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Thomas Woods - R3VOLUTION SuperPAC

Ernie talks with Thomas Woods about the R3VOLUTION SuperPAC - 09/19/11

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 26 Minutes and 56 Secs
Guests: Thomas E. Woods
Freedom's Phoenix Newsletter: Morning Dispatch - Afternoon Dispatch 

Like our patriot counterparts on September 19, 1777, Revolution PAC is taking on the established forces with relentlessness and agility. But we've got another tool in our arsenal: our ability to accept unlimited donations - and not just from individuals, but from businesses and organizations as well.
Our hard-hitting ad "Plastic Men" attracted major media coverage last week. (Watch it below now!) I know you'll agree with me that this is the introduction to Ron Paul we have all wanted to see on the airwaves. Please help us air this ad in key primary states with a donation today!
Yours truly,
Thomas Woods, Ph.D.
Revolution PAC Advisory Board Chairman
and New York Times bestselling author


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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Hello, Ernie!


Thank you very much for this short but sweet piece wherein you interview Thomas Woods.  You both explain so eloquently the merit and the genius of the R3VOLUTION SuperPAC.

I made a about you all out there?  Go Ron Paul! 


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