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Tour de Peace: The Road Less Taken (Cindy Sheehan)

Tour de Peace: The Road Less Taken (Cindy Sheehan)

By: Donna Hancock

Cindy Sheehan's Tour de Peace is a bike ride for peace from California to D.C. beginning at Casey Sheehan's grave in Vacaville, CA to Washington, D.C. to demand true and positive change.  The ride will begin on the anniversary of the day that Casey was KIA in Iraq, April 4th, and end in D.C. on July 3rd, 2013
We are hoping that MANY riders will join us for all or part of the way, but especially join us for a convergence at Arlington Cemetery on July 3rd, to ride on the  White House to present our demands.

We are also hoping that activists and groups along the way will sponsor meetings, rallies (with vegetarian potlucks), comfy beds, and support, to help us organize for PEACE, to help us to raise money to help fund the tour AND raise money for good causes to help the devastated people of Iraq and Afghanistan.
In his inauguration speech, Barack Obama,
(the Drone Bomber) said: TIME TO ACT!

We wholeheartedly agree, but we believe that it is WAY PAST TIME TO ACT:
To End Wars
To End immunity for US War Crimes
To End Suppression of our Civil Rights
To End the use of Fossil Fuels
To End Persecution of Whistle blowers 
To End Partisan Apathy and Inaction
Click Here to sign the Petition

Tour de Peace Video:

The Route

March 24- Kick off Event Grass Valley Details contact Linda
April 4-  Vacaville  Details Contact Dede
April 4- Sacramento Details contact Karen          
April 5-  Make way to Fresno                          
April 6-  Fresno Details contact Dan
April 7-  Santa Monica Details contact Kathleen
April 8-  Rancho Cucamonga contact Gus
April 9-  Palm Springs Details contact Tom                      
April 10- 29 Palms contact Nikohl 

April 11- Down Day
April 12- Amboy
April 13- Needles

April 14- Kingman
April 15- Peach Springs
April 16- Seligman
April 17- Williams
April 18- Down Day
April 19- Flagstaff contact Anna
April 20- Possible commute to Phoenix for Event?
April 21- Phoenix contact Lizzy
April 22- Winslow (Commute from Phoenix?)
April 23- Petrified Forest National Park
April 24- Sanders      

New Mexico
April 25- Gallup

April 26- Down Day
April 27- Bluewater
April 28- Laguna
April 29- Albuquerque contact Susan                         
April 30- Clines Corners                             
May 1-  Santa Rosa
May 2-  Down Day
May 3-  Tucumcari

May 4-  Adrian                           
May 5-  Cinco de Mayo: Rest, Recharge, Rebuild
May 6Amarillo contact Rusty
May 7-  Groom
May 8-  Shamrock

May  9-  Elk City
May 10- Weatherford
May 11- El Reno
May 12- Norman contact Zakk                        
May 13- Rest, indigenous sites                           
May 14- Chandler                           
May 15- Sapulpa
May 16- Tulsa contact Brandon
May 17- Chelsea
May 18- Miami, OK
May 19- Down Day

May 20- Sarcoxie
May 21- Springfield, Mo  contact Midge 
May 22- Lebanon
May 23- Waynesville
May 24- Cuba
May 25- Down Day
May 26- Pacific
May 27- St. Louis contact Jacquelyn

May 28- Litchfield
May 29- Springfield
May 30- Peoria contact Tonya
May 31- Pontiac

June 1-  Joliet
June 2-  Chicago
June 3-  Chicago contact Debra

Chicago to DC route
June 4-
June 5- Ann Arbor
June 6-

June 7Fayette
June 8Toledo contact Mike
June 9Toledo
June 10- Down Day  
June 11- Norwalk
June 12- Cleveland
June 13- Kent
June 14- East Palestine

June 15- Pittsburgh
June 16- Pittsburgh
June 17- Connellsville
June 18- Meyersville

June 19- Cumberland, Md
June 20- Berkeley Springs, WV
June 21- Brunswick, Md
June 22- Gaithersburg, Md
June 23- Manassas, Va
June 24- Culpeper, Va
June 25- Charlottesville, Va contact David
June 26- Gum Springs, Va
June 27- Richmond, Va contact Rain
June 28- Fredericksberg, Va
June 29- Manassas, Va
June 30- Down Day
July   1Media Day
July   2-  DC contact Malachy

July 3-      9am: Meet at Arlington Cemetery,  Press Conference,  Ride to White House, Present Demands

Tour de Peace: New Jersey Ride
Some in NJ are in the planning stages for a 3 day (or more) 230 mile ride from NJ.

We invite cyclists of all strengths to consider becoming part of this effort, which is both a physical personal challenge and a strong political challenge to the endless US war regime.

Go to the Facebook Page for more information
Get Involved
If you would like to help, or want more information on the logistics, SPONSOR THE TOUR, host a rider, or would like to volunteer to help us plan and organize, please email Dede Miller at: or fill out form below and tell us how you can be a part of
Tour de Peace

Ride with us
Rider Information
Become a local Organizer
Local Organizer Tool Kit
Host the Riders in your Town
Hosting Information

Can you help Tour de Peace with supplies? View the Tour de Peace
Supply Wish List
Can you join the Tour de Peace Team as a Volunteer?
Volunteers needed Wish List
Tax Deductible Donations 
Send Check or Money Order:

14815 Cerritos Ave #37
Bellflower CA. 90706
**Note:Tour de Peace in the memo line
Tour de Peace Charities:

Tour de Peace hopes to raise awareness of the devastation caused to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan through the United States wars of aggression. Any money we have left over at the end of the tour will be donated to charities operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have chosen to benefit the following charities:

***Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers***
About a year ago a small group of young people in the Bamiyan Province of Afghanistan began sharing their call for understanding in order that they could experience peace someday in their country.   The Youth Peace Volunteers of Afghanistan have framed their message well so we direct you to their site:

A love letter asking for forgiveness from our Afghan friends:
***Iraqi Health Now***
PictureHaider Alsaedy made his first trip home to Basra for the first time in 16 years and discovered a humanitarian catastrophe. When he returned to Kalamazoo, Michigan he starting looking for organizations that could help and together with friends, Kathy Murphy, Maia Storm, and Helen Salan, Iraqi Health Now was formed as a project of Healing the Children  Michigan/Ohio in 2006. 
Iraqi Health Now:

Media Tools
Local Press Release Template click here
Local Op Ed Template click here
Event Flyer Click here
Event Flyer with space for Local information click here
Media Requests
Here is a link to the most recent interview Cindy did on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock radio show:

If you are in the Phoenix area on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 - we will be having a party/fundraiser for Cindy (and the riders) as she passes thru town on her bike tour. Here is the information:
Spring Party and a chance to meet Cindy Sheehan at the Hancock's, Sat 4/20/13 @ 4pm til ???
04-05-2013  • 
Spring Party at the Hancock's and a chance to meet and hang out with Cindy Sheehan as she travels thru Phoenix on her Tour de Peace bike ride across the country. There will be other riders here along with Cindy, so come down and show them the LOV3!

Cindy Sheehan is an internationally known author, radio talk show host, and peace and justice advocate who opposes the Empire no matter who is in office. Cindy started her quest for peace and justice after her oldest son, Casey Sheehan, was killed in the Iraq War for profit on 4 April, 2004. Cindy can be reached through her websites: TourdePeace.Org and

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People Helping People - an American Tradition
Donna Hancock
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