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Publisher's Backpage - Phoenix Rising

Publisher's Backpage - Phoenix Rising

By: Ernest Hancock

This article is really a letter to my Grandchildren,… but since we share our lives openly with our friends, I’m sure our friends and supporters won’t mind, and our children will likely only roll their collective eyes a little bit.

Donna and I are going to be focusing our publishing efforts on a Printed Newspaper that is interactive like the e-Zine with FreedomsPhoenix for many reasons that I want to explain to my grandchildren so they know the genesis of many of the things that surrounded their life as they grew up. Someday they’ll be reading this article and a fuller understanding of how important they are to us will be clear. For our current readers, you’ll gain a greater understanding about what motivates us now… a decade or two earlier than our grandchildren.

When our children were very young much of our published activism was chronicled in a printed newspaper. Before the creation of there were the beginnings of the radio show here in Phoenix, Arizona and the newspaper. We’ve included the last edition of that newspaper Summer of 2004 " 10 years ago, at the end of this article (for now it can also be found online by searching ‘Western Libertarian Paper’. We have decided to start publication of a physical print newspaper again for many reasons. The Newspaper has been in development for months and we are near launch (July 2014 would be exactly 10 years from the last printed edition so that seems appropriate).

Even having a printed newspaper available online as a PDF was revolutionary at the time and now we have the technology to make the Newspaper interactive like FreedomsPhoenix eZine is now. The publishing of a 32 page broadsheet with full color was a very real threat to those that desired no competing ideas. After you see the newspaper’s table of contents and the writer’s names you’ll understand that we’ve been engaged in this battle at the highest levels for a very long time. Our first Newspaper was published in 1993 and the impact is still being felt here in Arizona due to the cultural shift it spawned.

The new Newspaper is designed to provide a template for any activist to make use of for their local battles. Over the last couple of years it has become clear that the ‘Occupation’ of America has reached every small town and village. The Internet is increasingly being used as a tool against us so we are making use of our experience and technological abilities to take advantage of the opportunities in all of our neighborhoods. We have chosen Adobe InDesign as the publishing software and will make the original Template file for each publication available for download to anyone and everyone. This allows the editing of the newspaper so that a completed newspaper can be customized to include local stories, local display advertising and graphics while having a product that is FULL of great content to help share the Liberty Community’s message. The template will allow for the immediate ability to transmit to a local newspaper printer (which there are many across the planet in even the smallest town that would love the business) so that physical copies can be created in days. 

A great deal of work updating our servers and increasing our capabilities has been done to prepare for this project. We are simultaneously expanding our efforts to the street while supporting the new technology of a Distributed Internet ( and other efforts that are certain to follow). The concept of a Distributed Internet was what we expected future communications to be as young activists 25 years ago…. And here it comes.


Distributing communications via the Internet currently in place or transmitted over other forms of data transmission (crowd sourced space based platforms etc.) are coming and we wish to be ready. But we have discovered that the statist occupation of rural America has little opposition in the distribution of information or where alternative information can be obtained. Current limits on bandwidth outside of metropolitan areas has provided us a unique opportunity to jump start the networking. America is currently ranked 16th in the world for Internet speeds for the same reason we lag in many other categories… Central Planning.

Stay tuned to the Radio Show and FreedomsPhoenix for more details. We are very confident that our efforts will jump start a wave of local activism to rival the beginnings of the r3VOLution that we began in 2007. Experienced activists will be joined with the fresh enthusiasm of newly awakened liberty advocates from every part of rural America and beyond… Don’t think so? :)

Dearest Grandchildren,

You grandkids are already destined to be happy and self-sufficient adults because of all of the love that surrounds you. I know you are certain to have emotional and physical difficulties in your life (it’s called adolescence), but there is so much adversity that can be overcome with love that I’m certain you’ll have a very happy and fulfilling life that will be very attractive to others that will want to share in the positive environment you enjoy.

There will come a time that you will be fully responsible for your own life and the environment you will be living in, but until that time you can count on your parents and grandparents and Great Grandparents and Great Great Grandparent and Aunts and Uncles and many other family members and friends to help make sure you have the best chance to freely pursue your own happiness.  We are investing in the likelihood that each of you will be a Great Big Add to humanity, while at the same time you are certain to be enriching our lives.

In the blink of an eye, you will be raising your own family. And I’m already thinking about your children and how great they’ll be. And when you are grandparents, I wonder what your grandchildren will call you. Your Grandma and I were looking forward to Grandparent status, but your grandkids get to name you. Grandma quickly became ‘Gamma’ and Grandpa was ‘PaPa’. These were among some of Kaylee’s first words, and they stuck.

