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By: Gwendolyn Strmic

As a 16-year-old junior in high school, I was looking forward to joining the soccer team again while waiting in the pediatrician's office for my physical. The examination concluded that I was growing well and healthy. Thinking the appointment was about to end, I stood up and gathered my things while my mom talked with the medical assistant. I overheard the assistant say that I needed a tetanus booster. When I resisted and asked her to please wait a moment for me to grasp what was happening, she was already cleaning my deltoid with an alcohol wipe. I ended up cornered and before I knew it, she had administered the vaccine. I left the office in tears.

Ten years later, I wonder about the fear that other children experience during a vaccination. Of course, many fear the pain from the injection itself, but maybe there is more to it. Could it be a deep-rooted, instinctual feeling that what is being done to our body is not quite right?

From the early method of vaccinating against smallpox in the 1800s to the more recent Gardasil vaccine for HPV of the 21st century, dozens of vaccines have been developed and administered to millions, if not billions of people around the world. Health organizations tell us that several diseases have been wiped out thanks to vaccines. They recommend we follow strict vaccine schedules beginning with the hepatitis B vaccine given soon after birth to annual flu shots until the day we die, as well as a number of vaccines that are administered when traveling out of the country. These are for our own good, right?

Maybe in a perfect world... In our world, however, we find evidence that shows most contagious diseases were already declining steadily before their vaccines were introduced: 

Many vaccinated individuals contract the very illness they were “immunized” against: Many suffer mild to severe reactions following a vaccination, which unfortunately tend to be grossly underreported:

In recent years, it has become indisputable that the rates of autoimmune diseases such as diabetes mellitus and asthma have grown tremendously. This is also true for neurological disorders, including autism, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's. Even food allergies have risen. How would we ever know if vaccines have contributed to these outrageous explosions?

After reviewing the various components purposely included in vaccines, it is hard to believe that they are anything but dangerous.

Thimerosal has become a popular topic lately, mainly due to its possible association with autism. Until recently, this toxic mercury-derived preservative has been used in practically every multi-dose vial vaccine - and even though numerous vaccine manufacturers claim to be “mercury-free” now, many of their products still contain trace amounts.

Aluminum salt adjuvants found in vaccines are extremely damaging, especially in conjunction with mercury. Dr. David Ayoub gives a comprehensive lecture regarding the link between aluminum toxicity from vaccines and childhood illnesses in this video:
Vaccines and Childhood Illnesses: Beyond Thimerosal. David Ayoub, MD:
Another ingredient, formaldehyde " used as a preservative " is known to be a carcinogen and can cause allergic reactions, and possibly genetic damage as well. The FluMist vaccine and varicella (chicken pox) shot contain monosodium glutamate in order to stabilize and preserve. Disturbingly, there are also aborted fetal tissues, chick embryos and kidney cells, and monkey kidney tissue integrated during the production of vaccines. 

Other harmful elements found in vaccines include: ammonium sulfate, Bacto Peptone, beta-Propiolactone, benzethonium chloride, EDTA, gentamicin, glutaraldehyde, hydrochloric acid, phenol, 2-phenoxyethanol, phosphate buffers, polyethylene glycol p-isooctylphenyl ether, polysorbate 80, sodium acetate, sodium bisulfite, sodium borate, sodium hydroxide, tributylphosphate........

Why are we urged to accept injections which contain known poisons? What will happen when we no longer have a choice? Our government has already pushed for mandatory vaccinations - remember H1N1? What kind of motive is behind this?

We do have a voice right now; to demand safer vaccines made without toxic materials; to raise awareness among our fellow citizens so that we can fight back when needed; to keep our freedom intact so that we can decide for ourselves what we want to put into our bodies and our children's bodies!
Check out Vaccines: Public Safety and Personal Choice and these quotes before making the decision to vaccinate your child.

Gwendolyn Strmic is a concerned daughter, wife and mother, and believes the chemicals included in the vaccines we are bombarded with today are doing more harm to us than good. A big proponent of eating right and not filling our bodies with dangerous chemicals, our bodies were designed to work efficiently to thwart of aliments and diseases if it is not compromised. Visit her on Facebook at Facebook.Com/Gwendolyn.Strmic

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      Attorney For Freedom  
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