Declare Your Independence With Ernest Hancock Afternoon April 19th 2010 
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Subject:  Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

Declare Your Independence With Ernest Hancock Afternoon April 19th 2010

Hour 1 - Author James Bovard - "Lost Rights - The Destruction of American Liberty" - "Freedom in Chains - The Rise of the State and the Demise of the Citizen" - "Attention Deficit Democracy" / Hour 2 - Gary Johnson - Former Gov. of New Mex. (2012 ??

Program Date:  Monday, April 19, 2010

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio

Host: Ernest Hancock

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock strives to create an understanding of the Philosophy of Liberty. Understanding is far more important than agreement -- that will come in its own time.

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Monday April 19th 2010
Hour 1 mp3 - Author James Bovard - "Lost Rights - The Destruction of American Liberty" - "Freedom in Chains - The Rise of the State and the Demise of the Citizen" - "Attention Deficit Democracy"
Hour 2 mp3 - Gary Johnson - Former Gov. of New Mex. and POTUS 2012 hopeful for many.
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Monday - Friday
4pm - 6pm Central DST


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"James Bovard has become the roving inspector general of the modern State." Wall Street Journal

    JAMES BOVARD      





recent articles & interviews:

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Russian TV interview on Danger of Dictatorship

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Post 9/11 Roundup of Innocents: Ashcroft's High Crime

Barron's: Obama's Summer Jobs Program Farce

McNamara's Other Body Count Debacle

REAL ID and the Danger of Government

Celebrate International Torture Day by Prosecuting Torturers

"Expanding the IMF to Bail out Tinhorn Dictators"

"The Latest Torture Coverup Scam"

"AmeriCorps and the Peril of Mandatory National Service"

"Obama's Great Medical Records Roundup"

"How Abu Ghraib was Politically Defused"

Bovard books at

Contact Jim Bovard




Bovard Photos from Various Demonstrations on FLICKR     




BOVARD Comments/Blogs at

Prior design of this web page:


Bovard Speeches on YouTube

Buy it

Contact Jim Bovard

Epigrams from Attention Deficit Democracy


** Bush Betrayal Now Available in Arabic

Bovard articles & Interviews:

Ripon Forum: The National Service Illusion

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American Conservative: Latest Twists on the Torture Scandal

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American Conservative: The Torture Ticking Time Bomb Beneath the Bush Administration

Los Angeles Times: Your Right to Torture the Truth out of Your Congressman

Editor & Publisher: The Washington Post Makes Dictatorial Powers Mundane

FFF: Government Lies vs. Self-Government

Globalist: The Torturous Servility of Washington Think Tanks

Baltimore Sun: Bush's Illegal Covert Financial Surveillance [also in the China Post, Salt Lake Tribune, Bergen Record, & other papers]

Freeman: Democracy versus Liberty

Freedom Daily: The Bush Torture Memos

FFF: The New Hungarian Uprising's Lessons for America

American Conservative: "All Your Balls Belong to Us" - my Review of John Yoo's Torture manifesto

FFF: Bush's Operation Founding Fathers Fraud

American Conservative: Conservatives' Treason on Free Speech

LRC: Israel's Forgotten Record in Lebanon, 1982+

American Conservative: Bush's Dictatorial Signing Statements

Fox News's Hannity & Colmes, June 23, 2006, debating Bush abuses

MSNBC, June 23, 2006 - debating Bush's illegal financial surveillance

American Conservative: "Reach Out & Tap Someone" (NSA wiretapping)

Video of National Press Club Talk - FFF MAY 2

The AL-JAZEERA Television Interview Transcript from London May 17

FFF: Bush's Wiretap Crimes & the FISA Farce

FFF: The Most Absurdities Per Kilo (the Chong Bong Bust)

Sunni's Salon Interview - April 2006

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Baltimore Chronicle: Bush's Bogus Theory of Boundless Power

Los Angeles Times: A Terrorist on Every Corner?

