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Publisher's Backpage - - The “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” Initiative

Publisher's Backpage - - The “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” Initiative

By: Ernest Hancock

Events and gatherings like PorcfestX, Libertopia, The Jackalope Freedom Festival, Arizona FreedomFest, AzPrepperFest and the Freedom Summit all share a new direction that wasn’t so common even a few years ago. The issues that have been used to divide and conquer the American people are fading away. And I’ve witnessed up close that young Americans have almost entirely eliminated from their lives the bigotry and bias that have plagued our culture since the settling of America. I suspect that early America had many communities full of individualists that spent little time worrying about what others did with their freedom, but this state of mind has always been under attack. There has always been a continuous effort to create imaginary crises that resulted in ‘Us vs. Them’ scenarios. ‘Enemies’ are depicted as sooo dangerous to our very existence that we must abandon our individual dreams and aspirations so that our resources and efforts can fulfill the requirements of a coercive collective that promises to protect us from competing collectives (that they are regularly bombing preemptively BTW).

The promise that was America, the American experiment that promised protection for our pursuits of happiness, was in the process of being broken before the ink was dry. But we’ve learned a lot and should be thankful that humanity has survived long enough for us to begin seeing the error of our ways and to build on the lessons learned. The benefits of digital forever memory and mind to mind interactions of an entire planet has yet to be fully appreciated by most. Humanity is close to a leap in cultural evolution. Constant exposure to social networking and the accumulated knowledge of humanity may upgrade how our minds work. And I think the young understand this as an obvious inevitability.

Coercive centralized government is sooo last millennium,… and the viral understanding of this is only now picking up momentum. “In The End Freedom Always Wins,... But it will get messy first”.

To avoid as much of the mess as possible, many are advocating for a vast increase in the self-reliance of individuals. This trend will certainly result in greater sustainability of families and communities that will extend to continents and the world… it is already happening and FreedomsPhoenix will be doing its best to participate, chronicle and share with you our perspective.

Over the last few months we have been creating a communications infrastructure that brings you inches from hands on efforts to change the world,… again, because we can.

Our political activism focused on the advocacy of individual rights and the relationship we each thought that we had with various levels of government. Time and experience has proven that there is no ‘relationship’… only compliance. So we have decided to simply live the life we seek and create the world we desire without asking permission. This is the theme of this month’s cover.

For the first time our ‘Cover Girl’ is pregnant. Our regular home schooled graphic artist, 18 year old Athena Tivnan that took over from Scott Bieser after the passing of Scott’s wife, is enjoying a vacation with her family. Davi Barker, ‘The Muslim Agorist’ & ‘Bitcoins Not Bombs’, used his talents to help us create a stylized and futuristic version of what is already happening.

This year’s 10th Porcfest “PorcfestX” was the best one yet and I’d like to make some observations that even many of the attendees may not fully appreciate (I’m likely 20+ years older than the average attendee… I’m 52 " born in 1961). The average age was the youngest of the 4 previous Porcfests that I have attended. And there were many more children under 12. There were also fewer people that were older than I and those that were, were more often very young at heart with a very optimistic perspective on what’s happening in the world,… and are actively helping Generation Next realize their potential.

Politics and Civil Disobedience has been replaced with efforts to promote self-sustainability and healthy living. I noticed that smoking cigarettes was a fraction of what it was in past years. Even though this was likely the most heavily attended Porcfest with well over 1000 young people, there was never more than 3-5 in smoking groups outside venues. Electronic cigarettes were very common but even that number was much smaller than I expected. Marijuana use was openly practiced but was at a much lower level than previous years in my opinion. And I was amazed at how little drinking took place, and I don’t remember anyone being ‘drunk’ (well, my room did do a bit of spinning on my 2nd night so I took it much easier after that). But what surprised me the most was how much weight everyone has lost over the last year. T-Shirt sales that required a large stock of XLs to 3XLs and even 4XLs for young people still in their 20s were no longer needed and there was a shortage of smaller sizes. Food vendors that dominated the event in previous years with grilled and fried items were replaced with organic locally grown foods that were eaten raw or juiced.

The creativity and industriousness of family units working together to create a new life for themselves that wasn’t based on their level of conformity with the desires of corporate America was more than refreshing; it was inspiring.

I am operating with the knowledge that Generation Next is starting to have children and that they have learned from the mistakes of previous generations. No longer are they seeking permission to raise their families as they now wish they were. They have come to the quiet conclusion that it is their responsibility to find freedom for themselves and their loved ones and there is no thought given to seeking some sort of sanction from an authority. Pursuing their own happiness was nothing more than a decision resulting from experience and research that is supported by an understanding and encouraging community of others with similar stories,… and I am witnessing this phenomenon across the country as I travel. In my opinion, Critical Mass is very near or already achieved.

Now What?

‘Exposing the Secrets and Uncovering the Lies’ will always remain an essential part of maintaining the awareness needed to protect us from the destructive intentions of those that hope to live at the expense of others, but the accumulated efforts of millions have made this information so ubiquitously accessible in so many forms of media and in the minds of so many millions, that we can now begin to focus much more attention on individual pursuits that are certain to benefit humanity as a whole. Of this I have NO Doubt.

Let me make some predictions to help make my points.