At the end of this summer (2014), we will have two more baby boys added to the list of grandchildren that will bring the count to 3 Boys and 3 Girls, and you all are going to have many memories involving family. You may remember this summer as the season you got your Playhouse that your fathers help build and you designed via a wish list of features. Maybe you’ll remember the feeding of the chick chick chick chickeeeens and the fish for the AquaDome aquaponic garden. And I’m pretty sure you’ll remember pulling cherry tomatoes from the plant and putting them straight into your mouth (you all do that a lot) and collecting eggs with Gamma. I know you liked the Turkeys that you helped raise for Thanksgiving in 2013, but you knew they were for eating. You weren’t there for the ‘harvesting’ but you understood what happened. It was a skill that we thought important to learn, but Gamma likely won’t be doing that again… she liked having the turkeys around. too.

Kaylee you were our first grandchild and we were very excited. Gamma and I had been looking forward to grandchildren even before we had children. We often got compliments on how great our children were, and we would respond that we were working hard to raise good parents for our grandchildren… always did we focus on the future. While you were in your mother’s womb, there was a great economic scare in late 2008. The result was the creation of an enormous debt added to an already unpayable debt that you and your younger brother and sister and cousins would be expected to work to pay for… forever. Gamma and PaPa were very sad about this and wanted to make it clear that we and many others did not recognize any obligation you had to pay off a debt that you had no voice in creating. “It’s Not My Debt” was a slogan that we would screen print on baby clothes, adult t-shirts, balloons, handmade signs, and even freeway billboards (see graphics below). There were people in influential and/or dependent positions that knew you couldn’t object and most adults had either been scared about what might happen if they didn’t pass this financial burden onto you or they thought themselves powerless to do anything about it.

What most misunderstand is that we didn’t do these things to change the minds of those that thought you could be made a debt slave; we were encouraging those that already knew you weren’t to add their voice to your defense.

On your first birthday Kaylee, you got a baby brother. Little Corsair (named after his father, our 3rd child) would soon be called Buddy, and PaPa is the only one that calls him Corsair. I call him Buddy sometimes, but I remember that my sister, Great Aunt Sherilyn, didn’t know her real name until she was 5 years old. We always called her “Sister” (besides I like the name Corsair… that’s why I named your father that :)

Soon after Buddy was born, Elin came along. Our daughter and your Aunt Rhea and Uncle Tim had Elin in a very difficult birth where Aunt Rhea almost died. It was a very scary time for us, but PaPa was allowed to shed tears because Uncle Tim was very strong for all of us and took care of everyone and everything. It’s at times like this when you’ll be very glad that your family is close by your side and close to your heart. Kaylee and Corsair’s little sister, Tatum, came just a few months after Elin. We are all very happy that your mother (Laura) delivers babies easily (well, at least quickly and without any complications :)

Now Aunt Sierra (Aunt Sia you call her) and Uncle George are going to have a son at the end of this summer, and I think they have decided on ‘Jude’ to be his name. Aunt Rhea and Uncle Tim will have their new son, Kellan, any time now (days from now at most). So now we’ll be tied up at 3 boys and 3 girls.

Uncle Forest’s girlfriend, Veronica and her three children have been part of the family for as long as you can remember and I hope they’ll become even more a part of the family, too. Justyne, Mia, Kevin and their mother are always welcome family members.

Every one of you kids will remember the help you gave us here with the animals, the garden, and the projects. What even the smallest of you learned by helping build the sandbox, the playhouse and the Aquadome, was meant to prepare you for a future filled with confidence and self-reliance… and this was the goal from the beginning. Our efforts to inspire others to be more independent always had your interests in mind, and as soon as you were able to pull the trigger on a drill PaPa would hold, you were helping and learning. The example and encouragement you gave others that would learn of your participation through online articles and photos and radio shows and magazine articles and newspaper articles had far more positive impact on the future than you may realize. I hope you’ll remember all of the large parties we had and how nice all of the people were to all of you. And when Gamma and PaPa spoke of ‘Generation Next’, we always had you and your parents in mind.

“Why Why Why”. Kaylee - When you started asking “why” about everything, it was common that you were sent to PaPa. I understood that the 2nd or 15th “why” was really a request for more information. It was clear to me that once you understood new information, you wanted more. You and your brother, Corsair, were both very interested in learning together and we spent many hours in front of a computer screen searching topics and watching videos.

