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06-26-15 - Rassah Murashchik - Paige Peterson - Luke Rudkowski - Stephan Kinsella - Murdoch Pizgatti

MP3 LOADED - Rassah Murashchik (Mycelium), Paige Peterson (MaidSAFE), Stephan Kinsella (Intellectual Property Lawyer). Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change), Murdoch Pizgatti, and many other activists come on the show LIVE FROM PORCFEST 2015 to talk a
Media Type: Audio • Time: 120 Minutes and 0 Secs
Topics: Mycelium

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 120 Minutes and 0 Secs
Topics: Mycelium


Hour 1 -- Rassah Murashchik (Mycelium)

 Hour 2 -- Paige Peterson (MaidSAFE); Stephan Kinsella (Intellectual Property Lawyer); Murdoch Pizgatti (

 Hour 3 -- Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change),

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June 26th, 2015

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

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Hour 1

Dmitry Murashchik - Community Manager at Mycelium


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Police State
Amazon Staff: Government Ordered Us Not to Sell Confederate Flag
06-26-2015  •  InfoWars - Paul Joseph Watson 
Company sales reps say they were "instructed" by feds to ban rebel flag staff are telling irate customers that the company was ordered by the federal government not to sell items featuring the Confederate flag in the aftermath of the Charleston shooting.

Amazon made the announcement this week, along with eBay, Sears and Walmart, that it would no longer sell products bearing the rebel flag, but according to a conversation posted on YouTube between a customer and an Amazon sales rep, the decision could have been made as a result of pressure from the government.

At first the Amazon staffer claims that the items were banned because they were deemed to be offensive, but when pressed by the customer, the sales rep tells a different story.

"Is this a political statement by or is this a directive that you're following, that the government said you know we want you guys not to sell these anymore?" asks the caller.

"The government is not allowing us to sell this Confederate flag," responds the staffer.

"So the government is not allowing you….to sell it?" asks the caller, to which the sales rep responds, "yes."

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Hour 2

Hour 2

Paige Peterson - Web Developer @  MaidSAFE


Stephan Kinsella - Intellectual Property Attorney



Murdoch Pizgatti - Activist

Armed Texans Storm Statehouse with Ghost Gunner!

AUSTIN | With the rising concerns over heavily militarized police, and gun violence in the streets of America, the debate over gun control is higher now than ever before. In Texas, state lawmakers just recently considered allowing residents to carry handguns openly in public. Now, there's a great deal of backlash from the gun control movement. Fighting this battle on the steps of the statehouse in Austin, a group called, "Come and Take It Texas." Their organizer joins us now, live from the statehouse, Murdoch Pizgatti. Murdoch, thanks for joining us today. Describe the scene for us from what you're seeing in Austin.


First gun ever manufactured at the Capitol

Come And Take It Texas with the help of the Ghost Gunner made history manufacturing the first two guns in front of the Austin Capitol.

Hour 3

Guests: Luke Rudkowski

Hour 3

Luke Rudkowski - We Are Change


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Introducing the new iPhone 5nSa, the best surveillance device to date. Aiming to put your freedom... in the crosshairs.

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Legally Kidnapped: 
The Case Against Child Protective Services
by Carlos Morales

Child Protective Services Whistleblower, Carlos Morales, exposes the dangerous tactics and overt corruption that he witnessed as a CPS investigator. Through keen insight, analysis, war stories, and interviews with attorneys & judges, Carlos Morales speaks truth to power in this shocking book. Unlike anything ever published, he breaks down exactly what families should do to protect themselves from this monolithic agency that has destroyed the lives of children & parents. Parents across the country have already used his legal recommendations and saved not only thousands of dollars on lawyer fees, but also protected the future of their family. It is imperative that people understand Child Protective Services in order to save their families, and this book accomplishes that in a gripping and thought provoking manner.

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