the property before.

The property’s grey water treatment plant uses an anaerobic method of recycling the sewage product into clean and reusable water. The clean water is then used for the irrigation of the polo field and surrounding alfalfa fields.

Roads & Lighting

The roads within the property have been specifically designed to preserve as much native flora as possible. Having paved road allows for carefree transportation within the development, but the nature of the fine gravel used to create the pavement has a subtle impact, environmentally and visually. The sides of the roads will be left in their natural state, without any finishing or curbs to avoid additional construction and maintain a rustic look. In addition, the public lighting used on the roads is sporadic and of low voltage, minimizing the use of electricity and allowing for unaltered views of the awe inspiring Cafayate stars.

Homes & Common Buildings
The Design Regulations for the construction of buildings and homes establishes the standard of such constructions to be designed in a way that blends with the surrounding landscapes. The buildings are made with local and natural materials, are restricted to exceed a certain height, and apply colors that emulate the natural backdrops. In order to ensure a minimal use of the natural resources, it is encouraged to use native flora for the landscaping of exterior spaces.
International Team

Doug Casey

Legendary investor Doug Casey knows value. Having visited almost every country in the world and lived in a dozen, Argentina is his first choice for the one resort with all the facilities a well-traveled person could possibly want to nourish mind, body and soul.

“La Estancia de Cafayate is a place where neighbors will become friends and join in the feeling of having discovered a place known to only a few in the world.”

Juan Esteban Romero

Juan Esteban and his family bring local expertise and strength. They are a local entrepreneurial family with a long history of success in businesses such as award winning wines.

“La Estancia de Cafayate is a place where people will embrace the local cultural heritage while enjoying a life full of world-class amenities.”

Jack Zehren
Master Planner

Jack Zehren, known for many projects around the world, allowed the original patterns of the land to inspire the lines of the master plan. La Estancia brings a balance between viticulture, recreation and cultural heritage within a natural setting of magnificent beauty.

“La Estancia de Cafayate is a place where neighbors and friends will find a safe haven in the world where they can become part of the region.”

Bob Cupp
Golf Course Architect

Golf course architect, Bob Cupp, began his design career with Jack Nicklaus. After setting up his own business and accomplishing many excellent courses around the world, he created the heath style links titled the “Vintner’s Heath”. The course is a return to the sheer joy of play set in an awe-inspiring agrarian setting.

“La Estancia de Cafayate is the place where people will enjoy the natural calm and beauty of the place and the long time friendships that will emerge.”
The Area
Argentina: Sophisticated & Inviting

Gorgeous landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and lively culture, Argentina is everyone’s paradise.

It stretches 3500 km from North to South and encompasses a wide array of geography and climates with a population of just 40 million people. With 40% of those people concentrated in Buenos Aires, the rest of the country offers beautiful vast, open spaces where one can indulge in natural, breathtaking landscapes.

Argentina is safe, friendly and more European than Europe itself with services and expenses at a fraction of the price. Today’s excellent values make its cultural traditions, gorgeous sceneries, cosmopolitan cities and quaint rural towns more attractive than ever.

Salta, the Beautiful: The Undiscovered North

One of Argentina’s oldest and picturesque colonial provinces, Salta is characterized by its intricate and well-preserved architecture, a perpetuated ancient culture, painted Andean deserts, verdant fertile valleys, snowy peaks and tropical rainforests.

Influenced by the ancient Incan Andean culture, the region is well-known for its handcrafts, fine wines, and its warm, friendly people. Despite its abundance of outstanding qualities, Salta is an undiscovered corner of Argentina where culture and values are still ever-present and passed on from generation to generation. Salta City is the gateway to the Calchaqui Valley, home of quaint Cafayate.

Cafayate: Land of Exquisite Beauty

Cafayate, nestled in the heart of the Calchaqui Valley is one of Argentina’s premium wine regions, best known for its outstanding Torrontes; which has contributed to making this area famous, in addition to its colonial charm, outstanding architecture and interesting landscape. Aside from the town’s many wineries “bodegas”, there is also an architecturally important cathedral, a vibrant plaza, a Museum of Wine and a 350 year-old working flour mill.

Set in the shadows of the Andean peaks, it is bordered by the spectacular swirls and undulations of desert dunes a stone’s throw from its acres of ordered, lush, vineyards. Taking a breath of the fresh high mountain air. The rhythm of life here is calm and tranquil and far enough from any city that it is easily realized. The best way to enjoy this region is to submit to its pace.
Contact us

Thank you for your interest in La Estancia de Cafayate! We look forward to corresponding with you about this amazing opportunity.

Telephone/Fax: +54 387 422 3146


 Webpage: LEC.Com.AR

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