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January 9th, 2012 - Ernest Hancock returns to LRN.FM, M-F, 9 a.m.-Noon, EST (MP3 Loaded)

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock show returns to a daily 3 hour radio show on LRN.FM, Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. - Noon (EST)
Media Type: Audio • Time: 124 Minutes and 0 Secs

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 124 Minutes and 0 Secs
The return of the
Declare Your Independence
with Ernest Hancock show
to LRN.FM begins
Monday, January 9th, 2012
9 a.m. to Noon EST


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Science, Medicine and Technology
Microsoft Reinvents Wi-Fi for White Spaces
01-08-2012  •  Christopher Mims via 
Researchers show that they can make more efficient use of the airwaves than previously thought. But now Congress has to notice.


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Law Enforcers or Peace Officers
In Virginia: Another Highway Robbery
01-08-2012  •  The Agitator 
VICTOR RAMOS GUZMAN and his brother-in-law noticed a Virginia state trooper pull up beside them as they traveled on Interstate 95 near Emporia, Va., in November. “A police car drove by in parallel, looked at our faces and on no more than that decided

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Freedom's Phoenix
Subscribe now - Jan Edition of Freedom's Phoenix Digital Magazine available Jan 6th by 11:59 p.m
01-05-2012  •  Freedoms Phoenix 
READY FOR DOWNLOAD - By 11:59pm PST on the First Friday of each Month (Jan 6th, 2012) the eZine is published for Online viewing via Computer or by File Download for Digital Devices

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Boondoggle and white elephants
Peter Schiff Warning to Ron Paul Supporters: NIA is a Scam!
01-07-2012  •  YouTube via RTR.ORG post 
"The NIA has produced a very professional anti-Mitt Romeny video called "The Romney Con" that the NIA hopes will go viral. DO NOT help make that

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Off Grid Living
Walmart Is Now Serving Preppers
01-08-2012  • 
I was browsing through the Walmart in Queen Creek on Rittenhouse and was surprised to see there shelves stocked up

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Criminal Justice System
Judge has unruly defendant's mouth taped shut
01-08-2012  •  CBS News 
A Pennsylvania man had his mouth taped shut by sheriff's deputies after repeatedly disrupting a court hearing by saying his free speech rights were being violated. A Cambria County judge ordered Erik Britt's mouth taped shut after he repeatedly disru.


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Economy - International
Pension fund divests from Walmart for violating global labor standards
01-07-2012  •  Muriel Kane via The 
The largest pension fund in the Netherlands has divested itself of all shares in Walmart as a result of the company’s anti-union position and poor labor standards.

From The Daily Beast:
The biggest challenges facing the world in 2011 are not the most obvious, says World Bank president Robert B. Zoellick. 
Over the past year, emerging markets such as China, India, and Brazil have continued to drive economic growth, while the developed world, namely the United States and parts of Europe, have remained mired in debt and unemployment. In the lead-up to the World Economic Forum in Davos, NEWSWEEK's R. M. Schneiderman interviewed World Bank president Robert B. Zoellick about the future of the global economy.

Ian Freeman - Host of Free Talk Live and LRN.FM - How to run your own radio station.
Program Date:  2010-12-15
   Ian Freeman - Host of Free Talk Live and Program Director of LRN.FM and Blogger on - How to run your own radio station.


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