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05-15-13 -- Shondean Coochise - Ana Hawk - Chuck Baldwin - (MP3 & VIDEO LOADED)

Sondean Coochise on more people buying guns than turning them in at gun buy back - Ana Hawk (InstantBarter.Com) on surviving/thriving in a challenging economy - Chuck Baldwin on Christians and Government

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 126 Minutes and 0 Secs
Hour 1 -- Sondean Coochise on more people buying guns than turning them in at gun buy back
Hour 2 -- Ana Hawk (InstantBarter.Com) on surviving/thriving in a challenging economy 
Hour 3 -- Segments 1&2 - Freedom's Phoenix Headline News
Segments 3&4 Chuck Baldwin on Christians and Government

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May 15th, 2013
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Hour 1
2013-05-15 Hour 1 Shondean Coochise
(Video Archive): 

2013-05-15 Hour 1 Shondean Coochise from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Shondean Coochise
Shondean Coochise, 9 year Army combat veteran turned and liberty activist, is publisher and editor-in-chief of the website,, an educational and informational website focusing on Liberty, Free-markets, Non-intervention and Individualism. Since 2009, Shondean has been involved in the Liberty movement by bringing public awareness to government’s abuse and infringement on the individual liberties through education and activism. Originally from Joseph City, AZ 

Shondean is part of the Phoenix Ron Paul r3VOLution - he reports on the gun buy-back event last weekend that had more people buying guns that turning them in...


Hour 2

Guests: Ana Hawk
Topics: Instant Barter
Hour 2
2013-05-15 Hour 2 Ana Hawk (Video Archive):

2013-05-15 Hour 2 Ana Hawk from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Ana Hawk
Webpage: InstantBarter.Com

Reinventing Trade and Barter

Barter is the way to survive and thrive in a challenging economy.
According to Ormita USA (a well known reciprocal trade and barter franchise):

Barter in one form or another, accounts for nearly 30 percent of the world’s total business. Approximately 65% of all New York Stock Exchange-listed companies engage in
excess capacity / barter trade. According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association, approximately 400,000 businesses engage in formalized barter in the United States.

Instant Barter LLC provides traditional barter exchange services, with innovative next generation thinking and execution, which places it on the leading edge of the industry.
We want to make trade and barter just as seamless to use as cash or debit cards. And with one of the lowest transaction fees in the industry we are quickly doing just that.

Check us out...we can make barter work for you.
The INSTANT BARTER difference!
INSTANT BARTER CAN ACCEPT ALL Trade Organizations Trade We are revolutionizing trade and barter to be as seamless and as easy to use as your debit or credit card. We only charge 2.5% transaction fees on the purchase or sale of your goods or service. Beware - typical industry transaction fees from 12-35%. Trade Director driven company. Trade Directors ACTIVELY seek what you want/ need to spend trade on. Also, no trade directors or brokers on commission, so no pressure to trade. Moves trade by being able to accept any trade organizations trade.This helps you spend trade with and from anyone. No current enrollment fee. Global trade organization 8 countries, 7 languages, $90+  Million in products and services and growing. Progressive programs to help you increase profit while lowering overhead. New  INSTANT BUSINESS Magazine MY BARTER GAME We are hiring and training around the WORLD! Contact us for details on Joining the TEAM!

How can we charge so much less? All of the other barter exchanges are a commission based sales force. INSTANT BARTER is not a franchise model.These two things make our staff work together. Since we are not paying commission we do not currently have an enrollment fee (traditionally a brokers commission). Our transaction fees of 2.5% actually are what run the company.

We also utilize instant transaction fees. This means that if you are purchasing $100 in trade the $2.50 will be auto processed in order for the transaction to be completed. This means no cash bill at the end of the month. Your trade will never be stopped. Normally, when you have fees owed to an exchange, they freeze your account until the fees are paid. We believe it is better to process the transaction instantly - like when you use your credit card.

INSTANT BARTER does not have commissioned TRADE DIRECTORS and TRADE BROKERS, like many other exchanges. Why? Trade Directors will be reluctant to work with other exchanges, even within their own network, as they are afraid they will not make as much commission. We believe that if you want something, we should find it as fast as possible, and not be concerned where it comes from. Also, we do not monitor what you are spending your trade dollars on - this is your business - not ours. Your bank and credit card companies do not care what you spend your money on, so why should trade be different?

More Benefits We have built in many progressive ideas making trade more like credit or debit transactions. We have a pre-paid trade card which allows you to send pre-paid trade to anyone anywhere; they do not have to be a member of the exchange to participate. They are assigned a Trade Director (a person dedicated to making trade move) to help them spend the trade. We have built in a cash fund to allow clients to borrow the money needed for the upfront or overhead costs allowing them to do 100% trade. We have built in a trade fund allowing clients to borrow trade for larger items, for example if you need first, last and deposit to move into an apartment or other housing that is paid in trade. We have a barter education program, barter back-to-work and even health care.

