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Publisher's Backpage

Publisher's Backpage

By: Ernest Hancock

FreedomsPhoenix will be upgrading our Digital Magazine with the intention of making it part of a much more interactive product to be shared. The pages are to be formatted so that the entire monthly edition can be printed out as full pages on standard printers using 8.5” x 11” paper so that it can be used in hard copy form, shared with others and eventually be printed as a book. I’ll explain why.

The feedback from twenty-four issues of Freedom’s Phoenix Digital Magazine has convinced us that there is a desire to share the information with others as a hand to hand product. The ability to read the eZine on any digital device, anywhere at anytime is a great advance in publishing and this capability will go unaltered. We will still maintain the original options of subscribers sharing the PDF files digitally by emails and via files available on various storage mediums that can be distributed while we add several new options for subscribers.

What has changed is how we intend to use Freedom’s Phoenix, the eZine, the Radio Show, the Daily Email Dispatch and all of the other features we have been developing since the summer of 2005. A great deal of resources and effort has gone into the creation of a platform that has evolved into one of the most powerful tools for changing individual lives for the better, by improving the culture in which they live.

Those that have been on this wonderful ride with us have certainly been entertained and informed by all that we have been able to inspire and chronicle. Well,… here we go again!

As the publisher of Freedom’s Phoenix I have been very involved in every product, and whenever possible, I have provided our readers with the same interactive powers of the site that are available to me. And now we are almost ready for the launch of a new product that will be subscriber based so that all of the regular behind the scenes development of all of our efforts can be used by our subscribers to ready themselves, friends, family and neighbors with abundance while many will suffer scarcity unnecessarily.

Freedom’s Phoenix Email Dispatch will remain a free service to our readers. Our Email Dispatch has provided a very large ‘radar screen’ on what has been influencing our culture for almost 8 years. Our original plan for the development of Freedom’s Phoenix was completed near the end of 2012 and now we are ready for the next stage in our efforts to expand freedom for all of those that desire it. The Email Dispatch has been a very popular path to all of our other liberty efforts and we intend to use this powerful medium as a marketing tool for our new subscriber based eZine/Newsletter.

Doubling Down on the LOV3

A single day reading the headlines on can be very confusing to the uninitiated. Stories of individuals suffering from the policies of central planners share the same page with detailed accounts of how young men and women are pulling themselves and the rest of humanity out of the muck and mire of collectivism. Freedom’s Phoenix is now ready to provide the next “Injection of the voluntarist infection into the bone marrow of human interactions,… for which there is no cure”. And we are going to need your help.

All subscribers to Freedom’s Phoenix Digital Magazine are to be ‘grandfathered in’, but the new eZine/Newsletter that will begin sometime in June 2013 will have a specific focus and several levels of access.

What many do not know is that the “LOV3olution” logo that swept the planet in association with Ron Paul’s campaigns was already test marketed in Arizona via political activism in 2006. We understood from personal and up close experience that the desire for drastic change was in the minds of millions but that violence would be rejected. The popularity of the LOV3olution provided an excellent opportunity to ‘endorse’ Dr. Paul’s libertarian message of peace and a voluntary society without ever advocating electoral participation. While many worked for political change, there was a parallel effort to nurture a cultural shift free from electoral politics.

Young men and women of ‘Generation Next’ learned first hand the corruption of governments and how individual expression can counter the mal intent of even the most powerful governments on the planet. Now these young adults are raising families of their own. ‘Generation Next’s’ intellectual abandonment of the institutions that have enslaved previous generations is being felt at every level of government as well as all other regulators of society. We can expect that every level of government, government authorized religious institutions, government licensed media, government protected industries, and any other entity that benefits from the Social and Economic engineering of individuals, will demand that they be paid fearful attention.

