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08-21-12 -- Rick Rynearson - Marianne Williamson (MP3 & Video LOADED)

Rick Rynearson (Veterans Against Police Abuse) on his 'Spy Car' - Mairanne Williamson (SisterGiant.Com) empowering women to run for political office, with an emphasis on politics and spirituality
Media Type: Audio • Time: 123 Minutes and 0 Secs

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 123 Minutes and 0 Secs
Rick Rynearson (VeteransAgainstPoliceAbuse.Org) (CopBlock.Org) on his 'Spy Car' - Mairanne Williamson (SisterGiant.Com) empowering women to run for political office, with an emphasis on politics and spirituality

August 21st, 2012
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2012-08-21 Hour 1 Ernest on
current news and events
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Guests: Rick Rynearson
Hour 2
Rick Rynearson
Webpage: CopBlock.Org

After a couple of negative interactions with what he calls “unscrupulous cops”, Rick took the initiative to outfit his ride with some cutting-edge technology.

And he founded Veterans Against Police Abuse to encourage others to do the same – use technology to create a transparent record of interactions. That, he says, is the surest way to bring-about a safer society.

To learn more about the technology in Rick’s ride, check out this page on his site, which includes links to many of the devices housed in his car.

Rick also notes his excitement about an app he’s involved with developing called iCitizen, which

will 1) secure vital evidence and 2) activate a community network to help ensure law enforcement interaction with an individual is lawful, and to help provide accountability if it is not, and 3) collect and present analytical data on the nature of law enforcement interaction.

It was awesome to have crossed-paths with Rick at the Police Accountability Summit in Austin and to learn of his proactivity. I’m really glad too that he took the time to give an overview of his set-up as it’ll undoubtedly encourage some to take steps to better-protect themselves against those unscrupulous road pirates.
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Hour 3

Hour 3
Marianne Williamson
Webpage: SisterGiant.Com


Politics From the Inside Out

The purpose of SISTER GIANT is to help create a new conversation in American politics, one in which principles of higher consciousness form a new foundation for political involvement. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.”

The November gathering will provide tools – both spiritual and political – with which to re-envision our political possibilities, run for office if you feel so moved, and transform America one campaign at a time.

Marianne Williamson Teams with The Women's Campaign School at Yale University to Create SISTER GIANT, 2 DAY Symposium to Empower Women to Run for Political Office, November 10-11, Saban Theatre in Los Angeles.

WHO: New York Times bestselling author Marianne Williamson partners

with The Women's Campaign School at Yale University to produce a

non-partisan symposium dedicated to empowering women to run for

 political office, with an emphasis on the intersection of politics and spirituality.


At a time when the US Congress is comprised of only 16.8 percent women

 and State legislatures are comprised of 23.6 percent women, Sister

Giant sends out a clarion call to women to equal the political playing

field and consider candidacy for political office. It is a

 non-partisan program that unabashedly combines spiritual and progressive ideals.

WHEN: November 10-11, 2012

WHERE:                 Saban Theater

                             8440 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

                            (323) 655-0111

WHAT:               Sister Giant hot topics include but are not limited to:

Child Poverty

 At a rate of 23.1% child poverty in the United States ranks second

highest among 35 developed nations. (second only to Romania)

Prisons as a Growth Industry

The US currently incarcerates more of our people than any nation in

the world, or any nation in history.

Democracy Imperiled

Without a Constitutional Amendment to override the effects of the

Supreme Court decision "Citizens United" money will continue to wield

increasingly undue influence on American politics.


Powerhouse Guest Speakers are:

Symposium Hostess Marianne Williamson - Spiritual Leader and author of 13 books on spirituality.

Patricia Russo, President of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale lends her expertise to the segment, “Making the Decision to Lead a Political Life: From The Inside...Out.”

Deb Sofield, Past President of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale talks about “Finding Your Voice - Speaking Your Truth to Power - so All will Hear”

Karen Petel, a member of the Board of Directors of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale will provide “A Blueprint for Moving Forward: An Action Plan for the 21st Century.”

Lisa Bloom’s newest book, SWAGGER, hit #1 book in Parenting and #35 overall on! 
 The perspective she crafts is jolting. She  draws in impressive research organized in four dimensions: failing schools, a failing economy, the negative aspects of a culture promoted by the music (TV and movie) industry, and an economy of incarceration.

2012-08-21 Hour 3 Marianne Wiliamson (SisterGiant.Com)
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Comment by Cody Hall
Entered on:

Marianne Williamson claims that "freedom" is everyone being able to express their opinion so long as they don't hurt anyone else.

However, Marianne Williamson then goes on to advocate tax (theft) funded government programs to protect children & "balance" society for the "greater good".

In advocating the tax (theft) funded government programs, her opinion is advocating force/coercion against all individuals that are forced to give over a portion of their time & labor, which is a perfect example of "hurting someone".

I highly recommend that Marianne Williamson do a bit more self-knowledge & philosophy work before deciding to advocate more government force.

A great place for Marianne Williamson to start would be the youtube video "The Philosophy of Liberty" (with voiceover, no music) -

Afterwards, I would highly recommend any of the top youtube videos by Stefan Molyneux (which can be found at

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