01-22-14 -- John Whitehead - Karen Hudes (MP3 & VIDEO LOADED) 
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Subject:  Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

01-22-14 -- John Whitehead - Karen Hudes (MP3 & VIDEO LOADED)

John Whitehead (President and Founder of the Rutherford Institute) provides us an update on the status of civil liberties and human rights in America today - Karen Hudes (World Bank Whistleblower) talks about the IMF laying the groundwork for global

Program Date:  Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Full Show:
Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 160:0 Mins and Secs

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio

Host: Ernest Hancock
Email: ernesthancock@cox.net
Website: www.ernesthancock.com

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock strives to create an understanding of the Philosophy of Liberty. Understanding is far more important than agreement -- that will come in its own time.

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Media Type: Audio   •  Time: 160:0 Mins and Secs
Guests Ernest Hancock
Topics Freeedom's Phoenix Headline News

Hour 1 -- Freedom's Phoenix Headline News
Hour 2 -- John Whitehead (President and Founder of the Rutherford Institute) provides us an update on the status of civil liberties and human rights in America today, and what he feels is in store for us going forward.
Hour 3 -- Karen Hudes (World Bank Whistleblower) talks about the IMF laying the groundwork for global wealth confiscation.

CALL IN TO SHOW: 602-264-2800

January 22nd, 2014
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock
on LRN.FM / Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - Noon (EST)
Studio Line: 602-264-2800 

Hour 1
2014-01-22 Hour 1 Freedom's Phoenix Headline News (Video Archive):

2014-01-22 Hour 1 Freedom's Phoenix Headline News from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.


Hour 2
2014-01-22 Hour 2 John Whitehead (Video Archive):

2014-01-22 Hour 2 John Whitehead from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

 John Whitehead
Founder, Rutherford Institute
Webpage: Rutherford.Org

John's Recent Articles:

John's latest book,
A Government of Wolves,
is available on Overstock.Com Now!
In A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, John W. Whitehead charts America's transition from a society governed by "we the people" to a police state governed by the strong arm of the law. In such an environment, the law becomes yet another tool to oppress the people. As a constitutional attorney of national prominence, and as president of The Rutherford Institute, an international civil liberties organization, Whitehead has been at the forefront of the fight for civil liberties in this country.

The recurring theme at the heart of A Government of Wolves is that the American people are in grave danger of losing their basic freedoms. The simple fact is that the Constitution - and in particular the Bill of Rights - is being undermined on virtually every front. Indeed, everything America was founded upon is in some way being challenged. The openness and freedom that were once the hallmarks of our society are now in peril.

We were once a society that valued individual liberty and privacy. But in recent years we have turned into a culture that has quietly accepted surveillance cameras, police and drug-sniffing dogs in our children's schools, national databases that track our finances and activities, sneak-and-peek searches of our homes without our knowledge or consent, and anti-terrorism laws that turn average Americans into suspects. In short, America has become a lockdown nation, and we are all in danger.

A Government of Wolves not only explains these acute problems but is a call to action offering timely and practical initiatives for Americans to take charge of present course of history and stop the growing police state. But time is running out. We are at critical juncture and every citizen who values his or her personal freedom needs to pay close attention to the message in this book!

Guests Karen Hudes

Topics World Bank Whistleblower

Hour 3
2014-01-22 Hour 3 Karen Hudes (Video Archive):

2014-01-22 Hour 3 Karen Hudes from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Karen Hudes
Webpage: KAHudes.Net
Who is Karen Hudes?

Karen Hudes studied law at Yale Law School and economics at the University of Amsterdam. She worked in the US Export Import Bank of the US from 1980-1985 and in the Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007. She established the Non Governmental Organization Committee of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association and the Committee on Multilateralism and the Accountability of International Organizations of the American Branch of the International Law Association.

