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06-13-12 - Kurt Wallace - George Polisner - Show on the road Des Moines, Iowa - (MP3 Loaded)

Kurt Wallace (DailyPaulRadio.Com) shares information about his interview with Rand Paul - George Polisner (Alonovo.Com) provides an update - Ernest will be on the road for the month of June - Pictures updated daily (click thru to view)...
Media Type: Audio • Time: 157 Minutes

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 157 Minutes

Kurt Wallace (DailyPaulRadio.Com) shares information about his interview with Rand Paul - George Polisner (Alonovo.Com) provides us an update - Ernest will be on the road for the month of June - Pictures updated daily

June 13th, 2012
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock
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Hour 1
Kurt Wallace
Kurt shares information about his interview with Rand Paul
News Link  • 
Politics: Republican Campaigns
Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview
06-12-2012  •  DailyPaulRadio 
Senator Rand Paul joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview’ to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answers the questions submitted by The Daily Paul community.

News Link  • 
Politics: Republican Campaigns
Peter Schiff Speaks With Rand Paul About Romney Endorsement


Hour 2
Kurt Wallace Continues with an update on his interview with Rand Paul
Hour 3
George Polisner
Webpage: Alonovo.Com
about the alonovo concept -

Think of the power of a large database that collects information about how corporations behave and then integrates that data directly into the shopping experience. When you are about to purchase a TV, shoes, socks or an iPod you can not only consider the price and the quality of the product, but can easily see what kind of behavior we are "buying into".

Our mission is to connect the concept of corporate behavior directly to the profit motive. When a corporation is evolving to balance people, planet and profit -everyone wins.

We are working to inform society in a very simple, visually appealing manner with regard to corporate behavior at their point of online purchase. And the reason is every time we make a purchase we are transferring power to a business. Is this power going to support ...

* Fair Labor or Sweatshops?
* Emission Reduction or Pollution?
* Recycling or Toxic Waste?
* Resource Conservation or Plunder the Earth?
* Political Neutrality or Undermining Democracy?
* Partner with Local Community or Destroy the Local Community Economy?

We provide an experience that will gradually connect how a company behaves with their growth and profit. And this is the importance of a large and growing community. If we are just a small group of people, we won't have much of an impact. However if you tell everyone you know about this service we can be a large force that can impact how corporations conduct themselves.

Hour 3

Pictures Day 1 (JUNE 6TH, 2012):
Phoenix, AZ to Salt Lake City, UT:
Packed and ready to go:
Verde Valley, AZ (Camp Verde):

Fort Tuthill Campground, AZ (South of Flagstaff, AZ):

Flagstaff, AZ:

Lots of Native American Roadside Stands set up along the Arizona roads. Here is one that is set up just south of Page, AZ - in the background, you can see where the Grand Canyon Begins (wow - what a nice place to work):

Glen Canyon Dam, AZ (near Lake Powell):

Panguitch, Utah:

Sunset in Utah (just south of Salt Lake City):


Salt Lake City, UT to Idaho Falls, ID

Doing the show in the hotel room in Salt Lake City before hitting the road again:

Leaving Salt Lake City, Utah:

Entering Idaho:

Beautiful Idaho scenery:

Ernest in the Idaho Falls O'Reilly's Auto Parts store, getting new bearings for the trailer we are hauling (rear seal went out, and with it all the grease - luckily, we caught it just in time, but finding just the right parts was a little tricky):

Local Sheriff's Dept. officer in Dubois, Idaho helps by holding a flashlight (for over an hour):

Idaho Falls, ID to Kalispell, MT:
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - broadcasting LIVE in the parking lot of O'Reilly's Auto Parts in Idaho Falls, Idaho - literally, 'on the road':

Ernest fixing the trailer bearings between breaks during the show:

O'Reilly's Auto Parts in Idaho Falls, Idaho:
A listener from Idaho Falls (Ron Cecil), hearing that we had trouble with the trailer bearings and needing to get them fixed before continuing on the trip, comes by to help out! And Ernest puts him on the show....
Ron Cecil and Donna Hancock after finishing with the bearings...(THANKS RON)  :)

Finally - entering Montana...

Stopped to fill up in a little town about an hour south of Kalispell - note that we took the magnetic Ron Paul sign off the car after all the Rand Paul stuff that ensued that day.
There aren't very many ways into Kalispell, MT - this is approaching Kalispell coming thru the mountains...

Beautiful Kalispell, MT:

Traveling thru the western part of Montana:

More scenery thru western Montana:
Ernest and Donna Hancock meet up with Gary and Verda Gagnon in Kalispell, MT 
Visiting Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship (Kalispell, MT):
Liberty Fellowship:
Driving thru the Southwest part of Montana:
More beautiful scenery in Southwestern Montana:

Kalispell, MT to Custer, SD (Left Kalispell, MT Sunday evening - stopped in Gillette, WY to do the radio show Monday morning before heading to Custer, SD where we spent the night):

Entering Wyoming in the middle of the night:

Horses in the wilderness of Wyoming at daybreak:
More Wyoming at daybreak:
Wyoming - no chemtrails here...:
 Entering South Dakota:
Here is where we stayed in Custer, South Dakota (15 minutes from Crazy Horse) - really beautiful here:
Ernest with a little too much horseradish:
Evening in Custer, SD (stopped to play a little miniature golf):
PICTURES DAY 7 (June 13th, 2012):
Entrance to Crazy Horse:

Model of Crazy Horse (what it will look like when it is finished):
Memorial that will be carved in stone on Crazy Horse Monument:
Ernest and Donna at Crazy Horse: 
On the drive from Crazy Horse to Mt. Rushmore (only about a 20 minute drive), there was this beautiful little lake:
Donna at Mount Rushmore:
This little town, right outside of Mt. Rushmore as you come down from the mountain, makes you feel like you were in the Swiss Alps:
South Dakota Sunset:

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Comment by Keith Cyrnek
Entered on:

This Kurt guy, really doesn't say much, boring interview Ernie even though you did your best to make it exciting. I didn't really learn anything new about Rand the Neocon. I have no interest in the GOP in being a precinct committeeman (boring, slow, really don't think real change can happen). I did not give any $ to the campaign only a few FRN's to buy some shirts and almost to get kicked out of the Mesa debate to scream like a cheerleader at the Convention for Dr. Paul. I really don't care for Rand's views. I love Dr. Paul, but I really don't have an interest to go to Tampa. I think I will focus making T-shirts "It's Not My Debt" and presenting a plaque to the City of Glendale for increasing taxes with my name on it as well. Peace out, RP44512.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

 That was the most frustrating segment I've ever heard.

Can't wait to hear the whole thing. 

I liked the "I call BULLSHIT" part...   LOL


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