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05-31-2014  •  The Arts; How have they helped you grasp Freedom?
Freedom's Phoenix May 31st, 2014 Edition
How have the arts helped you understand freedom.... How have you used that to share freedom with others, and to help them understand how far people will go to be free.

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Magazine Articles in this Issue
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Magazine Article  •  Entertainment: Movies
Movies That Have Influenced the Culture
by Donna Hancock
Ernest and Donna Hancock share their list of movies they feel has helped people to understand, explain, and learn about freedom and liberty, while also predicting what the future holds in store for us based on an knowledge of how the 'bad guys' think
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Magazine Article  •  Art
A Messy Liberty
by Davi Barker
The zombie genre is great because most of the time the government is already irrelevant to the story. No one understands better than a zombie fan that the phrase “we’re from the government and we’re here to help” is a bad omen
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Magazine Article  •  Art
Spreading Freedom and Liberty Thru Music
by Tatiana Moroz
I was inspired to write my own messages in my songs reflecting our times. I also covered a famous Bob Dylan song “Masters Of War.” People really responded. It was remarkable and very sad how over decades, this song was still relevant. As I was
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Magazine Article  •  Books
by L. Neil Smith
Be that as it may, for several reasons, my concern has always been that libertarianism is more than just a political movement, and that if some kind of broader culture didn't begin to grow up around it, then it would die. If, however, it became a cul
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Magazine Article  •  Criminal Justice System
District Attorney Continues Vendetta Against Ademo
by Ademo Freeman
Ademo Freeman (Co-Founder of CopBlock.Org) prepares for wiretapping retrial despite already having served sentence
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Magazine Article  •  Art
Workers World: “Marxist Enlightenment for the Entire Family!”
by Starchild
A post I saw in The Independent Political Report gave me an idea for a new theme park…“Workers World”...Instead of merely going and being entertained as spoiled consumers with rides and shows and attractions like Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm or s
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Magazine Article  •  Philosophy of Liberty
A Slave Society is a Polite Society (For The Government)
by Bill Buppert
There are a number of markers of true freedom but the most telling is the ability to opt-out of the chained condition once harnessed. So what is slavery by definition?...The Oxford English Dictionary (American) put it thus: A person who is the legal
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Magazine Article  •  Prepping
Consider Panama...
by Special K
If you are thinking of moving out of the United States or just need a place to have a second home, consider Panama. There are many places that freedom-minded people are looking for as the United States is in the throes of a financial collapse and a
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Magazine Article  •  Activism
The How-to Guide to Ban GMOs in Your City or County
by Barbara Peterson
Proactive citizens all across the country have taken a stance and made their voices heard, and have made a positive change in their cities by urgently requesting the end of GMO cultivation " this can be done and is being done on local levels, right n
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Magazine Article  •  r3VOLution Continues
Operation Choke Point: Freedom, Guns, and Civilization
by Claire Wolfe
Covert ostracism as a tool of government for getting its way when it can’t get its way through open law-spewing is … a big, big step on the path to destruction. Of trust. Of human decency. Of the concept of equal protection under law (never mind that
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Magazine Article  •  Food
What is the price of rice in China? Or better yet what is the price of limes in the U.S.?
by Greg Peterson
What if I told you that according to the FDA “Nearly two-thirds of our fruits and vegetables--and 80% of seafood--eaten domestically come from outside the U.S. 4” OK so now we are not just talking about limes we are talking about 66% of ALL of our f
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Magazine Article  •  Social Networking/Social Media
Dominate Social Media With These Tips
by Stephanie Weeks
The key is to be consistent because people do business with those they know, like and trust. We have but a split second to capture a potential customer’s attention. Here are some tips I have learned along the way to make navigating Facebook, Twitter
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Magazine Article  •  Raising Generation Next
Publisher's Backpage - Phoenix Rising
by Ernest Hancock
This article is really a letter to my Grandchildren,… but since we share our lives openly with our friends, I’m sure our friends and supporters won’t mind, and our children will likely only roll their collective eyes a little bit.
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Magazine Article  •  Environment
Freedom to Know the Truth
by Bridget Conroy
One of our most precious rights as human beings is the right to know the truth. When we know the truth about any particular issue that affects our lives, we can exercise our freedom to both acknowledge and act upon the truth, or ignore and deny it,
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