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Publisher's Backpage

Publisher's Backpage

By: Ernest Hancock

I have made an intentional effort to recognize ‘worry’ as a starting pistol for motivating me to do something. Worry is associated with emotions like fear and anxiety and these feelings can be beneficial if they motivate an individual to eliminate the source of the fear.

Fear of hunger and thirst is a great motivator in the quest for food and water. Exposure to less than ideal temperatures or other weather conditions encourages the securing of shelter and clothing. The increasing source of my worrying is the fear that my peaceful and voluntary actions to address these real concerns are becoming increasingly regulated, monitored and forbidden, or demanded, by people with notions and potions… and guns.

I remember a Congressional Questionnaire over a decade ago from the largest newspaper in Arizona that asked, ‘where’s home’. The whole purpose of the question was to highlight the fact that one of the candidates had just moved to Arizona to run for a vulnerable political office. But as usual, libertarian candidates can always be counted on to be different and cause people to think. My answer was simply, “Wherever my family is”. I don’t know what follow-up question there is to that, but then the question wasn’t really for me anyway. But I know what conversation they were hoping to spark.

The bestowers of the ‘rings of power’ want/need a documented pledge to The State. The idea that home would be associated with family, or an environment that was best suited for their provision, isn’t even in their vocabulary.

My wife Donna and I have been satisfied sharing with as many people as possible, our opinion that freedom is a catalyst for the attainment of dreams. And we humans have dreamed BIG. Fantastic advances in transportation, communication, energy production/efficiency, food, manufacturing, medical care and materials just to name a few that immediately come to mind. But how are we doing emotionally? Are we satisfied with our circumstances?

The massive increase in human productivity over the last century hasn’t proven to provide the luxury retirement promised millions for their willing participation in the collective management of their lives and resources. And even a majority demand that Generation Next take responsibility for the debts of their parents and grandparents isn’t going to stop the coming reshuffling of society.

We’re taking action because we are very worried, and we will be sharing what we learn in a new newsletter that will chronicle our efforts to gain a much greater peace of mind. We have already reached out to many leaders in the freedom community and the LOV3olution about our plans and have been pleased to find that our efforts will be paralleled all over the Americas and around the world. The massive change coming is inevitable. But if understood, anticipated and prepared for, the changes that the Earth’s population is going to experience can be a giant leap forward for the health and happiness of individuals willing to make the effort… and we are going to help.

Since I am of the opinion that there is no central plan for freedom, I hope to gather as much detailed information about what is being done and what can be done NOW to secure our families’ futures. We hope to launch the product at the end of April and we are already preparing. You will be happy to learn that there are many such efforts across the country that may inspire you to learn more about how to thrive in the coming new economy of abundance and health that is already starting to blossom in an atmosphere of scarcity and dependence. We will be highlighting the creation of a libertarian community here in Arizona and others around the country. New Hampshire, Georgia, Missouri, Texas, Washington, Montana and Arizona have already come to our attention as libertarian efforts.

We’ll be working hard to detail site selection, the digging/drilling of wells, growing of food, aquaponics, health, education, building, storage, energy etc. We’ve already done a great deal of coverage in these areas but this only prepared us to go into much greater detail and be of real help to our friends and neighbors that are going to need this information very soon.

But what many of you may appreciate most is the attention to how a voluntarist community could be created, and what would be the traits of such a community. Advancements in knowledge, energy and materials in just the last 5 years have opened my mind to what is now possible. The first step to Declaring your Independence is to learn how not to be dependent. And learning to do this with friends and family and the help of like minded individuals is likely to turn anxiety into excitement.

I’ll be detailing the new targeted newsletter in the April Edition of the e-Zine. But if by the end of May you haven’t been told about our efforts by several friends, well… then we did it wrong :)

There were few that shared my certainty about the sustained viral aspects of the r3VOLution when first envisioned… a successful decentralized movement with liberty as its primary goal. I share with you that I am just as certain about the cultural shifting power of this new project. I hope you will join us in this journey, I feel much better now that the decision has been made… ‘Excitement’ is the word.



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