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06-11-13 -- Paul Rosenberg - Mark Schmidter - Stanislav Shalunov (MP3 & VIDEO LOADED)

Paul Rosenberg (Freeoman's Perspective) on the NSA surveillance, where we are headed as a country - Mark Schmidter (activist jailed for 100+ days for passing out FIJA flyers) on his arrest - Stanislav Shalunov (Open Garden) on the technical aspects o

Hour One

Media Type: Audio • Time: 130 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Paul Rosenberg
Hour 1 -- Paul Rosenberg (Freeoman's Perspective) on the NSA surveillance, where we are headed as a country
Hour 2 -- Mark Schmidter (activist jailed for 100+ days for passing out FIJA flyers) on his arrest -
Hour 3 -- Stanislav Shalunov (Open Garden) on the technical aspects of peer-to-peer open communication

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June 11th, 2013
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Hour 1
2013-06-11 Hour 1 Paul Rosenberg
(Video Archive): 

2013-06-11 Hour 1 Paul Rosenberg from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Paul Rosenberg
Adventure capitalist and long-standing libertarian figure Paul Rosenberg is the founder of, a website dedicated to economic freedom, personal independence and online privacy.

In a previous life, a successful engineering career saw him called as an expert witness in numerous legal cases and a consultant to high profile organizations like NASA and the US Military. He developed and taught 19 courses for Iowa State University’s College of Engineering. He also co-founded the Fiber Optic Association and wrote the first ever standard for the installation of fiber optic cables.

A prolific author of nearly 60 books and a frequent speaker at conferences such as Libertopia and FreedomFest, he’s probably best known for A Lodging of Wayfaring Men – a philosophical novel Reason Magazine called, “Atlas Shrugged for the new millennium”.
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Paul Rosenberg on RT: Online Surveillance in the US
06-10-2013  •  FreemansPerspective.Com 
You will probably be quite familiar with the idea that the government has a nasty habit of spying on Americans who haven’t done anything wrong.

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Privacy Rights
It's Time To Protect Your Data - We'll Make It Fast, Easy and Risk-Free
05-29-2013  •  CryptoHippies.Com 
Cryptohippie gives you military-grade technology in an easy-to-use form. You don't need to be a tech expert to use our system. It was built by top professionals but designed for average computer users. 
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Philosophy: Libertarianism
The Failure of the Libertarian Movement
06-11-2013  •  FreemansPerspective.Com 
Governments are necessarily against human will. If they can’t make us feel that our desires and judgments are shameful, their entire operation will collapse. Their game requires Joe Average to feel insecure and flawed.

Hour Two

Guests: Mark Schmidter
Hour 2
2013-06-11 Hour 2 Mark Schmidter (Video Archive): 

2013-06-11 Hour 2 Mark Schmidter from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Mark Schmidter
Free Mark Schmidter, Political Prisoner! On 2/21/13, Mark Schmidter was jailed for 141 days for defying Judge Belvin Perry and handing out pieces of paper on what has historically been the most "free speech zone", the courthouse steps!
On 2/21/13, peaceful freedom activist, local small businessman and honorable Army Vietnam Veteran Mr. Mark Schmidter was caged to serve 141 days in jail for handing out juror's rights information which the Judge himself has conceded is entirely accurate.

Here is a copy of the flyer Mark was handing out:

The most recent confinement occurred per an arbitrary rule a man wrote, judged, denied jury for, and sentenced under. The Judge, Belvin Perry (yes, the Casey Anthony case judge), acted as legislature, judge, jury and executioner. By definition, he is acting as a tyrant.

Who is the real criminal?

Mr. Schmidter is a purely peaceful activist who believes in the historically well established rights of juries to judge the law as well as the facts and also that if there is no victim, there is no crime and jurors may agree in either respect and hang a jury. Hung jury cases may be retried but one juror can "inconvenience" the process and/or of course convince their fellow jurors to all agree and acquit. Jury nullification is a well-established historically accurate and legal practice. Judge Perry even agreed when discussing the idea with Mark's friend and ally, Mr. Julian Heicklen.

Please support Mark and his tremendous personal sacrifice via the #MarkSchmiderCampaign effort. We will write letters to the State Judicial Review, all media we can think of, and not let this story die. If a 64 y/o Vietnam veteran can be thrown in jail for passing out leaflets with an opinion that is different than the status quo, then, We are All Mark Schmidter.

Donations can be made via the info here:

Please "Like", "Share" and "Invite Friends" to that page as well at

Full donation info copied and pasted from that fan page here:


The Mark Schmidter Legal Defense Fund is managed by the Florida Liberty Project, a Florida not-for-profit organization.



1. Via to
2. Send checks to:
The Mark Schmidter Legal Defense Fund
c/o Sudbury Law, PL
424 E Central Blvd # 307
Orlando, FL 32801-1923. 


Hour Three

Hour 3
2013-06-11 Hour 3 Stanislav Shalunov (Video Archive): 

2013-06-11 Hour 3 Stanislav Shalunov from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Stanislav Shalunov
Webpage: OpenGarden.Com

Stanislav Shalunov is an internet engineer with mathematics background. Stas designed and implemented the congestion control scheme LEDBAT now used by BitTorrent and responsible for a significant portion of the Internet's traffic. LEDBAT emerged from Stas's work at Internet2, where he also conducted research on net neutrality and Quality of Service (QoS) that formed the basis of the Internet2Senate testimony on net neutrality. Stas brings deep thought leadership to Open Garden.

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