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Declare Your Independence With Ernest Hancock Afternoon April 27th 2010

Hour 1 (First half hour) - Dr. Chuck Baldwin / (Second half hour) - Dave Hodges

Hour 1 - 3

Tuesday April 27th 2010

Hour 1 mp3 / Hour 2 mp3

Hour 1 (First half hour) - Dr. Chuck Baldwin

(Second half hour) - Dave Hodges
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Front yard vegetable garden provides much more than dinner
04-27-2010  • 
An unexpected bonus in all this? Lots of affirming feedback and warm exchanges with dog walkers, joggers, neighbors, and even the mailman — although he wishes I would grow watermelons.  

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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Beautiful show today, Ernie.  I enjoyed the last half of the 2nd hour especially.  Thank you very much.   I am sharing my side yard garden with my neighbors and I have plans of expanding it.  Love is where it is at no doubt about it.

Tough times in some aspects, I am not sure how to react to recent events here in AZ and the city streets have McInsane and Prop 100 raise yer taxes for public safety and education (again!) signs here and there.  But I was driving along and was thrilled to see some hand made signs posted countering these fear and lies campaign signs.  It gave me hope. 

I knew that didn't sound like you on the various comments. Thanks for clearing that up. 

Best regards, Jeanne

Comment by Oyate
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If Oyate wrote another article like the troll instruction one we bet all sorts of  us's would come back out or not who knows? But that was a party if i do say so myself. Also it appears the ernest troll was beaten and  brutally sodomized be powell and his gang of pedophile bikers.

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