There was a popular movie that our children liked a lot when they very young that makes me think of you grandkids,… “Short Circuit”. It’s a story about a curious robot that would gobble up as much information as it could while constantly saying, “Input… more Input”. Often within weeks of your birth, we could tell that you were “Input Babies” gobbling up as much information as you could. But not every baby we came across had that same look. Only now are people starting to question the chemicals and biological agents (Notions and Potions) that are being injected into infants upon birth and regularly added to as they grow older. By the time you start having children, I hope parents are far more concerned and informed about what gets put into the bodies of babies. Clear and Clean Baby Brains were our desire and your parents agreed.

I suspect that new technologies will claim to increase intelligence, prolong life, advance abilities, and promise an advantaged future if you would only give your child the head start ‘guaranteed’ by people you don’t know. Be Careful. You are being raised to make up your own mind without being coerced into an uninformed decision that will impact the rest of you and your children’s lives. All of you grandchildren have not been given shots full of ‘we know not what’, and you have been extremely healthy. So far, all four of you kids have had no more than sniffles and a cough a couple of times that have never lasted more than a few days.

We’ve done our best to teach you that good nutrition, play & love is the best preventative medicine, and we have been very happy with the results so far. Kaylee, you often ask Gamma if something is good for you and I don’t think I ever heard you complain about something’s taste after you’ve been told that it was healthy. And the example you have set for your siblings and cousin is very much appreciated.

The sharing with other children and adults of your learning and growing up helps them learn with you. There are many voices in our society now that want our attention while they are trying to tell us how you should be feed, taught, raised and cared for. But as a family, we have done our best to protect you from the desires of others while preparing you to seek your own happiness. If you kids are reading this during your teenage years, I know that the person you truly are inside is already locked in. This is why we were so involved in your life when you were young.

Before you start going through puberty and start becoming the great adults you are destined to be, one of the adults in our family will likely have repeated a demonstration that was done for all of our children when Rhea was about 11, Forest 10, Corsair 9 and Sierra 7.

But first let me explain. Parents can tell when children start to turn into adults. It’s not just a physical thing, it’s an emotional thing. Chemicals in the body start to affect your minds in such a way that you demonstrate an intense desire to be masters of your own lives, and feelings about what would seem to be small matters become intensely important and frustration about… everything is noticeable. Very soon after having these new chemicals generated in your body, your mind is pretty much solidified into who you are going to be for the rest of your life.

Even though you are certain to learn how to tune your behavior to be accepted into society, your default reflexive emotional response to various situations and conditions are pretty much set. And this is why you will likely have had one of us share this demonstration… Rhea was starting to demonstrate her desire to make her own decisions about her life and was beginning to resist her parents’ guidance. I asked the boys to go to where we were building some models in the other room and to get me a paper plate, the 5 minute epoxy tubes, and a wooden stir stick. While I explained the effect of certain hormones in the body, I made it clear that our goal as parents was to do our best to have you standing tall as a great example of what it meant to be a self-sustaining and independent individual that was an add to their community. During this explanation, I mixed the two parts of the Epoxy and I knew that I had no more than 5 minutes to make my point while building up to the dramatic climax. After stirring the Epoxy for a minute or two during the ‘lesson,’ I held the wooden stir stick vertical in the Epoxy and let it go. The stick slowly started to fall to one side. I then explained how it was our job as parents to do our best to make sure you were standing straight and tall when your hormone saturated brain locked in your personality. This is when the Epoxy quickly hardened and the stick was firmly locked into place standing tall.

The epoxy is a bit pliable and the stick can be leaned over, but it resists, and when the pressure is gone, it goes back to standing tall as its default setting. The spirit behind this observation is repeated throughout history in many stories and phrases, and I’m sure your generation will have their own way of expressing how important it is to educate children about the value of truth and why it is so important to respect the privacy and property of others while you pursue your own happiness.

As I write this letter to you, the world is rapidly changing. And it is your generation that will determine how humans live together on and off planet Earth. Technology will continue to advance to the point that the abundance created by our intelligence will have made available to every individual abilities that will allow you to focus on how to enjoy freed up time and opportunities to improve yourself and the environment around you. Or,… your increased productivity will have individuals and entities envious of your capacities and seek to have you work for their benefit with new and improved tools and methods to coerce your compliance.

Technological advancements so far have served both those that just wish to be left alone… and those that just won’t leave them alone. Your family is full of those that see it in our family’s best interest to advocate for peaceful and voluntary choices of every individual. And as parents and grandparents, we are working on making sure that the culture you grow up in values every individual’s desire to be left alone. But how do we do that?

