Living in Sin City when the water stops running 
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Living in Sin City when the water stops running

Living in Sin City when the water stops running

By: Steve Meunier

I consider myself to be awake now for the better part of 3 years when I was first introduced to a video you won't see on any national television program. We've all had similar experiences in the past, a situation that rocks your core foundation of how the whole of the world is put together and run. I call it the day I was awoken and have never looked back since. With new found knowledge comes new found foresight for the future. I've done more and learned more in these few years then all my 45 years on this planet. My thirst for knowledge and keeping motivated to make a difference is what I guess brings me to writing this article.

Three years ago, I found myself with an opportunity to be a sole proprietor of a small water store business here in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fact I had just been awoken, just a few months earlier, I saw this as not a risky scenario but an opportunity to learn more. The store was nothing less than a success, but seeing how ill prepared the typical person was made me scared; yes - downright scared. Being in the water business and being a bit of an expert at it, I did all I could to encourage everyone to stock up when it came to water. I realize I sold water and it looked very suspicious, but my intentions were pure. The outright resistance and refusal of most to even think there would be no water or an event to disrupt their secure life made me look at moving on to something new. 

I began to look at bug-out areas to be able to run to when things started to happen. As I found myself sitting in the middle of the desert looking at dead ground with no water and no life, I began to realize this may be the wrong path. Not only finding frustration in the bug-out plan was the daunting realization that I may never get out of the city anyway. Vegas has but a few roads in and they are more than prepared, so I've been told, to lock them down if and when martial law was enforced. With this in mind, I began my solution.

I am a true prepper in the sense that I realize if I don't take of myself, then I am basically depending on someone else to. When everyone else is scrambling to find food and water, I'm sure thinking that my needs and survival won't make their top ten list. I'm not naive enough to think they won't come looking my way for help themselves and willing to take what is available. With this as my motivation, I began to plan and invent my survival plan.

Preparing for an event is the first step in any crisis situation, while waiting for an event then reacting is stupidity. This is my core belief and those that think the sky will always be blue and big brother is out to take care of you is not of my tribe. I know I am of the minority crowd these days as are those possessing common sense. Mob mentality will be quick to foster and hard to handle for those not prepared. Those prepared will wait out the storm and survive to face another day.

Living in the middle of a desert with 2 million other souls is not what anyone would consider smart. Having the only real water source some 30 miles away is not a survival scenario, either. Then to make matters worse, having all this water pumped by electricity adds to a possible terrorist attack on the grid and instantly you have your chain reaction. So how could anyone survive in this type of environment? That's the question I think I found the answer to and thus the inventing began.

I started with what I knew I needed to survive, and that was water. Without water you have nothing - and without clean water, you have death. Unclean water being the number one killer in third world countries thus making it the all-time #1 killer of people, I took this as my first and utmost priority. Knowing clean water was my top priority, I found myself with another wall to climb and that was “were will I get the water?” If the city finds itself with no power, it finds itself with no water. This is the true hidden death trap for the masses that no one worries about. This scenario will be the end of many who haven't prepared and choose to put water on the to-do list in the middle of a desert. The next problem was how to purify the water to make sure that what would save you won't be the death of you. These problems and the solution to them I feel I may have solved for the few who take advantage of my contraption, and desire to live and not just try to survive.

By being in the water business, one thing I knew was how to clean water. With this knowledge, I made a system that utilizes all the key components to make the purest and safest water utilizing not only carbon filtration, but also Ultra Violet and Reverse Osmosis. I put my water store system in a portable unit to go to water when the water no longer comes to you. This was the easy part of the scenario. The hard part was how to power this unit when there is no power. But wait, I see the light and its name is Sun. I then created the system to collect the sun's rays to power the water filtration system on the go. Solar panels alone with deep cell batteries provided more than enough power to run the off-grid system. Now I really had something; a portable unit that ran off the sun and purified pool water. Oh did I forget to mention, Vegas has over 100,000 pools and harnessing this resource is the true beauty of the unit's capabilities. These pools will be the oases in the desert.

Before long I began to realize the excess power I was producing now made the unit a solar generator. Power in a no power scenario is so important and quiet renewable power all the better. I then began to outfit the system with various power outlets and power conversion options to fulfill anyone's power needs. With solar charge controllers and inverters customizable to your specific needs, the system became a customizable all-in-one system. After this addition, I began to wonder if something like this was already out there and would save me a lot of frustration having to make this. To my surprise, nothing utilized all these options in one unit.