What did Karen Hudes blow the whistle on?
From Activist Post:
Whistleblower Reveals World Bank Corruption
Whistleblowers continue to endure an increasing level of targeting and prosecution by an administration that touts its commitment to transparency. Despite this, many brave insiders continue to come forward to reveal the extent of corruption at the highest levels.

The latest information comes from Karen Hudes, seen in the video below with Sean Stone. Her bio highlights her 21-year experience at the World Bank as Senior Legal Counsel:
She worked in the US Export Import Bank of the US from 1980-1985 and in the Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007. She established the Non Governmental Organization Committee of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association and the Committee on Multilateralism and the Accountability of International Organizations of the American Branch of the International Law Association.
The World Bank is already notorious for its wide range of human rights violations, land-grab schemes, environmental destruction and economic attacks on sovereign nations and local communities. Hudes offers some additional details about what she asserts is one single group controlling world financial markets and media. She also offers names of people who were involved in blackmail surrounding a 2007 prostitution scandal. Hudes has now been charged by Attorney General Eric Holder with trespassing after being arrested May 13th at an office of the World Bank.

It is worth noting that much of what Hudes discusses from her perspective shows the level of compartmentalization that takes place in large governmental organizations. For example, she states that she believes the World Bank is "finally fulfilling its mandate" by stopping the next world war. However, the deliberate destablization campaigns with subsequent destruction and reconstruction projects, as documented by other insiders such as John Perkins, call this idealistic view into serious question. Hudes maintains that it is exactly this type of corruption that is being rooted out, and why people like her are being targeted.
Regardless of one's view of the World Bank as an institution, Hudes' information highlights that there are people who get into this type of work with good intentions, believing the propaganda they have been given. At the very least, her assertion that there is a network of insiders that will continue blowing the whistle about World Bank corruption bears watching. Lastly, it is worth noting her comments on the possibility of martial law in America and the steps being taken to avoid it. Time will tell.
News Link  • 
TAXES: Federal
The International Monetary Fund Lays The Groundwork For Global Wealth Confiscation
01-16-2014  •  Forbes 
The appeal is that such a tax, if it is implemented before avoidance is possible and there is a belief that it will never be repeated, does not distort behavior (and may be seen by some as fair). … The conditions for success are strong, but also nee

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) quietly dropped a bomb in its October Fiscal Monitor Report. Titled “Taxing Times,” the report paints a dire picture for advanced economies with high debts that fail to aggressively “mobilize domestic revenue.” It goes on to build a case for drastic measures and recommends a series of escalating income and consumption tax increases culminating in the direct confiscation of assets.

Yes, you read that right. But don’t take it from me. The report itself says:

“The sharp deterioration of the public finances in many countries has revived interest in a “capital levy”— a one-off tax on private wealth—as an exceptional measure to restore debt sustainability. The appeal is that such a tax, if it is implemented before avoidance is possible and there is a belief that it will never be repeated, does not distort behavior (and may be seen by some as fair). … The conditions for success are strong, but also need to be weighed against the risks of the alternatives, which include repudiating public debt or inflating it away. … The tax rates needed to bring down public debt to precrisis levels, moreover, are sizable: reducing debt ratios to end-2007 levels would require (for a sample of 15 euro area countries) a tax rate of about 10 percent on households with positive net wealth. (page 49)”

Note three takeaways. First, IMF economists know there are not enough rich people to fund today’s governments even if 100 percent of the assets of the 1 percent were expropriated. That means that all households with positive net wealth—everyone with retirement savings or home equity—would have their assets plundered under the IMF’s formulation.

Second, such a repudiation of private property will not pay off Western governments’ debts or fund budgets going forward. It will merely “restore debt sustainability,” allowing free-spending sovereigns to keep tapping the bond markets until the next crisis comes along—for which stronger measures will be required, of course.

Third, should politicians fail to muster the courage to engage in this kind of wholesale robbery, the only alternative scenario the IMF posits is public debt repudiation and hyperinflation. Structural reform proposals for the Ponzi-scheme entitlement programs that are bankrupting us are nowhere to be seen.