This has been called “trade done right” and “smarter barter.” We prefer to think of it as trade the way it was intended; easy, smooth, fun and extremely effective. Jefferson fought with Hamilton over how the paper system should work we feel they would both approve of our new Instant Barter System. INSTANT BARTER IS TRADE THAT WORKS!

We Believe

We Believe barter can help the economy while helping people back on their feet. At Instant Barter we feel the two keys to our business are customer service and integrity in your word. The main thing we want to do is always do what we say we plan on doing or have a really good reason as to why we could not (which should be accompanied with a sincere “I AM sorry”).

We Believe in making barter as easy to use as any other form of currency. We are revolutionizing trade, barter or swap. We find there is nothing “illegal” to trade for what is legal to pay cash for. The IRS views trade equal to cash - this is how we feel it should be able to be utilized.

We Believe in profit, but not at the expense of others. Unless your business is set up as a non-profit, we are all in business to make a living and bring in money. Instant Barter is no different. But we have chosen to structure our fees and our income in a way that is beneficial to our customers. This helps you keep your costs down but also allows us to bring in what we need to grow our business.

We Believe in always striving to make this planet a cleaner, safer, more sustainable environment. We are proud that all of our clients feel reduce, reuse, recycle should not be words, but deeds. It is important to leave things better for the generations that follow.

We Believe once you are a client you are also a friend. We do everything in our power to treat you with the same respect we treat our friends and family. We feel it is important to always make the client happy which sometimes means compromise but never at the expense of integrity.

We Believe in the barter system as a solvent economy. We will make sure no one is able to weaken our trade dollar. We treat your barter dollars with the same respect you would treat your cash. And we would never expect you to take less in barter than you would in cash in exchange for your goods and services.

We Believe in equal fees for all. This means even the corporate officers pay the same transaction fees as any other business. This makes for good business. Everyone is working for the same goals, which is to grow the network and grow all businesses involved.

We Believe in cooperation in lieu of competition. We strive to make sure other barter networks realize this effort. We work with other networks to help expand the reach of your barter dollars. This is good for you and good for the barter industry as a whole.

We Believe that anything not being used is inventory. And this inventory needs to be with someone who could use it. Inventory is anything that is excess in one area that is limited in another area. Anything that is being paid for to be stored is something that could be used by someone else.


Hour 3

Guests: Chuck Baldwin
Hour 3
2013-05-15 Hour 3 Chuck Baldwin (Video Archive):

2013-05-15 Hour 3 Drew Phillips; Chuck Baldwin from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Segments 1&2 - Freedom's Phoenix Headline News
Segment 3&4

Chuck Baldwin
Pastor, Liberty Fellowship
Kalispell, MT
Why do Christians worship government?

With the Easter message fresh on my mind, I am again reminded of what the Jewish leaders said to Pilate when they tried to coerce him to crucify Jesus. They said, “We have no king but Caesar.” Remember, these were the Jewish Pharisees, scribes, elders, priests, and high priests. They prided themselves in being scholars of the Torah. They believed themselves to be the sole interpreters of the Mosaic Law. Yet, the very First Commandment of the Decalogue handed down to Moses is, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” But in order to stay in the good graces of the Roman government, they emphatically proclaimed that they recognized no king but Caesar.

Remember, Caesar insisted that everyone recognize him to be, not only king, but God. To be loyal to Rome, one had to acknowledge the deity of Caesar. One could worship any other god that one wanted to, as long as Caesar was acknowledged as Sovereign. Historians famously say that there were as many gods in Rome as people. Rome prided itself in being religiously pluralistic and tolerant. First Century Christians were not persecuted because they worshipped Jesus; they were persecuted because they refused to worship Caesar; they refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of Caesar. It was for this reason that early Christians were fed to lions and made sport of in the amphitheaters.

In their desire to use the Roman government to advance their own agenda (crucifying Christ and later His disciples and apostles), the Jewish leaders were quite willing to acknowledge the deity and sovereignty of Caesar–even though doing so was a blatant violation of the First Commandment given by Jehovah to Moses. Is it a little more than interesting that after conducting a secret, illegal trial of Jesus and blaspheming God in declaring Caesar king that they immediately afterward sat down to observe the Passover? No wonder Jesus called them “Hypocrites.”

“What does all of this have to do with modern America?” you ask. Everything!

Gun Rights
To Keep or Not to Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns (Chuck & Tim Baldwin) Released 4/29/13
04-24-2013  •  KeepYourArms.Com 
The Complete Christian Exegesis on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms...This book To Keep or Not to Keep aims to equip every Bible believing Christian in America with the scriptural tools and knowledge they will need to make wise decisions about the defense of their family.

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