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Modules for Manhood - What Every Man Must Know

Modules for Manhood - What Every Man Must Know

By: K. Royce

What do women  want? What does America  need? Men. You are merely a male by birth.  Only by choice and effort can you become a Man. While 50% of people are male, a male is not necessarily a Man. The transformation  of boy-to-man does not happen by accident, but rather through a proven process by fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, and mentors.  In the 21st century, most American males haven't access to such character-building role models, so they flounder about as soft and incomplete males.

Among the other signs of times, we discover that coping is unfashionable.     As  far  as  I  can  tell,  today's  young  people  are taught not to handle problems but rather to call for help.   This is very bad conditioning.   As a boy, I led a privileged life, but I nonetheless  often  got  into  jams  beyond  reach  of  assistance.    I never called for help, and my father would have sneered at me if had done so.  At age seventeen while driving alone, I blew a tire.  I had never seen a wheel changed, but I figured the matter out for myself.   This is not to boast, but only to point out that young men should be expected to cope.
The point  is that  a young  man of 21 should  be able to cope with  the world  around  him in a general  fashion.  . . . Before a young man leaves home, there are certain things  he should  know and certain skills at which he should be adept. These  things  should  be  available   before  a  son  leaves  his father's household.

We have not fit men for the times.
 ~John Adams

We haven't fit men because today's males cannot cope with the world, and coping is what being a Real Man is all about.  He handles things. Growing into an internally-ambitious, competent, self-sufficiently productive, self-governed, loving, and pleasant man of honor is a serious process. Very little about it is accidental. Good genetics and a quality up-bringing (both are forms of inheritance) help greatly, but they do not guarantee a successful life. (I know many losers with good genetics and good parents.  Any inheritance can be squandered, and often is).  The "hardware"  of people is all about the same " it's the  "software"  where the difference  lies.  Meaning, what you choose to learn and apply is what really matters.

The trouble with most guys today is that haven't grown a "taproot"  into the soil of Life.   They are not anchored  in anything. Men's best is generally not very good, and most men cannot do their best but sporadically.  Modules For Manhood  will help you:

➊  ability to absorb what's happening
➋  ability to respond correctly (whether tragic or happy)
➌  reflect on what has gone before
➍  ability to share, and thus enlarge yourself


The war against capable citizens:

We  must  stop  thinking  about  the  individual and  start  thinking about what is best for society.
~ Hilary Clinton, 1993

At its zenith, the Western way of life encompassed a unique blend of beliefs, characteristics,  principles,  and philosophies.   Numbered among  its  virtues  were  honesty,  self-discipline,   [nonaggression], self-sufficiency, the  work  ethic,  respect  for  elders, aggrandizement  of achievement,  planning  for the future,  respect for  the property  of others,  a stable  economic  system,  reverence for  the  family  unit,  courtesy  and  consideration   toward  others, and, above all, the right of the individual  to be left alone.  When I speak of the collapse of Western Civilization,  then, it is the literal destruction of this way of life that I am referring  to.
  ~Robert J. Ringer, How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization

The more narrow your talents, the more you must rely on institutions and government for what you cannot do yourself.  For at least the past hundred years, there has been a specific and organized scheme to eliminate  talent  width  amongst  people.  Why?  Because  width  of skillset increases your self-sufficiency:
A  human  being  should  be  able  to  change  a  diaper,   plan  an invasion,  butcher  a hog,  conn a ship,  design  a building,  write  a sonnet,  balance  accounts,  build  a wall,  set a bone, comfort  the dying,  take  orders, give orders, cooperate, act  alone, solve equations, analyze  a  new  problem,   pitch  manure,  program  a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently,  die gallantly. Specialization  is for insects.
~Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love


Self-sufficiency is toxic to government and institutions.  Only the self-reliant can maintain good character over a lifetime.  (The dependent, when squeezed, must abandon their own conscience for a job's sake. Try to speak a contrary opinion within a large company or institution, if you dare).  A right-thinking man, with strings attached, cannot be a  right-doing  man. When  you  can  take  care  of yourself, you enjoy the  privilege of  living by  what you know is right.
[S]chooling  is a matter  of  habit  and attitude  training.    It takes place  from  the  outside  in. Education  is  a  matter   of  self- mastery, first;  then self-enlargement, even self-transcendence . . . but in schooling, somebody else's agenda is always uppermost.
You  can  compensate  for  a  lack  of  schooling  "  the  human record is full of stories of those who have done so in the past and those  who  continue   to  do  so  in  the  present  "  but without education you will stumble  through life, a sitting duck for exploitation and failure, no matter how much money you make.
  ~John Taylor Gatto, Weapons of Mass Instruction, p. 61