If ever there were a roadmap for prompting massive capital flight and emigration of productive citizens toward capitalism’s nascent frontiers in Asia, this is it.

The IMF justifies its tax increases by highlighting trends in income inequality along with a claimed decline in the progressivity of most income tax regimes. Using “perceived equity” (otherwise known as “envy”) as the key metric motivating tax policy, the report intentionally conflates tax rates with tax revenue, lamenting a decline in the top marginal income tax rates paid by the highest earners. Never mind that these high earners have been forking over more money, a higher percentage of their gross income, and a larger share of aggregate national tax revenue in recent years. It also ignores the Laffer Curve effects that are clearly visible in the data. As for incentive, the report pays no heed to the idea that wealth and income can only be taxed if someone is motivated to create it.

Karen Hudes ‏@KarenHudes Jan 17

I wonder whether Reuters will post my comment? https://t.co/eADoh4nfDP

Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 03:40:42 -0800
From: Authorized Signatory on the Global Collateral Account
Subject: Re: Glenn Beck Radio Show an...d the German gold
To: Karen Hudes
CC: Central Bank of Philippines
Dear Karen,

Thank you for all your wonderful world. Today I bring you into a new realm of decades of fabricated lies and some sort of reality. We have to disregard everything we have learned and what we read today in books or so-called news, We have to understand that "they" did not want us to see and understand what they were scrambling to hide from us during and after the war, WWII that is.

I fully understand that the German people do get angry when they read in news reports that the FED in New York does not want them to see their gold. We have to understand, though, that the FED in New York has to check the identity of the owner(s) of the gold. Do you bring a warehouse receipt or a delivery receipt? Are you the depositor? If not, how are you related to the depositor or the owner of the gold in question? Ah, you are coming on your own, quasi representing the German Bundesbank which is on record in the World Gold Council as owning 3,480MT of gold but cannot show the records. Sorry, but you understand, we have to close the doors now.

That is how it could go and maybe it is time for these angered Germans to go to their Bundesbank and ask them how they could be so stupid and deposit their gold in the Federal Reserve System which is owned by the Jews and the Jews have a reputation to defend. Well, before that happens we really have to ask ourselves how we , as Germans, have come into a situation like this.

A few years ago there was no such anger. Actually, a few years ago nobody knew that the Bundesbank had gold and nobody did ask where that gold is. If ever there was a record like in the World Gold Council, it was understood that the gold was in or under the Bundesbank but certainly under control of the Bundesbank. Nobody at the time had wondered how the Bundesbank could have acquired so much gold, nobody cared to know. It was not a hot topic. The internet makes it possible.

Rumors have it that the gold was what (?) acquired/bought/exchanged (?) during the 1950'ies. That is not really possible as, at that time, there was no Bundesbank. We had a “Bank Deutscher Laender” which was more or less under control of the Allied Forces that kept Germany or the Western (capitalist) part of it, The Federal Republic of Germany, occupied. No record of gold as we know.

Since the creation of a Bundesbank as a central bank of a semi-independent state still not a member of any United Nations, World Bank, or IMF, nothing really is seen in the books of the German Bundesbank that would indicate bigger purchases of gold. We would have to ask the former Boss of the Bundesbank who is now the Chairman of UBS, Mr. Axel Weber.

We may believe that, one day, the German Bundesbank will be willing and able to lay down their cards and tell us where the gold of the Bundesbank came from. Maybe that will not happen. Then we are free to vent our ideas or speculate.

In general terms right after the war, the Nazis were out and the Jews came in. Well, maybe that is too general. It should be understood that the Nazis were out, cleansed ("entnazifiziert" as the term was), and white-washed. Glaring example: The man on top of the department in charge, from 1935 to 1945, of classifying who was a Jew or was not a Jew, was the life-time private secretary Hans Globke of German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. He must have been a very good private secretary. Some say he was running the republic when the old man was in his hospital in Northern Italy to get another shot of life-prolonging baby sheep cells.

