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An Attitude of Freedom

An Attitude of Freedom

By: Howard Blitz

Education is a key component to the success in the life of an individual and in order for any change to take place.  One cannot change anything unless he knows and understands what currently exists and then knows and understands to what he would like to have the current situation changed.

Educating children and adults on the principles of liberty, self-responsibility, self-reliance, and a whole host of other freedom-minded attitudes starts at home where the groundwork is laid for a better, brighter future.

For the future to become more liberty-oriented, the individual must know and understand the principles of liberty and be able to envision what a liberty-oriented society would look like.  Then, the individual can compare that vision with what exists today and begin to make changes in his life to reflect that vision. By setting the example for others to follow, the individual then encourages others to do the same and over time change takes place in the whole of society, one person at a time.

This has been the charge of The Freedom Library in Yuma, Arizona since its inception in 1996. 

The Freedom Library has been helping educate individuals of all ages, from the early teens to well into adulthood, and from all walks of life, advancing the principles of liberty in order to promote an understanding and acceptance of the freedom philosophy as expounded in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, including the concepts of free markets, private property, and limited government.  By reinforcing these principles, The Freedom Library assists everyone who attends its educational facility in learning that individual liberty is what allows the human condition to not only survive, but also to succeed to heights unimaginable. The Freedom Library focuses the individual on current events and allows the individual to explain why individual liberty is the necessary ingredient in providing solutions for human survival and growth.

By completing its 12-week class in both Austrian economics and the United States Constitution, participants become acquainted with ideas that help them understand and explain current events.  Participants readily see why deviations from the United States Constitution by American government officials causes widespread disharmony, animosity, and the enslavement of individuals.  Participants in The Freedom Library Austrian economics class begin to understand that the massive amounts of government interference in the individual’s life causes people to live in poverty making it difficult to achieve their goals. 

The participants begin to realize that in order for these conditions to change, they themselves must change in their knowledge of human relations.  By doing this they set the example for others to follow resulting in lasting change for the world.

The Freedom Library awards scholarships to those who show the best performance in their writing of a paper applying the principles of liberty they learned to a current event. Those participants who receive a scholarship from The Freedom Library then travel and attend seminars sponsored by such organizations as the Foundation for Economic  Education (FEE) to further their knowledge in ideas on liberty.

With more and more individuals learning these ideas and applying them to their own living condition, the chances of real change in the overall human condition of society increases. When individual lives change for the better, all of society benefits.

Success in this endeavor is seen around the world with the variety of organizations and the number of individuals helping others learn these ideas on liberty. In spite of some really dismal current events, activities are taking place in order that a liberty-oriented society can be developed. This development of a free society is taking place because of the change that is happening in the thinking of millions and millions of individuals about the significance of self-reliance, self-motivation, and positive self-esteem.   People are finding out that when individuals help themselves to achieve their own goals, they actually help others achieve theirs.

Howard J. Blitz is the Founder of The Freedom Library, Inc. Visit his webpage at FreedomLibrary.Org

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