When I was your age now, in the mid 60’s, the most advanced piece of equipment in most cars was an AM radio. Now in 2014, rapid developments in transportation are being made because individuals around the world are starting to bypass the controls and regulations surrounding innovation. When I was 8 years old in the summer of 1969, my two younger sisters (Great Aunts Sherilyn and Rhonda) and I were camping with our parents in central Florida near where we lived at the time. In the camper, we had a small B&W TV. I can still clearly remember the first manned landing on the Moon. And I’m very excited by the knowledge that by the time you read this, there will likely have already been a family event where we all sat around a large screen and watched in high resolution color the landing of the first humans on Mars.

The generation of my youth grew up inspired by what was possible and the promise of the future. But it took us decades as adults for our generation to understand that our abilities as individuals to live a healthy and adventurous life didn’t serve the interests of many that desired to exist as beneficiaries of our producing for their benefit instead of our own. Electric cars powered by the sun didn’t benefit those that benefited from petroleum sales. Flying cars and other varieties of Airship transportation didn’t serve the interests of those that benefitted from road construction and maintenance. Healthy foods, home based medicine, innovations in energy production and storage, new propulsion methods for spacecraft, aircraft and other transportation, advances in communication and information sharing were all challenged at every level by individuals and entities that would use any means to maintain and enhance their power and influence.

In this 36th Edition of the interactive Digital Magazine that your grandmother crafted for this month of May 2014, is a list of Movies that we think will provide you an understanding of what we know and understand to be the truth of how things work. Some of these movies were made many years before I was even born. So what has changed?

Your Aunt Sierra was the first Editor-in-Chief of FreedomsPhoenix e-Zine when only 21 years of age, and it was one of the very first magazines to be published for mobile devices that could be read anywhere. Sierra represented Generation Next (there is always a GenNext) that for the first time in human history had the ability to communicate directly with everyone else on the planet in real time with devices that were able to be carried with them at all times. The only limitation to how many people viewed your information and added their thoughts to yours was the popularity of your views. Then the Social Networks began serving the flow of this information via various platforms and features that allowed easy ‘uploading’ of data for all to share. But the open sharing of this information created a very powerful tool for those that hope to influence the behavior of billions of humans…because they can.

The power of individuals being able to share what they know with billions of people is very dangerous to some. “Uncovering the Secrets & Exposing the Lies” is the slogan I chose for FreedomsPhoenix because I knew it to be the most powerful goal to ensure the best chance for your future happiness. Lies and Secrets don’t last very long in an open culture. No matter how convincing a lie, no matter how many times it is told and no matter how deep the truth is kept secret, eventually the understanding of what is true reveals itself. And the truth that we are just now coming to terms with is that there is far more Good that humanity has to offer each other than there is Evil. But we have allowed the creation of many entities that demand so much from us, via fear and force. Trillions of dollars (a LOT of money today :) and decades of indoctrination and propaganda has greatly reduced our knowledge of how we could provide for the maintenance and enhancement of truth, justice, freedom and prosperity for ourselves.

This is the environment that you will grow up in. You will remember our family’s efforts to demonstrate just how much we can take care of ourselves and the ones we love while encouraging others to do the same without anyone interfering with the peaceful and voluntary interactions between people. Yes, there are bad people, but we have found that such people concentrate themselves behind shields and guns that we were forced to pay for, and any effort we make to provide for our own security and create a just society is met with great resistance using the almost unlimited resources stolen from your future.

“In the End Freedom Always Wins… It Just Gets Really Messy First”. PaPa would say this on his radio program as a way of sharing the idea that we have every intention of you raising your families in a peaceful and free culture, but we recognize that entities and individuals that have become dependent on our working for their benefit instead of our own will not allow our escape without testing our resolve not to be slaves. I’m of the opinion that the conflict between “Those that just wish to be left alone and those that just won’t leave them alone” will have already manifested itself before you read this, and that the creation of a new chapter in human societal evolution will have already begun. I hope that your Generation Next will have come to understand that “Freedom’s the Answer,… What’s the Question”.

Your generation will have many options to live a life customized to your desires only if you allow the creation of a society where everyone is encouraged to do the same without interference. And this has always been the promise made people if they would only subject themselves and some of their property to They/Them/Those that eventually will not leave you alone. I’m counting on the evolution of human culture bringing out the best in us. Evidence of this saturates history. No matter how tyrannical or deadly the enemies of freedom get, there is always advancement in individual liberty that was supported by our ability to communicate with each other more directly and to share innovations that benefit us all.

Information and its free flow are at the core of every advancement in human liberty, and this is where we chose to place our efforts. I just wanted you to know how much of a motivation you are to not only our family, but many others that are inspired by your enthusiastic participation and tales yet untold.


PaPa & Gamma

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