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2013-11-01  •  What to keep and what to discard
Freedom's Phoenix November 1st, 2013 Edition
What should be kept, and what should be discarded (i.e. should we keep the post office, dept of transportation, DES, Food Stamps, etc...There are a zillion useless departments of government – do we really need them??)

2013-10-04  •  Future's Foundation
Freedom's Phoenix October 4th, 2013 Edition
Educating our children on the principle of liberty, self-responsibility, self-reliance, and a whole host of other freedom-minded principles, starts at home where the groundwork is being laid for a better, brighter future.

2013-09-06  •  Technology That Works
Freedom's Phoenix September 6th, 2013 Edition
Free to find out what technologies, systems, and processes work best without government interference, regulation, coercion, or special interest driving the way.

2013-08-02  •  Survival and Sustainable Communities
Freedom's Phoenix August 2nd, 2013 Edition
Featuring survival and sustainable communities that are already established. What can we learn from them, and how can we incorporate what they have done to help our own communities.

2013-07-05  •  Raising Generation Next
Freedom's Phoenix July 5th, 2013 Edition
Breeding out the tyrants...If you are just starting a family or already have children (or grandchildren, nieces/nephews, etc...), how will you (help) raise them to think for themselves, to desire liberty in their life, and not to seek servitude as a

2013-06-07  •  Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Freedom's Phoenix June 7th, 2013 Edition
We are reaching out to our neighbors, family, and friends to show them what can be done in prepping for survival. This effort is to create an awareness of what is going on in the world today, and how we can all be ready...

2013-05-03  •  Love thy Neighbor; Prepping for your neighbors
Freedom's Phoenix May 3rd, 2013 Edition
'Love thy neighbor' (what are you doing to help your neighbors understand what's coming – and prep for them as well, as we will need to have good relationships with our neighbors when the SHTF)

2013-04-05  •  The LOV3olution survives the r3VOLution
Freedom's Phoenix April 5th, 2013 Edition
How are you going to treat members of your community/family as we slip into darker times, and what information can you give them now to help them prepare for themselves (so they won't come banging on your door and taking what you have)...

2013-02-22  •  Future Communities
Freedom's Phoenix March 1st, 2013 Edition
Liberty lovers today are already defining the structure of communities tomorrow...What traits are important to you? (We are already planning for our future – what might be yours? Where do/can we overlap?)

2013-02-01  •  'Going' to Survive
Freedom's Phoenix February 1st, 2013 Edition
Where do we go so that we can simply keep breathing in and out long enough to help Generation next realize humanity's potential?

2013-01-04  •  Should we stay or should we go?
Freedom's Phoenix January 4th, 2013 Edition
Should we stay and fight the tyranny that is before us or at least try to hide from/survive it, or just go and leave it all behind to start a new life in another part of the world?)

2012-12-07  •  Inspiration - who will you inspire in 2013?
Freedom's Phoenix December 7th, 2012 Edition
When Voluntarist respond to disasters like Hurricane Sandy - Left Airship – Medical / Right Airship – Power / Large Center Flaircraft – Shelter / Beached Hovercraft – Food / Small Red Beached Flaircraft – SAFE (Second Amendment is For Everyone) Self

2012-10-29  •  Thanksgiving...What are you thankful for?
Freedom's Phoenix November 2nd, 2012 Edition
Thanksgiving - What are you thankful for? Also, the power of voting vs. the power of not voting...

2012-10-05  •  American Ingenuity…How America’s garage inventions
Freedom's Phoenix October 5th, 2012 Edition
American Ingenuity…How America’s garage inventions changed the world

2012-09-07  •  POWER to the People
Freedom's Phoenix September 7th, 2012 Edition
POWER to the People: The Philosophy of Individual Empowerment (when we no longer need to be on the grid and can supply our own electricity, what would the world look like?)

2012-07-24  •  Now What?...
Freedom's Phoenix August 3rd, 2012 Edition
What Do We Do Now? How do we prepare for a future, beyond the darkness that is surely coming, that will provide light?

2012-06-28  •  Porcfest 2012; Activism;
Freedom's Phoenix July 13th, 2012 Edition
Recap of Porcfest 2012; Activism; Looking into the future to see what's next...

2012-05-21  •  Conspiracies
Freedom's Phoenix June 1st, 2012 Edition
Whether its Chemtrails, Fluoride, climate change, UFO’s, martial law/F.E.M.A. camps, IRS, high-fructose corn syrup, vaccines, , HAARP, voter fraud, 911, Hemp, U.S.S. Liberty, Lockerbie, etc…

2012-04-29  •  The Art and Science of communicating liberty.
Freedom's Phoenix May 4th, 2012 Edition
The art and science of communicating liberty using music, literature, art, graphics, humor/comedy, activism

2012-03-27  •  Environmentalism; Indian Sovereignty
Freedom's Phoenix April 13th, 2012 Edition
The April Edition will feature Environmentalism (from a libertarian perspective), and Native American Sovereignty (what would this country look like if Aboriginal American property rights had been respected).

2012-02-26  •  Cyberspace and the New Economy
Freedom's Phoenix March 2nd, 2012 Edition
Information on how the internet infrastructure actually works, alternative currencies, peer-to-peer commerce, Software Piracy, BitCoin

2012-02-03  •  War...What's It Good For?
Freedom's Phoenix February 3rd, 2012 Edition
Beware the war machine...

2011-12-30  •  Future Predictions 2012
Freedom's Phoenix January 6th, 2012 Edition
Predictions about the future on a wide range of issues, including Economics, Political Systems, War, Peace, Culture, Energy, Transportation, Space Technology, Philosophy, Medicine, Computer Technology and Software, Bio-Technology, Food, Lifestyles, a

2011-12-02  •  All I Want for Christmas - Dec 2nd, 2011 Edition
Freedom's Phoenix December 2nd, 2011 Edition
Voluntarists are very generous in their support of advocating for a culture of Peace and Freedom... it's in their personal interests. The "Christmas Spirit" defined.

2011-11-04  •  Voluntary Solutions to Current Issues
Freedom's Phoenix November 4th, 2011 Edition
Private Voluntary Solutions to Current Social and Economic Problems.

2011-10-07  •  October 2011
Freedom's Phoenix October 7th, 2011 Edition
Alternative Medicine, Healthcare, Economy, Banking Crisis, Housing, Foreclosure

2011-08-12  •  Generation Next: Homeschooling, Education, Etc...
Freedom's Phoenix September 2nd, 2011 Edition
Generation Next: Homeschooling, Education,...

2011-08-05  •  Gardening, Mini-Farming and Self Sustainability
Freedom's Phoenix August 5th, 2011 Edition
Gardening, Mini-Farming and Self Sustainability

2011-07-01  •  Fourth of July Edition 2011
Freedom's Phoenix Fourth of July 2011 - Edition
The Fourth of July Edition will be the practical application of the philosophy detailed in the First edition (June 2011). Activists share what they know with the planet in order to bring about a cultural shift... Highlights from Porcfest 2011

2011-06-03  •  June 2011 Inaugural Edition 83 pgs READY!
Freedom's Phoenix Inaugural Edition June 2011
The first edition of FreedomsPhoenix Digital Magazine makes it very clear to uninitiated freedom advocates what the ultimate goal is and how to attain it. 83 pages of the best and brightest minds engaged in the advocacy for liberty.
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