Orange County Register: Defining Freedom Down

Newsday: We're Losing in the Government Game

American Conservative: The NSA Spying Scandal

Orange County Register: Forgotten Dangers of Illegal Surveillance

American Conservative: Lawless Dick Cheney Strikes Again

Chicago: Patriot Act and Attention Deficit Democracy

O Estado de São Paulo: "A ignorância está afundando a democracia" (Brazil's third largest circulation newspaper)

Editor & Publisher: Fact-Checking the Feds on Airport Killing Killing in the Name of Democracy

Baltimore Chronicle: The Farcical Definition at the Core of the War on Terror

Arizona: FISA Farce

FFF: Unleashing the Federal Surveillance Machine

Reason: TSA Killers & Their Apologists

Freedom Daily: How the Feds Took Over Farming

O Estado de São Paulo: Um terrorista em cada canto [Brazil]

Washington Times: Setting the Record Straight

Wisconsin Public Radio interview with Joy Cardin (1/25)

Other 2006 publications:

Salt Lake Tribune, Anniston Star, Las Cruces Sun News, Dodge City Globe, Southern Utah University Journal, The Peninsula (Qatar), Manchester Union Leader(NH), Albany Times Union, Myrtle Beach Sun News, Montana Standard (Butte), The Colombian (Vancouver, WA), Pasadena Weekly, Central Oregonian, Islamic Broadcasting Network, Glencoe News (Minnesota), Daily Sun News (Washington), Northwest Arkansas News, Willits News (California),

Comments & Reviews on Attention Deficit Democracy:

"A lively attack on politicians, voters and government. Bovard's indictment of an ineffective but ever-expanding federal government would make any libertarian proud." Ari Melber, New York Post

"Bovard is a partisan of neither major party, only of liberty... Bovard has done his research and nailed the case against the administration, whose officials, all the way to the top, clearly authorized... torture... The American people must start paying attention, and thus start being more outraged. Reading Attention Deficit Democracy is a perfect place to start." Anthony Gregory, Freedom Daily

"Our modern-day Thomas Paine has done it again. In Attention Deficit Democracy, Bovard bombards us with the same high level of unfettered ‘Common Sense' perspective on freedom that we've come to expect from him." Joe Fondren, WRJM, Alabama radio

"Bovard explains how supposedly free citizens have bought into the lies and frauds offered by the political class.... Bovard offers wise counsel and sage advice. But if he is right, the voters will be sure to ignore it." Steve Greenhut, Orange County Register

"It is fantastic. I could not stop thinking about it. It is the unheard truth behind whatis happening in the United States." Liz Skrobiszewski, WRIR Richmond, Virginia.

"It‘s a wonderful book. It is really thought provoking. Anyone who wants to think out there is in for a treat with this book." Bill Borst, WGNU Radio St. Louis

"Bovard is an an iconoclast's iconoclast. While much of the western world unquestioningly accepts democracy's pretense... Bovard not only questions those pretenses, he proves them false.... Bovard yanks the curtain off the voting booth." Becky Akers, Counterpunch

"Playing fast and loose.... Bombthrower... A grating tone... Overheated.... Shopworn dissident rhetoric... Character assassinations... Such smearing is all in a day's work for Mr. Bovard...." Washington Times

"Attention Deficit Democracy is Bovard's best book. You can open up this book anywhere, start reading, and every paragraph will smack you upside the head. For those concerned about the future of our Republic, ADD is as compelling as the most intruiging novel. Unfortuntely, it is not fiction." Brian Wilson, WSPD Toledo

"Spectacular... Attention Deficit Democracy displays Bovard's emergence as a formidable prose stylist. Relentlessly incisive and epigrammatic, Bovard at his best reminds me of Nock and Mencken. And in the course of nearly 300 pages, he very rarely - if ever - descends from that exalted level." Will Grigg, Editor in Chief, New American

