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February 16th, 2012 - L. Neil Smith - Steve Neil - (Audio & Video Loaded)

L. Neil Smith, science fiction author, has a new book, 'Down With Power: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis' - Steve Neil bought the one and only AZ Centennial Commemorative Gold Medallion, and has a story to tell about it...
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Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 123 Minutes and 0 Secs
02-16-2012 Hour 1 Ernest Hancock with L. Neil Smith:

02-16-2012 Hour 2 Ernest Hancock with Steve Neil on AZ Commemorative Gold Medallion:

02-16-2012 Hour 3 Ernest Hancock Ron Paul activist arrested Mesa, AZ- Maine caucus fraud:
February 16th, 2012
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Hour 1
L. Neil Smith
Science Fiction Author
New Book , Down With Power,
Order Down With Power on Amazon

Other books by L. Neil Smith:

The Probability Broach (Del Rey, 1980) (see below for the 1996 re-issue) image size: 50,198-bytes

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Their Majesties' Bucketeers (Del Rey, 1981) image size: 55,063-bytes

The Nagasaki Vector (Del Rey, 1983) image size: 46,131-bytes

Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu (Del Rey, 1983) image size: 42,023-bytes

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Tom Paine Maru (Del Rey, 1984) image size is 36,560-bytes

The Gallatin Divergence (Del Rey, 1985) image size is 52,985-bytes

The Wardove (Ace, 1986) image size is 45,725-bytes

The Crystal Empire (Tor, 1986) image size is 74,746-bytes

Brightsuit MacBear (Avon, 1988) image size is 69,720-bytes

Taflak Lysandra (Avon, 1989) image size is 57,925

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Converse and Conflict (Warner/Questar, 1990) image size is 57,548-bytes

Concert and Cosmos (not [yet!] published)(Coming April 2000!)

Open Space, a Marvel comic, contains an story scripted by L. Neil Smith image size is 87,562-bytes

Pallas (Tor, 1991) image size is 54,410-bytes

The Probability Broach -- Republished, in unexpurgated form, by TOR Books in October, 1996. image size is 66,578, and 50,198 bytes

Bretta Martyn -- published in August, 1997. image size is 121,134-bytes

Free Space contains a story by L. Neil Smith image size is 100,216-bytes

Bretta Martyn -- paperback, published in October, 1998. image size is 49,070-bytes

The Mitzvah -- paperback, published in 1999. image size is 42,841-bytes

Forge of the Elders -- published April 2000 (image size is 58,683-bytes)

Lever Action -- published April, 2001 (image size is 53,039-bytes)

Hope -- paperback, published in August, 2001 (image size is 41,301-bytes)

The American Zone -- published Nobember, 2001 (image size is 74-279-bytes)

The Probability Broach -- Republished, in a trade paperback edition, by TOR Books in December, 2001. (image size is 54,404-bytes)

The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel
(with Scott Bieser). Published by Bighead Press, November 2004. (image size is 82,866-bytes)

Tom Paine Maru (eBook, 2005) image size: 84,518-bytes)[New!]
Hour 2
Steve Neil
Bought the first, and only, Arizona Centennial Commemorative Gold Medallion - and has a story to tell about it...
I watched your show today, and then I found the updated post on FreedomsPhoenix with all the docs you got from the AHAC, the agency in charge of the centennial medallions. I read them carefully. One small item for starters:
The sales tax issue:
For starters, there should be no sales tax per ARS 42-5061.A.54 as I wrote yesterday. Next, the spreadsheet shows sales tax AND the order form has a blank for sales tax! Double taxation like never seen before.
The best reading is the deal with the company who produced the medallions, Medalcraft. Here's how Medalcraft priced the different metals:
Gold: $1781 for cost of materials + $784 to Medalcraft (44% markup) for a total of $2565.
Silver: $34.90 for cost of materials + $18 to Medalcraft (51%) for a total of $52.90 (50 qty)
Copper: $0.21 for cost of materials + $3.04 to Medalcraft (1,485%) for a total of $3.25 (250 qty)
Medalcraft does the following for the $$ they are getting:
Cast the blank and prep it for strike
Strike it
Put it in a little plastic bag
They don't pay for the metals; they already protected themselves from fluctuations in the price of the metals, so why did they have to add such huge sums? If $3.04 is acceptable for making the copper medallion, I can't see that a gold medallion takes any more work to make, but instead of being marked up $3.04, the gold one is marked up an astonishing $784, adding 44% more to the cost!
It does not appear that the AHAC was very thorough in their procurement and purchasing. This could have been a great thing for collectors, but when these centennial medallions are marked up so much more than the typical bullion coins and medallions, it doesn't make much sense.
Gosh. They have really messed this up haven't they? The sum total of the law about 300 words.
I did compare the weight of a 2011 US silver eagle to a silver Arizona centennial medallion and they are as identical as my scale can show.
Weights: The copper medallion weighs 1/16th of a pound and the silver weighs about 10% more, a troy oz. And I heard them state this to people at the booth on Saturday.
Diameter: The diameter is identical for copper and silver, so for gold easy to assume same die equals same diameter.
Thickness: The silver is about 3.25 mm and the copper about 3.00 mm. Can't say on the gold.
Couple more docs for your website. Certificate of weight and certificate of purity. The weights jive with what I measure. The purity I don't know how to judge.
Some info to prime the pump for tomorrow's show
I got the refund for the 9.3% tax they charged but shouldn't have. Most of the other sales I saw going on with other people were cash and carry or credit card. Cash and carry - they are out of luck getting a refund unless they hear about it on your show or the ladies happened to get any info from the buyer. Credit cards - the ladies apparently don't have the info they need because I expected an automatic refund, but I had to give them all the credit card info again to get my refund.
I asked how that the no tax provision of the law was missed, and she said that her office didn't notice it and that their attorney specifically told them that the medallions were to be taxed.
On the issue of the weight not being on the face of the medallion, she showed me that the purity is stated on the medallion like the law says. The silver has ".999 FS" engraved on the side edge. The gold has "24KT". I said, I don't think the law states that the purity is to be stated, but it does state that the weight is to be on the face. I showed her on the bill where it says the weight is supposed to be on the face and she said, "Oh, it does say the weight". UGH!
The irony of all this is that on Saturday, one of the ladies held up 2011 Senate Bill1498, which is exactly what I was readin g from today.
I asked that my medallions be remade per the law. She said to expect it to take about a week to get me an answer.
--- Steve

Hour 3
Ron Paul Wins Maine
02-14-2012  A voter advocacy group tallies votes from eye witnesses to the Maine caucus that results in Ron Paul winning with 43%, Mitt Romney 32%, Rick Sanatorium 19%, and Newt 5%.
Reality Check: GOP Scrambles Under Allegations of Rampant Election Fraud In Maine Caucus
02-15-2012  • The Latest Reality Check about Maine !! 

Ron Paul Supporter Arrested at AZ Romney Rally Interviewed
02-15-2012  •  My Videocamera/Psychictaxi YouTube Channel 
Christiano Espinoza had the double fortune to be associated with both Ron Paul and the 'Dream Act Kids' when he was arrested at the Mitt Romney Rally in Mesa...

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