Theodore Roosevelt remarked a century ago that our society was perfecting its "cult of nonvirility" with "untried men who live at ease".
I've come to the reluctant  but inescapable conclusion that roughly
50% of the adults in this country are simply too ignorant and functionally  incompetent to be living in a free society.
" Neal Boortz, Somebody's Gotta Say It

Few any longer  can fix  a car or the plumbing,  grow  food,  hunt, bait  a  hook,  or  install  a  new  roof.  Or  defend  themselves.   To overstate barely, everyone depends on someone else, often the government,  for everything.  Thus we became the Hive.

Government  came like a dust  storm  of fine choking  powder,
making its way into everything. You could no longer build a shed without a half-dozen permits and inspections. You couldn’t swim without  a lifeguard,  couldn’t use your canoe without  Coast-Guard approved flotation  devices and a card saying that you had taken an approved  course  in  how  to  canoe.  Cops  proliferated   with  speed traps.  The government  began spying  on email,  requiring  licenses and permits for everything,  and deciding what could and could not be taught  to one’s children,  who one had to associate  with,  and what one could think about what or, more usually, whom.
Thus much of the country morphed into helpless flowers, narcissistic, easily frightened, profoundly ignorant video-game twiddlers and Facebook Argonauts.
" Fred Reed, Your Papers, Citizen Gun Control and the Changing American Character

Modules For Manhood will not likely be read in college, which today serves more as remedial high-school education than halls of higher learning.  Most college students can neither solve a quadratic equation any more than correctly identify the decade of WWII or explain where price inflation comes from. However, a young man who has self-educated  himself with Modules can gain several times more education from his college experience, should he choose to attend.
Basically, I'm going to show you how the world really works, and how you can successfully navigate within it.  This skill and prowess is no longer routine, but you can still learn how.


My first inspiration for writing was Jeff Cooper, who just a few months before his death in 2006, outlined it all:
What should a young male of 21 know, and what should he be able to  do?  There  are  no conclusive  answers  to  those  questions,  but they  are  certainly  worth  asking.  A young  man  should  know  how this country is run and how it got that way. He should know the Federalist  Papers  and de Tocqueville,  and he should  know recent world history. If he does not know what has been tried in the past, he cannot  very  well  avoid  those  pitfalls  as they  come up in the future. A young man should be computer literate and, moreover, should know Hemingway from James Joyce. He should know how to drive a car well " such as is not covered in Driver's Ed. He should know  how  to fly  a light  airplane.  He should  know  how  to shoot well. He should know elementary  geography,  both worldwide  and local.  He should  have  a cursory  knowledge  of  both  zoology  and botany.   He  should  know  the  fundamentals   of  agriculture   and corporate  economy. He should be well qualified  in armed combat, boxing, wrestling  and judo, or its equivalent.  He should know how to manage a motorcycle. He should be comfortable  in at least one foreign   language,   more  if  appropriate   to  his  background.   He should  be familiar  with  remedial  medicine.  These  things  should be  accomplished before   a  son  leaves   his  father's  household. They do not constitute  "a college  education,"  which  may or may not be a trade school.


His  parents are responsible for inculcating this, and all  girls  should demand such in  their dates.   Parents  must create the quality young man, and girls are to insist that he remains so. Neither has happened for decades.  Parents no longer know how, so women must settle for crude and incompetent boys who never became men (and never will).  The cycle repeats itself and spirals for each subsequent generation.  Thus, the need for this book.  Heck, it was needed back in 1933:
What   are   those   abilities,    skills,   or   accomplishments,    those extra-curricular proficiencies  that every man should have in order to be rounded and self-sufficient, and when can he acquire them, and how?
~Robert Littell, “What the Young Man Should Know”, Harper's

