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08-16-13 -- Dee Lusby - Bee Keeper - We'll be visiting Nov 8th - 10th in Southern AZ (MP3/VIDEO)

Dee Lusby (6th Generation Beekeeper from Southern Arizona)on getting back to biological beekeeping... willing to share with us in a visit :)

Hour One

Media Type: Audio • Time: 158 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Ernest Hancock


Hour 1 -- Freedom's Phoenix Headline News - Ernest talks about energy


Hour 2 -- Freedom's Phoenix Headline News - Ernest talks about Carbyne, Carbon Nanotubes, Papp Noble Gas Engine, HHO Gas Engine, and Plasma Jet Ignition


Hour 3 -- Dee Lusby (6th Generation Beekeeper from Southern Arizona)on getting back to biological beekeeping

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August 16th, 2013

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Hour 1

2013-08-16 Hour 1 Freedom's Phoenix Headline News (Video Archive): 

Hour Two

Guests: Ernest Hancock

Hour 2

2013-08-16 Hour 2 Freedom's Phoenix Headline News (Video Archive): 

Ernest Hancock on the

Freedom's Phoenix Headline News

Energy is the topic, and the following articles were discussed...




News Link  • 
Science, Medicine and Technology
Carbyne: A new form of carbon that's stronger than graphene
08-15-2013  •, By Sebastian Anthony 
A new form of carbon, dubbed carbyne, is stronger and stiffer than any known material.








News Link  • 
Science, Medicine and Technology
Carbyne from first principles: Chain of C atoms, a nanorod or a nanorope?
08-16-2013  •  ARXIV.Org 
We investigate carbyne's mechanical response to tension, bending, and torsion deformations. Under tension, carbyne is about twice as stiff as the stiffest known materials and has an unrivaled specific strength of up to 7.5*10^{7} Nm/kg,
requiring a force of ~10 nN to break a single atomic chain.








News Link  • 
Science, Medicine and Technology
World's toughest material created by tying slip knots into weak, commercial thread
08-16-2013  •  Extreme Tech 
Nicola Pugno, at the University of Trento in Italy, has succeeded in making by far the toughest material in the world — by taking a conventional piece of fiber… and tying it in a slip knot. This method seems (and is) so simple that the inventor
is calling it the Egg of Columbus






News Link  • 
Science, Medicine and Technology
Papp Noble Gas Engine
08-16-2013  •  RWG Research 
On this page one will find my replication attempt to prove that the The Papp Noble Gas Engine works!or at lease prove that you can take noble gas's and do work with the plasma they form.





News Link  • 
Science, Medicine and Technology
How can 30% of nickel in Rossi's reactor be transmuted into copper?
08-16-2013  •  Journal of Nuclear Physics 
The interest on Andrea Rossi's Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion technology is accelerating [1]. However, Rossi says that about 30% of nickel was turned into copper, after 6 months of uninterrupted operation. Kowalski [2]. says that "this seems to be impos 





News Link  • 
Science, Medicine and Technology
Plasma Jet Ignition
08-16-2013  •  Plasma Jet Ignition 
High Performance Plasma Ignition Systems - The Plasma Jet Ignition module boasts second generation plasma circuitry designed from ground up. It is meant for use on all spark ignited engines with suitable accessories. 





News Link  • 
Science, Medicine and Technology
Engine Running on HHO Gas Only 7-26-2012 - STANLEY MEYER 360° Energy Field Concept
08-16-2013  •  YouTube.Com  

Hour Three

Guests: Dee Lusby

Hour 3

Dee Lusby

Biological Beekeeping in Southern Arizona



Dee Lusby


Organic Beekeepers Yahoo Group



Arizona Rangeland Honey, Tucson, Arizona


I got this Arizona Rangeland Honey from my friend Louise. It is distributed by Golden Rule Honey, a company run by Laurie and Dean out of Leominster, MA. They are beekeepers on a mission to educate about bees and beekeeping, and they advocate for treatment-free beekeeping and honey. Treatment-free bees are not treated with chemicals, organic acids, essential oils or sugar dusting, medicated with antibiotics, or fed with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, pollen substitutes or artificial foods. They've written a book, called "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beekeeping," which you can buy on their website if you'd like to learn more about treatment-free beekeeping and why they are so passionate about going treatment-free.

Needless to say, all honeys distributed by Golden Rule Honey are from treatment-free beekeeping producers, and my Arizona Rangelenad Honey is no different. It is the product of Dee Lusby's bees who forage in remote, open desert rangeland in southern Arizona.


Arizona Rangeland

Dee Lusby is also an active and vocal advocate for treetment-free beekeeping. In her quest to support healthy and productive bees using non-chemical methods she, along with her partner Ed, an experienced and fourth-generation beekeeper, identified that comb cell diameter may play an important role in keeping disease and mite problems in check. They examined the role of natural cell diameter on colony vigor for Southern Arizona and identified an optimal cell diameter for their region. The website has more information on Dee Lusby's work. They now use this optimal natural cell diameter for their bee colonies and claim that it resulted in a significant reduction of disease and mite infestation, while increasing colony productivity. The Lusbys are now expanding their work to identify optimal natural cell diameters for all latitudes.

But back to my rangeland honey. I'm a city girl and was not too sure what "rangeland" is- so I looked it up. In a nutshell, rangelands are lands that, for a variety of reasons (topography, aridness, soil type, etc.) are not suitable for cultivation but provide forage for grazing animals. Think of the open desert spaces where ranchers move their herds through in westerns and I think you have the right idea.



The Way Back to Biological Beekeeping (Link on Scribd to Article)

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