I am sorry that I have to go so low. It goes lower. Let me take a modern day case. There is a lady claiming to be, and she is widely recognized by friendly innocent Germans, the owner of BMW. Her father was making the batteries for Hitlers army, was somehow saved from the Nuernberg trials, and became what we called "a Kriegsgewinnler" when we were young. Now other people are young. They play computer games or watch porno. These people have no idea about people who profited from the war and became the bankers to work with the money that came from the other side, the Bank for Reconstruction and Development distributing the Marshall Plan (the $200B came from Jose Antonio Diaz and young Marcos, Sumitomo Tokyo to Chase Manhattan NY). The Bank for Reconstruction and Development did not have that kind of money then in 1946.

"They" had rightly foreseen that America would need Germany and Europe as a market for their products. Market and politics combined made a Jewish controlled Germany under the spell of the Jewish Council of Germany (Zentralrat der Juden) in cooperation with the Roman Catholic Church from the Vatican. Germany until today does not have a constitution, does not have a peace contract, does not have borders other than by politics and convenience. In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Chancellor Helmut Kohl whisked away claims of Germans to their holdings in what is now occupied by Poland. German people are held back not to wave the German flag, especially when Germany won games during the big World Cup in Football 2006. German people discuss that in earnest in theoretical terms while Muslims slowly but surely take over culture and space, with the full consent of the Church and the Zentralrat der Juden. Good night Germany. Sleep well.

Going back to the gold, it could have been gold that was forgotten in the old Reichsbank, the forerunner of the "Bank Deutscher Laender", and left there because nobody wanted his name involved in this. Actually, nobody wants his name involved in this, because if we speculate that that could have been gold from Adolf Hitler, then that would bring us to jail for 10 years (maybe not really, if you are not also a Holocaust denier). Anyhow, Hitler would have brought the gold with him to Argentina, would he not? What? Well: The history books have not been dusted off for a long time, God is still God, 160,000MT is still the max limit of gold produced in the world, and Hitler is still in the bunker where he suicided, or did he not?

The secret services of the world know that Hitler was in Argentina until at least 1950, when one version goes that he was poisoned in his favorite restaurant and buried just outside Buenos Aires. My version goes further. He jumped the gun again and lived the rest of his life in Baguio, Philippines, where he died and was buried by his father in 1975 (114 years old!). What? Who? Jose Antonio Diaz, nice to meet you! Right out of Believe it or not.

3,480MT of gold is just 20MT off 3,500MT. The similarity is glaring to what I am holing. 20 tons more or less is 20,000 kilogram, still a lot of money to be missing in the books of the honorable or not so honorable Bundesbank. I attach a document for 3,500MT issued by the Central Bank of the Philippines with date of March 25, 1975 and signed by Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos as Legal Counsel for TVM-LSM-666 and as TIBURCIO V. MARCOS OWNER AND SOLE SIGNATORY CODED NAME 010-22-74-0A (which happens to be the umbrella account number of the Global Collateral Accounts in the books of the World Bank and the FED/BIS).

The document states that the 3,500MT were deposited in the vaults of DRESDNER BANK IN FRANKFURT under Gold Bullion Certificate No. 521-79985 deposited that day March 25, 1975 for 20 years plus 2 maturing in the year 2007 when Marcos was already dead, if one wants to rely, as one is used to, on statements made by the Philippine government or by media in that country of miracles, East of East Asia.

Nonetheless, we could ask where the vaults are. Dresdner Bank is no more. It was stolen at about that time 2009. There were several bidders, among them Deutsche Bank, China Bank of Construction (offered $19B and was rejected by Allianz). They were not heard. Official statements have it that Allianz Versicherung AG sold Dresdner Bank for an apple and an egg ($9B) to Commerzbank. Don’t believe that B-S. We should ask some of the people in Dresdner Bank what happened to them. With the exception of Juergen Ponto who was murdered by the CIA, they are all alive and kicking, somewhat. They might have something to say, especially Atty. Helmut Merkel who was Legal Counsel of Dresdner Bank to become joint Legal Counsel of Commerzbank only to be fired for good. He is private lawyer today in Baden Baden, Germany.