"In his latest book, Bovard has put his literary finger on one of the critical factors that will determine not just how, but if America is to survive as a nation bearing a semblance of similarity to that envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Attention Deficit Democracy warns us in no uncertain terms that unless we reverse the accelerating trend toward a country populated by a people largely ignorant of history, civics, and politics, we will wake up one day - soon- and find we have no freedom left; because we didn't even recognize it when we had it." Former Rep. Bob Barr

"Bovard is one of my favorite authors... Attention Deficit Democracy is kind of a painful read." Jan Mickleson, WHO Iowa radio

"Bovard... is one of very few journalists who are both pro-freedom and willing to dig... The dry wit is vintage Bovard, and is plentiful throughout Attention Deficit Democracy. Such Menckenesque touches are much appreciated... " Sunni Marvillosa

"Attention Deficit Democracy not only diagnoses our national malady, it provides a remedy as well. If you care about the loss of our liberty, have people read this book. Once Bovard gets their blood boiling, they start paying attention!" Charles Goyette, Air America

"Government, can only be as crooked as the public and media allow it to be, Bovard argues, decrying voters who vote for a candidate because he 'wears a cowboy hat'and the media for not being vigilant enough in calling out wayward politicians.... Readers looking for a rousing refresher on the merits of skepticism will find it here in spades." Publishers Weekly

"This is an amazing book... A fantastic job... Bovard is one of the best writers for freedom in the world today." Gardner Goldsmith, WNTK New Hampshire radio

"Bovard takes no prisoners in his argument that we, as a nation, have lost sight of the very tenants of freedom and democracy that the Founding Fathers wanted to establish." Tampa Tribune Online

"It is a great book. People should not read this book unless they are willing to have their arms twisted to think for themselves." Ron Smith, WBAL, Baltimore

"A fascinating read. I encourage you to get it" Peter McCandless, Radio Missouri

"Attention Deficit Democracy is a wake-up call to the American people. As Bovard reveals one ridiculous lie after another, you won't know whether to laugh or cry." Laissez Faire Books

"James Bovard has hit another one out of the park... Americans may suffer from an attention deficit when it comes to their government, but your attention will be riveted on this book. By the time I reached the final page, my copy bristled with Post-It notes marking Jim's brilliant observations, startling facts, and wickedly witty statements." Claire Wolfe, author and renowned hell-raiser

A Portuguese language review (translation of Counterpunch essay review)

For Review Copies & Interviews - contact Joseph Rinaldi, St Martin's Press 212 674 5151 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              212 674 5151      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

January 21, 2006- Bovard at the Manhattan Libertarian Convention - NYC



#2 Bestseller in India - October 2004



Bush's Betrayal of American Conservatives



Spinoffs, Excerpts, et al.:

The Millennium Challenge Foreign Aid Fraud Barron's February 21, 2005

The Pentagon's Growing Threat to Homeland Liberties Alternet December 10, 2004

TSA's Nationwide Looting Epidemic New York Times August 18, 2004

Ashcroft's Antiterrorism Antics -American Conservative October 11, 2004

Bush Lies & Thrives Alternet September 17, 2004

The Bush Administration's Wrecking Ball Benevolence Barron's August 23, 2004

Bipartisan Repression of Freedom of Speech Baltimore Sun, August 6, 2004

Thwarting Terrorists with a Kosher Meal Registry Boston Globe, August 16, 2004

The Latest Farm Policy Fraud Washington Times, August 15, 2004

Saddam as the Twentieth Hijacker Freedom Daily October 2004

The No-Fault No-Fly List October 13, 2004

For publicity, contact Emily Gewitz at St. Martin's Press/Palgrave MacMillan - 800 221 7945 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting   

Monday April 19th 2010
Hour 1 mp3 - Author James Bovard - "Lost Rights - The Destruction of American Liberty" - "Freedom in Chains - The Rise of the State and the Demise of the Citizen" - "Attention Deficit Democracy"
Hour 2 mp3 - Gary Johnson - Former Gov. of New Mex. and POTUS 2012 hopeful for many.
Broadcast on

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