Experiences of a lifetime has demonstrated to me the effectiveness of loving as a counter to hate,… and fear, violence, pain, scarcity, illness, hunger (ad infinitum). My wife Donna and I have evolved our efforts over the past 25 years as we utilized various circumstances and technology to educate the general population about the problems that will soon overwhelm our daily lives. The next evolution of tactics and focus is happening right now.

We have chosen to counter militarized local police force on the neighborhood streets of America, and the rest of the world, with yet another demonstration of the power of LOV3.

Two presidential election cycles of lies, deception, hate and venom unleashed upon peaceful people expressing themselves has already demonstrated the strength of the idea that there is no centrally planned ‘way to Peace’,… ‘Peace is the way’. The most effective and creative activism we have experienced has had this trait in common,… the peaceful expression of ideas in a loving manner. We will demonstrate this power again.

We have recognized a tendency for many that advocate freedom to narrow their associations to those of “like mind”,… to the point of excluding close friends, neighbors and often even family.

If you don’t love your brother/sister/parents/grandparents enough… then you are not loving them enough.

The focus of the new formatted subscription based newsletter/eZine will be the promotion of love as a VERB. We will inspire the act of loving your neighbor by example and providing the educational material in the form of interactive products using the latest technology to highlight solutions to our immediate problems of food, health, water, energy, transportation, communication and many other aspects that make up the lifestyle that we have become use to.

It is my opinion that innovation and technology has advanced to the point that the arguments in support of our current leviathan state can no longer be justified even in the minds of The State’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders. Of course this won’t stop, or even curtail, the promotion of The State as a solution to the problems it creates, but as we have been witnessing, their audience is rapidly evaporating.

“Freedom’s Phoenix” (the rise of Freedom from the ashes of Liberty’s Torch) will inspire others while providing them the tools to overcome many of the obstacles preventing them from ‘Spreading the LOV3’… Here’s How.

It is now the mission of Freedom’s Phoenix to demonstrate that current technology, innovation and advancements allow us to maintain our current standard of American life with resources available to anyone. Many of these advances have been detailed in previous issues of the eZine and entire categories on FreedomsPhoenix have been filled with examples. But nothing proves these concepts better than living the example.

Since the beginning of 2013 I have been developing relationships with Perma-Culturalists (Freedom’s Phoenix’ Senior Editor, Powell Gammill, is a certified permaculturalist), Aquaponic experts, Solar Power providers, Water Purification companies, Algae Bio-Diesel producers, Ham Radio operators, 3D Printing experts and many others so that we can demonstrate what is possible and chronicle our progress on a daily basis using the latest Social Networking platforms. Combining our own abilities (Geodesic Dome construction, metal fabrication, Media, Communications, Social Networking, Carbon Nanotube production etc.) with those of our new friends (including the ‘Maker Community’) will highlight just how much we can accomplish with very little.

By Sunday May 12th we are scheduled to have the majority of the structures and equipment installed and ready to use here on the farm. Even though we have almost 2 acres to use we are limiting our efforts to a 25’ x 60’ area on the West side of our home. It will be visible to our neighbors with easy access from our studio. Once the project is completed I plan to manage the entire operation with automation and physical effort to be completed each day during commercial breaks of our morning 3 hour daily radio show. The full subscriber access to the project will include live and archived webcasting of this effort during the breaks :)

Around the country there are other voluntarist doing the same thing and we are going to share all of the accumulated knowledge that we can. We will also begin the international promotion of our effort in early June at a level that will make certain that our goals are not a secret ( this is what I know how to do :)

Donna and I will lead by example. We are creating the tools that will allow the sharing of knowledge and inspiration so that you will be perceived as the loving neighbor that you are. You will be providing welcome knowledge that is not political, not confrontational and not unwelcome. We will provide exciting information about solutions to problems that will increasingly be on the minds of almost everyone that you come into contact with.

Freedom’s Phoenix will counter the negative waves generated by statism with the positive atmosphere created with the ‘Loving of our Neighbors’.

So, are you ready to change the world... AGAIN?!


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