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Ian Freeman (host of FreeTalkLive and owner of LRN.FM) talks about the Shire Free Church - Tim Frey (President of Roberts & Roberts) on raising chickens/turkeys for food - Cody Wilson (Defense Distributed's 3D Printable Gun) provides an update on 3D

Hour One

Media Type: Audio • Time: 124 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Ian Freeman
Hour 1 -- Ian Freeman (host of FreeTalkLive and owner of LRN.FM) talks about the Shire Free Church
Hour 2 -- Tim Frey (President of Roberts & Roberts) on raising chickens/turkeys for food. His friend, Mark (who is the farmer who has helped Tim with learning all the raising and butchering essentials), joins the show.
Hour 3 --   Cody Wilson (Defense Distributed's 3D Printable Gun) provides an update on 3D gun printing


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September 23rd, 2013
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock
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Hour 1
2013-09-19 Hour 1 Ian Freeman (Video Archive):

2013-09-19 Hour 1 Ian Freeman from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Ian Freeman
Host of Free Talk Live and owner or LRN.FM, talks about the Shire Free Church


The Shire Free Church offers a sanctuary for those seeking an escape from state churches. The Shire Free Church is an interfaith, diverse group of people who may not share identical theological beliefs. As a member in or minister of the Shire Free Church, you are a sovereign individual and may be the faith of your choice whether it be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Daoist, Jewish, Quaker, etc, or following your inner light. Monotheists, polytheists, pantheists, panentheists, and atheists are all welcome, as long as you are peaceful. The Shire Free Church was organized in Keene in the year 2013 and serves all of the Shire.


We don’t claim to have all the answers.
We are open to all peaceful people.
We want to learn from each other.

It is our mission, inspired by God, Allah, the Universe, and the inner light – to foster peace. We understand that in order to have peace in the world, one must have it inside oneself first – the “purification of the soul”, as our Muslim friends call it.

Unification in Diversity – A Statement of Beliefs

What unifies the Shire Free Church and its diverse members is peace, love, and liberty. There are many paths to God – one for every individual. The Shire Free Church does not define a specific path beyond those parameters that must be your foundation: peace as your way, love as your guide, and liberty as your light.


“Be the best you can be and harm no other in his person or property.”

Personal Responsibility
Productive Work
Visiting and Joining the Shire Free Church

The only requirements to visit or join the Shire Free Church are that you are of peace and do not advocate the use of force to achieve social or political goals. In order to join the Shire Free Church, you must be a signer of the Shire Society Declaration. There are no requirements or induction rituals. You need not ask permission from anyone in the church – simply make the decision to be a part of the Shire Free Church for yourself. You may stay a member as long as your words and actions show you are of peace. To this end, each Shire Free Church member may decide the validity of any other claimed member based on their word and deed.

Ordination of Church Ministers

Shire Free Church ministers have full control over their churches, church projects, and parsonages. Our structure is non-hierarchical. The Shire Free Church is a private group that welcome interested people who meet the moral qualifications to join as stated above. To become ordained, you must be a signer of the Shire Society declaration as well as agree with the mission and statement of beliefs of the church. To receive your official Ordained Minister card, please reach out to existing ministry via the contact information below.

Contact a Minister You can contact a minister by using the “Send Message” option on our facebook page. Additionally, you may post a message to the Shire Society forum in the Shire Free Church subforum. Church Locations

You may be a member of the Shire Free Church regardless of your physical location, but it is recommended you move physically to the Shire in order to secure more of your liberty with like-minded brothers and sisters.

The Shire Free Church exists wherever its members gather. Currently, ministers have parsonages in the following locations:

Fitzwilliam Keene Manchester Swanzey Tilton
Special thanks to our friends at the Peaceful Assembly Church in Grafton. Appreciation also to the Church of Life.

Sign the Declaration @ ShireSociety.Com
Now, simply by adding your comment with your name and any thoughts you might have to the bottom of this article, you can electronically sign the Shire Society Declaration! While you can be in the Shire as a state of mind, it makes sense to live close to others who believe as you do. You are encouraged to immiGREAT to the Shire and join the Free Streets Project. Plus, you can add yourself to the Shire Map.