A decade ago home builders would offer pleasures for the senses as incentives to purchase homes from them. Offerings such as Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools, Theatre Rooms, a Third Garage, a Fourth Bathroom and a very small yard to maintain  for their McMansion were common. How hard is it to imagine that the Hot Tub would compete with an Aquaponics System on the list of incentives? Will the Theatre Room include recliners with desks for the children to access all manner of curricula to learn… anything? And if the 3rd bay of a garage doesn’t have 220 electrical capability with enough amps to power your lab/manufacturing efforts then you aren’t in touch with your inner Einstein. Smaller more energy efficient homes may be preferred by many so that more yard is available in Urban areas for outdoor activities like cooking and gardening and playing, with the 3rd or 4th bathroom open to the outside and doubling as a clean up station for freshly picked vegetables and soiled hands… and the water is made healthy.

These alterations aren’t waiting for a technological leap, just a change in preference by a generation with evolving values.

New technologies just coming available will add options that include new sources of electrical energy that will provide all of the power needed for a modern efficient home and the family’s transportation needs. Smarter and more integrated homes might even have to compete with homes that are simply smart by design. New Materials that are light, strong and cheap to produce may allow for shapes and power and light and shade and other traits that don’t require electronic manipulation to function beautifully for the maximum benefit to the occupants.

The 3D Printing of cars has already been accomplished and the 3D Printing of homes is already being tested. New materials (Carbon Nanotubes is of personal interest) will provide another leap in human efficiency and durability of products. And yes, I know that with every increase in productivity, there are members of the parasitic class ready to carve away for themselves the potential increase in our standard of living. But with every watt produced and every gallon of oil not consumed and every item produced in our own garages and every calorie provided at the hands of our children in our own yards… another slash in the chest of the beast that wishes to devour us is made.

Our health immediately improves, Big Agra and Big Pharma are forced to compete with the life sustaining efforts of millions instead of relying on government subsidies and monopolistic legislation, our minds clear and our bodies heal. Education is a way of life and learning is rewarded immediately as new skills are constantly applied in our lives.

Donna and I became greatly concerned by all of the chemicals ingested by our children and made changes that have been embraced by them in the raising of their children. But just as concerning was the cloud of chemicals that would follow them out of the bathroom in the morning. With four teenagers sharing a bathroom it isn’t hard to imagine the toxic environment that was created by all of the sprays and lotions and creams and gels… and that was just the air. The application of these products to our children’s skin on a constant basis prompted a great deal of parental comments and nagging that did finally have an impact on them once they left home and took responsibility for their own healthcare costs.

Donna is learning to make her own lotions, soaps and shampoos etc. so that she can be certain that our family (love them grandkids :) has the best chance of living a long and healthy life. Donna is perfecting the products and will be offering them for sale when she is certain that she can deliver a steady supply of quality products so you are not ‘smearing the man all over your body’ :) … stay tuned.

One of the main motivations for our creating the Aquadome is the production of healthy food for our family and to develop an easy system that will be welcome by our children in their own yards. We are very happy to have experts that have already developed mature systems and new innovations that have partnered with us so that we can provide the information we all seek in making the transition to a healthy lifestyle using our own hands and minds while passing this information onto others. I’m certain that new products and packages will come from our efforts and we hope you’ll benefit from our research. You’ll find that we will be openly embracing Agorism in ever-increasing efforts to make our new form of activism sustainable. I hope you’ll support us… stay tuned.

The weekend before Halloween we will open our two acres to our neighbors and the PermaCulture/Prepper community that we have become friends with. The event will include a Great Pumpkin Patch gathering for the children and many booths featuring the harvests of the season from here and around the Valley of the Sun. We will certainly feature the production of the Aquadome to be an inspiration to many.

The Aquaponics equipment, Algae BioDiesel unit, Aquadome and Solar H2OPE Water Pump/Filter System will be installed July 20th 2013. Between now and then we are prepping other areas of our land for various experiments.

Donna’s new chicken additions are growing fast and in a couple of months will join the other chickens and our Egg production will likely reach 2-3 dozen eggs a day. We barter a dozen eggs for a Silver Dime and are constantly short of eggs so Donna is raising more chickens… we may get even more. I recently obtained the domain because… just because :)

John Bush and Catherine Bleish’s project is very inspiring to us and we have many volunteers looking forward to meeting them when they arrive here in Phoenix to participate in our Harvest Gathering in late October. We also look forward to them presenting at the Freedom Summit 2014 February 14th-16th here in Phoenix. But what we are really excited about is the Aquadome that we are constructing for them. The companies working with us to create a food production system that can be easily constructed and shipped are excited about their multi episode reality show and hope to participate. Cross promotion of our efforts are certain to benefit everyone and will be a great inspiration for a large number of people over a long period of time. In mid January of 2014 we will have perfected the Aquadome and its packaging and will construct the entire working unit on the Blush Family Farm in time for the final episodes of SovereignLiving.

Soooo, I hope you can see that we are embracing the future. We are not waiting for solutions because we have come to realize that we ARE the solution. Next month’s eZine will share the many other projects we are working on but you’ll come to realize that all of them have a single theme that binds them… No more waiting. Technology, Materials, Experience, Communication, Education, Motivation, Need, Ability, Agorism and Desire have organically aligned so that the liberty community will lead humanity by example into the coming era of abundance without fear or violence.

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

The first shade piece fitted to Aquadome 1:


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