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01-28-15 -- John Bush - Drew Phillips - Yuri Nabokov (MP3 & VIDEO LOADED)

John Bush (Liberty Beat) comes on the show to provide an update on the Ross Ulbright trial and the Indiegogo Campaign for the Silk Road Coverage - Drew Phillips (BitcoinNotBombs.Com) on broadcasting; FeenPhone, WatchMyBit.Com - Yuri Nabokov (Digital
Media Type: Audio • Time: 162 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: John Bush

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 162 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: John Bush

 Hour 1 (Segment 1) -- John Bush (Liberty Beat) comes on the show to provide an update on the Ross Ulbright trial and the Indiegogo Campaign for the Silk Road Coverage

 Hour 2 -- Drew Phillips (BitcoinNotBombs.Com) on broadcasting; FeenPhone; WatchMyBit.Com

 Hour 3 -- Yuri Nabokov (Digital Marketing Strategist at Cubic Robotics) talks about their first personal digital assistant with personality

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January 28th, 2015

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

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Hour 1

2015-01-28 Hour 1 John Bush (Segment 1)

(Video Archive):

John Bush (Segment 1)

Liberty Beat

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Support the Liberty Beat's Coverage of the Silk Road Trial!:

Ross Ulbricht is standing trial in NYC. We want to send a news team to cover the rest of the trial.

**So far we've raised 3.11 bitcoin!  Our total is $1540! 22% of our goal!!!**

Send the Liberty Beat to NYC to Report on the Ross Ulbricht Trial!

               "I get updates on the Ross Ulbricht trial exclusively from 
               The Liberty Beat and John Bush. Bush is dedicated to 
               truth about the key criminal trials that affect our freedom
-- which is perhaps why the mainstream media is looking away". 
                                  - Millie Thompson (Antonio Buehler's Attorney)

The Liberty Beat daily news service is raising money to provide you with full in-depth coverage of the Ross Ulbricht Trial with reporters on the ground during the entirety of the trial.  Money we will raise will pay for travel costs, living expenses, advertising, graphic design, live blogging, and other activities supporting our coverage.  We will also have writers and staff support back at in Central Texas writing stories and compiling information from the trial and coordinating advertising, outreach, and fundraising efforts. 

Everything we raise above our goal will be split 50/50 between the Free Ross Legal Defense Fund and ongoing media and activist efforts to bring attention to Ross Ulbricht's ongoing legal battles.  

Our coverage of the first week of the trial reached hundreds of thousands of people, providing them with breaking news and a perspective and depth of knowledge they won't find on other media outlets.  

About the Case

               John Bush is the only journalist I interviewed with 
               the first week of Ross' trial. I look forward to more 
               of his good work."
- Lyn Ulbricht (Ross' Mother)

Ross William Ulbricht is facing federal charges associated with his alleged involvement with the Silk Road marketplace, a dark net website that allowed users to buy and sell illicit goods.  The case has big implications not only for Ross and his family, but for the future of internet freedom as we know it.  The State is attempting to hold Ross responsible for the actions of users on a website he created.  If they are able to do this, it sets a dangerous precedent that other webmasters and site owners may be legally responsible for their user's behavior.

For those that know Ross Ulbricht, he is a good person and no criminal.  He is now facing 30 years to life in prison.  Regardless of the level of involvement he had in the building or administering the Silk Road website, he does not belong in a cage.  

Also at stake is the age old battle of freedom vs. control.  The Silk Road, Bitcoin, TOR, and encryption represent major threats to the powers that be and this trial is one of the first cases where all of these technologies are being brought in to the public spotlight.  The outcome of this case will impact the way the public views these radical technologies. 

How You Can Help

Let The Liberty Beat be your eyes and ears on the ground in New York City.

1. Donate via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal - choose one of the perks to the right or donate any amount through the IndieGogo

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4. SHARE this with your friends, talk about, blog about it, invite us to do an interview.


               "Liberty Beat has done a fantastic job covering
               the Ross Ulbricht trial. The world is a more informed
               place thanks to their work." 
- Roger Ver

Check out our LIVE BLOG PAGE with breaking updates from multiple news outlets:

Check out the stories the Liberty Beat has written about the case thus far:

Listen to the SovereignBTC podcast about the trial, what's at stake, and the activism surrounding the case:

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$500 - One Month Sponsorship of SovereignBTC Podcast Silk Road Trial Coverage - You will get a 30 second audio advertising spot per episode on the SovereignBTC Podcast on heard by thousands of people every week.  The podcast will be covering the trial with audio updates, interviews, and philosophical musings.   See the show feed here.

$2,500 - Mastermind - A Liberty Beat Reporter will call or email (your choice) you at least once a week for exclusive insider information and breaking news about the case and you get the USB drive, t-shirt, pin

How Donations Will Be Spent

$3150 - John Bush Flight, Food, Transportation in NYC for Three Weeks and Living Expenses (food, gas) for Wife and Kids Back Home

$750 - Derrick Broze Flight, Food, Transportation in NYC for One Week

$800 - Live Blogging, Aggregating Articles and Research 

$700 - Pay for Writers

$500 - Administration 

$500 - Swag for Promotion and Fundraising

$300 - Advertising

$300 - Graphics

$7000 - Total Campaign Cost

Liberty Beat Coverage From of Trial Thus Far (over 20 stories/audio/video)

               "John, the work you are doing here is essential and heroic.
               The mainstream media -- the New York Times mostly --
               has completely ignored this gigantically important case.
               You have made the difference in making the information
               available.  Bless you and your work to get the truth out."
                                                              - Jefferey Tucker (

John Bush Tech Crunch Article: Recapping Week One of the Silk Road Trial

Silk Road Trial Day Four Morning Update – Judge's Rulings and More Defense Cross Examination

Liberty Beat Editor in Chief John Bush Notes from Day 2 of Ross Ulbricht Silk Road Trial

Day Three of Silk Road Trial: The Ulbricht Arrest, DPR Operation of Silk Road

Breaking: Mt Gox CEO Once Thought By DHS to be Silk Road Mastermind

Connecting the Dots – Silk Road to Mark Karpeles in the Ross Ulbricht Trial

The Liberty Beat to Report Live from Historic Silk Road Trial

Silk Road Trial Coverage, Ross Ulbricht

Silk Road Trial: Independent Media, Activsts, Arrive in NYC

Press Release: Silk Road Ross Ulbricht Trial Begins, Supporter Actions

Press Release: Silk Road Ross Ulbricht Trial Begins, Supporter Actions

Day 2 Silk Road Trial: Doubts Over Hacking, Fraudulent Document Charges Raised and Details of Ulbricht Arrest

Sovereign BTC #51 Silk Road Trial Represents Ongoing Struggle Between Freedom and Control

VIDEO: WatchMyBit The Silk Road Trial Day 1 Update

VIDEO: Silk Road Trial Day 3 Exclusive Interview with Lyn Ulbricht

AUDIO Updates Every Day on the Liberty Beat Radio New Service:

Media Appearances:

12/14/14 - John Bush on Free Talk Like

12/15/14 - John Bush on Free Talk Live

12/15/14 - Derrick Broze (LB Lead Writer) interview on Russia Today

12/16/14 - John Bush on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

12/18/14 - John Bush on the Crypto Show

Hour 2

Guests: Drew Phillips

Hour 2

2015-01-28 Hour 2 Drew Phillips (Video Archive):

Drew Phillips

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Hour 3

Hour 3

2015-01-28 Hour 3 Yuri Nabokov (Video Archive):

Yuri Nabokov

Digital Marketing Strategist at Cubic Robotics



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