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10-23-12 -- Gabriel Mueller - Richard Grove - Powell Gammill - Ed Foster - RE-BROADCAST SHOW

Gabriel Mueller (Liberty Coin & Precious Metals) in studio - Richard Grove (Tragedy and Hope) update on John Taylor Gatto his Peace Revolution podcast - Powell Gammill, (L) Dist#9 Debate - Ed Foster on Quartzsite court ordered to seat him as Mayor

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 122 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Gabriel Mueller
Hour 1 - Gabriel Mueller In Studio (Liberty Coin & Precious Metals) to discuss taking bitcoins for precious metals 
Hour 2 - Gabriel Mueller (In Studio - Cont'd) and Richard Grove (Tragedy and Hope) provides an update on John Taylor Gatto, his Peace Revolution podcast, libertarian politics and the election in general. 
Hour 3 - Gabriel Mueller (In Studio - Cont'd) and Powell Gammill (1st Segment) Libertarian for Arizona U.S. Congress District 9 and a summary of a debate he took part in on Horizon (local PBS news show) Thurs, Oct 18th, 2012 - Also, Ed Foster (3rd Segment) on whether he will be sworn in as Quartzsite, AZ Mayor next week (after being elected).
October 23rd, 2012
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Hour 1
Gabriel Mueller
 Economic commentator/writer for both Liberty Coin & Precious Metals and
You can visit Gabriel at  the Liberty Coin & Precious Metals
store in Scottsdale, AZ
10050 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 119
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

  Former Economics teacher

   Background in law and justice studies
Self-taught Austrian economist

Political activist and a huge Ron Paul supporter
2012-10-19 Hour 1 Gabriel Mueller In Studio (Liberty Coin & Precious Metals)
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Hour 2

Hour 2
Gabriel Mueller- Cont'd
and Richard Grove
(Tragedy and Hope and The Peace Revolution Podcast)
A Weekend With John Taylor Gatto

"Greetings, and Welcome to Tragedy and Hope dot com! My name is Richard Grove, and to keep it simple, here’s a summary of why this site exists:"

We exist, and as human beings, we depend on reason to survive and thrive in life; therefore, the content on this site is necessary to an individual’s ability to think rationally about the world we all share.

Tragedy and Hope creates educational media and provides a comprehensive, cogent, open-source, educational model for adults; providing individuals with the access, tools, and resources, to attain coherent perspectives at/and/above the Ph.D. level. That’s a bold statement, so if I were reading the aforementioned assertion, I would ask for proof.


2012-10-19 Hour 2 Richard Grove (Tragedy And Hope) joins Gabirel Mueller (Liberty Coin & Precious Metals)
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Hour 3

Hour 3
Gabriel Mueller- Cont'd (Full Hour)
Powell Gammill (1st Segment)
Senior Editor of Freedom's Phoenix and Libertarian Candidate for AZ U.S. Congress District 9 (GammillForCongress.Com)
Powell provides a summary of last night's debate on Horizon (PBS) with Republican Vernon Parker and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema
Ed Foster (3rd Segment)
Elected Mayor of Quartzsite, the town has yet to swear him in.
Quartzsite voters overwhelmingly re-elected Ed Foster as Mayor of Quartzsite, AZ in March, 2012. This past Wednesday (October 17th, 2012), there was a court ruling (La Paz County Superior Court) which ordered that the Quartzsite Town Council seat him as Mayor of the town.

Watch below as John Wright and Ed Foster’s attorney Julie LaBenz talk about Wednesday’s court ruling which ordered that the Quartzsite Town Council seat him as Mayor of the town.

Later in the same video, watch John talk with La Paz County Recorder Shelly Baker about the results of a voter fraud investigation into the election that seated Foster. (Forward to 2:15:00.):

Video streaming by Ustream 
Ed Foster - 3rd Segment - Elected Quartzsite, AZ Mayor on whether he will actually be sworn in next week...
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