Parents can make only one of two choices: either they can  turn their children over to TV and public "schools" for baby-sitting (read John Taylor Gatto), or they can raise a quality human being.  Such a process is very hard work, of course, which is why so few families do it.  Also, it cannot be reliably accomplished  by single parents or homes with working mothers.  Transmuting adulthood into a child is  a full-time job, and one parent (preferably the mother) must stay home to be the parent for her children's first 5-7 years. After that, fatherhood becomes as or more important.
Raising children is far too vital to relegate to public schools, which are purposely designed to create compliant wage-slaves vs. independent thinkers and doers. Paying strangers for important tasks (education, food, self-defense, health, etc.) is now the norm.  We are too  specialized,  and  thus  have  lost  the  art  of  becoming  complete human beings.
Life  is  a  continual  struggle  against  something,  and  usually several things at once.  Childhood should be a rigorous boot-camp for Life.  Train hard " fight easy!  If parents are soft, their children they will find Life "too hard" and will become collectivists who whine for government to make it easier.  Our country has become nearly ruined from sugared lives.
Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
  ~Robert Heinlein

Yes, you can do it!
Reading over Cooper's basic list, it may seem overwhelming to you. "Where could I possibly find all that time to learn those things?" Here's a clue: by the 12th grade, a boy has spent 8,000 hours in the classroom,  and 12,000+ hours in front of video screens.   Dump that 1,000+ hours/year of video crap, and start learning real things!  You have but one Life here, and it's no dress rehearsal. Do not waste it! Acquire actual skills which can fulfill your purpose, make you money, help people, and thrill women.
Less than 6 hours/week in a year will achieve any one of these:

❒ speak an entirely new language credibly well
❒ own basic and reflexive skills in a solid martial art
❒ become a confident dancer (ballroom, Swing, etc.)
❒ learn to fly a small airplane and become a Private Pilot
❒ ride motorcycles (dirt and street)
❒ take up sailing and become proficient in a small boat
❒ get into public speaking and master this important art
❒ learn to write any kind of letter (business, personal, sales)
❒ become a credible cook, using ingredients from scratch
❒ play guitar or piano decently, with many songs in memory
❒ learn dozens of poems to recite from memory
❒ totally transform your body through vigorous exercise
❒ learn house construction, welding, or how to fix cars
Half of these skills can be learned with next to no money.  Any of these are available if you'd spend only an hour/day for a year.   Three hours/day for a year and you can own three of these skills. OK, want to impress the ladies?  Get extremely fit, learn to fight and dance.  Next year, learn the guitar, a foreign language, and to fly an airplane.  Talk about studly, and in just two years! Everyone will think you've become James Bond.  (Meanwhile, your old buddies are playing Wii and X-Box. And what will they have to show for that? Zero.)
"Hey,  I'm not even 18 and  you're  talking  about  becoming  a pilot?!   That  costs  big   money!"     Well,  that  didn't  stop  Illinois high-schooler Landon Clipp.  At 14 he began lessons flying a powered parachute.  For 2½ years he mowed some 300 lawns (about 225 acres) to earn the $7,000 for his own vehicle of flight.  By 17, he had about 40 hours in powered parachutes.  So, if you commit yourself to a definite and worthy goal " and if you don't waste time with video screen entertainment and silly people " even teenagers can accomplish very impressive things.  Landon, with his own money, became a pilot and bought an aircraft as a high-school sophomore.  All a young man needs is a taste of real accomplishment like that, and he will succeed in Life.
America will face some very tough times soon, and there must be good Men for the future.  I hope that you become one of them.  You don't need money, good looks, big brains, a prominent family, or even luck. You need only clear thinking, solid goals, and the will to become a Man. Think of me as one of your guides.
As the saying goes, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is today.  Resolve to live with all your might, while you do live!  Stop wasting time, dump your excuses, get serious about your Life, and let's get started right now!
Wyoming, March 2014
Since the entire text runs to nearly 1,200 pages, I will offer Modules for Manhood in three print volumes as well as about 10 e-books. You can purchase the 1st of 3 volumes now by clicking here.

Volume 1 (published March 2014)
1     Understanding
2     Thinking, Truth, Wisdom
3     Integrity & Character
4     Conquering (Fear, Depression, Laziness, Anger, Impatience, Pride)
5     Individuality, Courage, Manhood
6     Getting Along (Better With People)
7     Communicating
8     Persuading
9     Selling
10   Learning & Training
11   Doing

Volume 2 (due Summer 2014)
12   Teaching
13   Deciding
14   Prioritizing
15   Solving
16   Power
17   Leading
18   Working & Success
19   Savings & Debt
20   Money and Inflation
21   Taxes
22   Government
23   Fighting

Volume 3 (due Autumn 2014)
24   Eating
25   Health
26   Moving
27   Surviving
28   Pursuing a Woman
29   Loving a Woman
30   Husbanding
31   Fathering
32   Believing
33   How To Know God
34   Suffering
35   Living

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