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12-12-12 -- Susan Marie Weber - Chris Bliss - James Bovard - (MP3 and Video Loaded)

Susan Marie Weber (newly elected to the City Council in CA) on her race and victory - Chris Bliss (MyBillOfRights.Org) on the dedication of the Bill of Rights Monument at the AZ Capitol this Saturday - James Bovard (writer/author) on his new book, Pu

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Hour 1 -- Susan Marie Weber (newly elected to the City Council in CA) on her race and victory 
Hour 2 -- Chris Bliss (MyBillOfRights.Org) on the dedication of the Bill of Rights Monument at the AZ Capitol this Saturday 
Hour 3 -- James Bovard (writer/author) on his new book, Public Policy Hooligan

December 12th, 2012
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Hour 1
Susan Marie Weber
Finally elected to the Palm Desert (CA)
City Council after 4 tries. Has an interest in the voting/election integrity

The City of Palm Desert is operated as a business, in that it hires a City Manager to “run” the business. One of the reasons I am a candidate for City Council is to bring the perspective of the business world to the council. Without local Business to drive the economy, the City would not be as prosperous as it is.

As an accountant, when I begin working with a new business, I don’t go in and start making drastic changes. Instead, we examine what is working well with the business and start building on that with improvements along the way.

As a Member of the Palm Desert City Council, my goals would be to improve:

Fiscal Responsibility –

a)     NO Health or Retirement Benefits for Council Members. They are not employees, they chose to provide a service.

b)      CONTEMPORARY THINKING Finances of all cities are at risk due to current economic issues and loss of Redevelopment funds. We need to think “out of the box”. We need extraordinary solutions for extraordinary circumstances.

Industry –

a)       As a leader in the “Green” business, Palm Desert should be supporting firms which are producing products along that line. 

b)       Attract clean industry, such as manufacturers of software, research for fuel cells, or R&D; it gives our High School and College graduates a place to work immediately, and the opportunity to work into higher paying positions.

Tourist Business –

a)       Tout our wonderful tourist attractions with special offers for those living within a drivable radius.  The Living Desert , the Marriott, and the McCallum Theatre. 

b)       El Paseo as well as our great outdoors and hiking trails provide products and services that are unique to Palm Desert and desirable to those in a close driving distance for a day trip

c)       Transportation - To help attract conventions to our hotels, we’ll need a major transportation plan.  Getting around the City without a vehicle is impossible. 

d)       Feed-back postcards placed in all attractions, restaurants, hotels and shops would let Tourists tell us what they liked and what they found difficult

Education –

Promote the local colleges/universities and attract professors, business people, scientists and students.  We have a plethora of education opportunities Palm Desert .
2012-12-12 Hour 1 Susan Marie Weber
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Hour 2

Guests: Chris Bliss
Hour 2
Chris Bliss
Webpage: MyBillOfRights.Org

Feature Article
America's First Monument to the Bill of Rights - Arizona Dedication Ceremony
Ernest Hancock
   Saturday December 15th 2012 at Wesley Bolin Plaza at the Arizona State Capital

Time Lapse of America's first Bill of Rights Monument being installed
12-07-2012  • 
Time lapse of the Amendment monoliths for America's 1st Bill of Rights Monument being craned on to their pedastels in advance of the monument's Bill of Rights Day (December 15) dedication at the Arizona Capitol. 

2012-12-12 Hour 2 Chris Bliss (MyBillOfRights.Org)
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Hour 3

Guests: James Bovard
Hour 3
James Bovard
Webpage: JamesBovard.Com

New Book:  Public Pilicy Hooligan

Feature Article
Public Policy Hooligan, New Book now available on Amazon
James Bovard
   Public Policy Hooligan is a story of sex and drugs and guns and terrorizing the feds. Well, not much sex - but lots of hounding the government...James Bovard

Available now at Amazon:

2012-12-12 Hour 3 James Bovard (Author/Writer)
(Video Archive):

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