To learn about how the Shire Society Declaration came to be and to see high resolution versions of the originals, please visit the History page.

Perhaps you’d prefer to sign a physical copy that you can keep? Just grab this PDF and print it out for you and your friends and family to sign!

Shire Society Declaration

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED witnesses to the lesson of history — that no form of political governance may be relied upon to secure the individual rights of life, liberty, or property — now therefore establish and provide certain fundamental precepts measuring our conduct toward one another, and toward others:

FIRST, each individual is the exclusive proprietor of his or her own existence and all products thereof, holding no obligations except those created by consent;

SECOND, no individual or association of individuals, however constituted, has the right to initiate force against any other individual;

THIRD, each individual has the inalienable right of self-defense against the initiation of force;

FOURTH, explicit voluntary association is the only means by which binding obligations may be created, and claims based on association or relationships to which any party did not consent are empty and invalid;

FIFTH, rights are neither collective nor additive in character, and no group can possess rights in excess of those belonging to its individual members;

We hereby declare our commitment to peace, individual sovereignty, and independence, and join the Shire Society.
4409 -- How to Vote with a Silver Bullet:

Hour Two

Guests: Tim Frey
Hour 2
2013-09-19 Hour 2 Tim Frey and his friend, Mark (who is a farmer) joins the show
(Video Archive):

2013-09-19 Hour 2 Tim Frey and his friend, Mark (who is a farmer) from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Tim Frey
President of Roberts & Roberts Brokerage, Inc.
Tim's friend, Mark (who is the farmer who has helped Tim with learning all the raising and butchering essentials), joins the show.

Webpage: RRBI.CO
For several years, Tim has been raising chickens, and now turkeys, and comes on the show to explain the process of raising and butchering both for food.

Hour Three

Guests: Cody Wilson
Hour 3
2013-09-19 Hour 3 Cody Wilson (Video Archive): 

2013-09-19 Hour 3 Cody Wilson from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Cody Wilson
Co-Founder of Defense Distributed and the
3D Printable Gun (WikiWeapon)
Webpage: DefDist.Org
Defense Distributed is a nonprofit digital publisher and 3D Printing R&D firm that has developed some of the world's first and most popular 3D Printable gun components..

V&A museum acquires first 3D-printed gun:

The V&A, the world's largest museum of the decorative arts, has acquired two prototype Liberator guns, which were developed and successfully fired by Texan law student Cody Wilson earlier this year.

The gun sparked widespread concern over the ease with which weapons can now be produced on inexpensive printers, and the acquisition of such a controversial object marks a curatorial shift by the museum, which has traditionally focussed on hand-crafted items.

"Ugly and sinister objects demand the museum’s attention just as much as beautiful and beneficial ones do," wrote Kieran Long, the V&A's senior curator of contemporary architecture, design and digital, in an opinion column for Dezeen earlier this week. "Museums should be topical, responding quickly to world events when they touch our areas of expertise."

Wilson made the guns available for anyone to download and produce on a 3D printer via his company, Defense Distributed.

In a statement about the gun, the museum said: "The invention of this so called ‘wiki weapon’ sparked intense debate and upended discussions about the benefits of new manufacturing technologies and the unregulated sharing of designs online."

In May this year the US government forced Wilson to remove the blueprints for the gun from the internet. In the same month, the police commissioner for New South Wales in Australia warned of the dangers posed by printed guns after his force downloaded and test-fired one of the weapons. "Make no mistake, not only are these things undetectable, untraceable, cheap and easy to make, but they will kill," the commissioner said.

The gun is one of five new purchases made thanks to The Design Fund to Benefit the V&A, which was set up in 2011 to allow the museum to acquire contemporary design items. Until now, the purchases have all been pieces of furniture.

The other four items bought this year are vessels from the Botanica series by Formafantasma, The Toaster Project by Thomas Thwaites, Ear Chairs by Studio Makkink & Bey, and the George chest of drawers by Gareth Neal - see below for full details.

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