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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock 1480 KPHX Sunday at 4pm PST - June 3rd 2007

Given an opportunity to ask every candidate for President a question, what would you want to know? This is a question that would be asked of all candidates. The audience will be encouraged to think carefully about this.

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"Declare Your Independence" Radio Archive - June 3rd 2007
Sunday at 4pm MST - Listen live
The Revolution will not be televised,... but it will be YouTubed!
2008 - The Year That The People Saved America,... or at least pointed out that it needed saving.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Race for President of the United States - 2008
The audience is asked to generate questions they would like answered by all of the candidates.
"What would be the top 1 - 3 questions you would like answered by each Presidential Candidate?" (I just might be able to get some on air answers for you :)
After the show I will post here the most common audience questions & the questions I want answered.



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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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(1) What is the purpose of government?

(2) If you have a goal in mind for society, is the threat of VIOLENCE the proper means by which to implement it?

(3) Who owns you, and what does that mean?

(4) Do you understand what GROUPTHINK is? Have you noticed how it pervades mainstream political thought?

(5) What exactly is FASCISM, and how does our current American government fit that label?

That should have them squirming in their shorts! ;-)

Comment by Psychictaxi
Entered on:
1. What should be the fate of ANY person who breaks their oath to defend the U.S.Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic?

2. Do you consider an Executive Order of a president as law?

3. How can I keep unwanted visitors out of my yard without putting up a fence?

Thanks Ernie,

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