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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Morning April 26th 2010

The arrests of legal Americans that have a Drivers License but do not have their Birth Certificate with them has begun already in Arizona. "Papers Please" has already begun.... let the battle begin.

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  Monday April 26th 2010 
Ernest, Something you said today on your radio program reminded me of a quote.

"Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always." --Gandhi

Ken D
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4409 -- Arrested over Arizona's Real I.D. Paper's Please SB1070 bill
Forty Four O Nine
   Now everyone who is stopped gets their information and data transmitted to Homeland security via your drivers license number or your social security number or your name. This was not allowed until this bill was passed.


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Comment by Found Zero
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The battle has begun on Freedoms Phoenix but so far, the vanguard of opposition hasn't got much further than sticking out their tongues and going "nya nya nya".

The obvious resonse of saying "nanny-nanny-poo-poo" just seems to easy. They HAVE TO have SOMETHING better than this. Let's just give them a chance to get past spluttering rage.

Freaking neocons. Unbearable when they loose and twice as unbearable when they win. How like their progressive cousins.

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