Funny how time flies because before I knew it, I had spent a better part of a year perfecting the system and getting it ready to market. I eventually sold my water store to devote all my time to testing and modifying the system. The system is called the H2opeSystem which represents all it does. H2O is water, P stands for purification and the E for energy. Now a person is able to purify any water they may find and power any off-grid living situation. The unit also allows you to pressurize your house by utilizing the pump motors and back feeding the water from either a pool or stored up ground level water reserve. The system will take a prepper from surviving to living again and bring normalcy to one's life.

I inform all that will listen that this unit was made by a prepper for preppers. The fact that it can be used inside or outside and is quiet is essential for anyone wishing not to be found. Renewable energy and the ability to customize the unit to ones needs follows the path of all preppers. The portability of the unit to fit in your car or truck to take with you, when you are forced to leave, guarantees you clean and safe water wherever you find yourself. 

Here are some pictures and information about the H2OPESystem
Here the HOPE system is being used to power an aquaponics system. It filters and circulates the water within the system providing an all natural" off the grid" grow system for vegetable grow stations and fish raising. By hooking into more solar panels you're able to increase the power produced and provided by the system for your specialized needs as they come up.

Power Sources: Power is provided by a 30W independant solar panel located on the lid of the system. Additional power sources can be added to the system like additional solar panels. Battery chargers can be also be used to charge batteries indoors inbetween uses. For off grid living, in a less then sunny enviroment, one can use other alternative power generating sources like PMA(Permanant Magnetic Alternator) to provide battery recharging. Wind generators are another source for charging up the batteries. Having multiple recharging options is key when you are faced with long term energy loss or if wanting to become totally self sufficient.

Versatility Power Sources: The back of the HOPE system has various power outlets for all your power needs. The unit provides screw connectors for additional solar panels. Two cigarette connectors are also provided for any adaptors. A connection is also provided for direct 12V DC connection. 

Power: The HOPE system has it's own built in power inverter. This allows you to convert the stored up electricity from the sun or other power generating source and converts it to useable power. Now you can run your tv, computer, lights or anything else needed in a no powered enviroment.

UV Purified:
UltraViolet purification uses a UV light source (lamp) which is enclosed in a protective transparent sleeve. The lamp is mounted such that water passing through a flow chamber is exposed to the UV-C light rays. When harmful microbes are exposed to the UV rays, their nucleic acid absorbs the UV energy, which then scrambles the DNA structure of the organism. The cell is rendered sterile and can no longer reproduce. The cell is now considered dead and is no longer a threat. UV has a 99.99% rate of purification.

RO Filtered:
What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)? Reverse Osmosis is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids (such as salts) are removed from a solution (such as water). This is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semi permeable membrane. The membrane (which is about as thick as cellophane) allows only the water to pass through, not the impurities or contaminates. These impurities and contaminates are flushed down the drain. This water in a servival situation can be recycled through the system again or used to water plants, flush toilets, wash cloths and any other water sources. The waste water from the system is actually safe to drink as it's already been passed through all the other filters that typical water purification system stop at. RO is what you can call the best of the best with nothing but pure water.  
Power X 2: Unlike anything else on the market today, HOPE uses two "on demand" pump motors to power the system. We use only the best motors on the market Shurflo pumps. Having two pumps allows you to filter water and pump water all at the same time. It also allows you to hook up hot and cold water to allow shower hookup and washing machines.
Alternative Charging Sources:
Although the HOPE system has it's own power capabilities there are various other means to charge the units batteries. One form is to attach a PMA(Permanant Magnetic Alternator) to a stationary peddle bike. Other options are wind power or hydro.
Portable: The HOPE system allows you to take it on the go for a weekend camping trip or to your cabin in the woods for year round service. It's small enough to fit in the back seat of a small car so no truck is needed. The all season construction and water tight components allow you to leave the unit outside in the elements. Your imagination is the limit to how you set up this power unit to make it do what you need it to do. The possibilities are endless and your ability to utilize the system will be to your advantage for total off grid living. 

Find more information on the H2OPE System on our web site. Online you can find more information on the systems specifications and purification rates.



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