We are going deep now into very intriguing speculative thinking but still thinking, not hallucinating. The assayer in the hidden secret history of the German Reich was DEGUSSA AG of Hanau-Wolfgang near Frankfurt. 3,500MT of gold is quite a lot to carry and to store. DEGUSSA was still working for Marcos out of Singapore. The name of DEGUSSA is on some of the deeds of assignment. The Degussa Bank in Hanau is quoted in google.de as

Degussa Bank GmbH Rodenbacher Chaussee 4 Industriepark Wolfgang 63457 Hanau

If I am correct in my assumption that Dresdner Bank used Degussa at the time when Dresdner Bank was still one of the leading banks of Marcos next to UBS, until Hanjo Schreiber bubbled it all up when he got too greedy, then I would think nobody did anything and the gold is still there in the basement of the Industriepark Wolfgang which could be quite wide, even under the trees. Whether the gold there is the gold of the Bundesbank, the Bundesbank would have to tell us. Anyhow, ask my lawyer, I am the authorized signatory for trust depositor and sole signatory. I could give it to the Bundesbank jointly with the Bund Deutscher Steuerzahler acting on my behalf (my choice).

We would have to look at another 17,000MT of gold which coincide with 17,000MT in Barclays Bank Singapore/London. They appear on a deed of assignment which I attach as “78-9-11”. There is also a deed of assignment of February 28, 1974 as proof of transfer of ownership to “Rev. Dr. Floro E. Garcia” plus a March 8, 1973 INSTRUCTION MEMORANDA signed by the original depositor/owner Antonio Diaz advising the bank to acknowledge the new owner (bona fide owner) “Rev. Dr. Floro E. Garcia” and to follow his orders.

As there also is a cash deposit of $20B, the whole thing of Dresdner Bank’s dismissal and “sale” to Commerzbank for only $9B goes up to the rank of Top White Collar Crime. The German people have all reason to question such things that seem to be the rule under Chancellor Merkel (rumor has it that she is the illigit daughter of Helmut Kohl adopted by a communist couple professors in Hamburg, career lanced by the Jews) and question anything and everything in connection to that dubious action of Allianz Versicherung (who are they?), Dresdner Bank (what are they afraid of could have been revealed?), and Commerzbank people hiding the biggest accounts from the eyes of the German people (see the $1T with account number).

Commerzbank CEO Martin Blessing is son of Karl Blessing, former Governor/ Chairman of the Bundesbank before. He, father, took over from Carl Otto Poehl who steered many of the shady things with his friend Berthold Beitz who was given award after award for his work by the Jews (He was the darling of the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland) and the crooked Atty. Carl Hermann Letemeyer who deprived Arndt Baron von Krupp und Bohlen Halbach of his inheritance. The Jews hated Krupp to death.

Hugh, I have spoken. The ball is in your court. Glenn Beck might get a few pieces between his teeth.

Wolfgang Struck

P.S. I will try to get my attachments right this time. I attach also one document prepared by Atty. Letemeyer with the signature of Carl-Otto Poehl in a way that they could always deny it and point the finger at VERTAULICH (confidential) which should have been spelled VERTRAULICH.
See More
Karen visited the 'Freedom's Phoenix Farm'. Here are some pictures from her visit...
Mike Crosswhite, Ernest Hancock - working on the Aquaponics System:
Part of the Aquaponics System:
Mike Crosswhite, Karen Hudes, Chad Hudspeth (EndlessFoodSystems.Com), Barry Hess in the Aquadome:
Barry Hess, Karen Hudes, Chad Hudspeth in front of Ernie's sink in the Aquadome:
Karen Hudes (with the chickens):
Donna Hancock and Karen Hudes making homemade pasta!:
Karen Hudes:

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